Terrifying ! Amazing Two Brothers Catch Big Snake in the Canal While Go Fishing

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Hello My Beloved Subscriber and Visitor! Greeting from Cambodia!
This Video i want to show you about : Amazing Two Brothers Catch Big Snake in the Canal While Go Fishing.
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KB Daily
love fishing
wan suhaimi wan saidi
i cant believe this its so sad they r dragging this poor snake by its fucking tale ignorant children
Aylin Özdemir
I understand why the freakin snake rolls his body to the boys leg his pist they playing with him all the time
ناهي الشمري
Carleen vb
Arm beest
Eronn Miguel
Your bitches
Munchie Gaming
It’s funny how kids in like America react the same way to bugs as these kids do to snakes 😂😂
Robert de Groot
Hate to see this video from student play with snake's, i boring this many video's where older guy maybe family make video. What assholl parents make video to make people scary. Very bad and the people who like to look to this, i pity with the sad snake's. Bad fuckers who make this video.
flawless Anna tv
I feel so bad for the snake animal cruelty
Cesar Gaanan
That's even Speaking tagalog and that's even on Phillipines !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hunter Kepple
I think snake loves them
daniel larsson
People that live in thoose countries you can see that they don’t care about they hurting something
Oliver Borromeo
i miss fishing beacause my mom broke my fishing rod
These kids are being dicks to the snake
Miguel Viray
SNAKE ABUSE!!! I love snakes
Mithun Das
Lekie machete
Nicholas Thorne
These little fuckers need to leave this poor animal alone bc I'm a snake lover and handler and if I was there I would've punched the fuck out of them this is fucking animal cruelty and I don't know how the fuck someone could watch this and enjoy it and btw for the people who care about this poor snake I reported this video for animal abuse
Abhishek Pandit
Dante Loonsfoot
I can't even imagine how pissed the snake is when they were dragging him/her
Courtney Jones
Hope your okay
Ahmed Alasow
OMG a snake
Avery Trefz
Princess Filianore
Fucking stupid kids 😡
Rage Jr
אומרי סוויסה
Ma2x Aksai
Vidio lucu lucu
sage butter
Your idiots. that just animal abuse.
Romelyn Gerandoy
I CAnt believe this
YaBoy Prince Wolf
You a bicth
Songlam Nguyen
Đáng yêu thật... Tuổi thơ của mình
ida maria
it's kids is stuped
Kimiye Kimiye Kalifa
kill that fucking snake
Genuwyne Freeman
They going fishing in dat dirty ass water 😪😐
l lree
why snt they eat the snake it alot of meat
l lree
tht snake is mad
Divya smily
wow what a great dear
Harus Shth
After watching this I kinda wished to see the fake thumbnail they put in
Brayden Brown
what the f*** you mother f*** what if that was you b** c******* what the f*** b** kick ass mother f*** dick
Mini Films Central
You have just taken this snake from where it lives, how would you feel if someone just took you from your house. And get all like: but it’s just a snake. Well it’s life doesn’t have any less value than yours.
Umut HD
ไม้ ไม้
snake 5
Stop bullying the snakes they were mining thiere own business why don't u 2
snake 5
U idiots
snake 5
James Cameron
The cameramen said "hey i paid you two with bananas can you seriously catch the snakes for me..."
john tekpo
Asian Daily
hi,Go my Channal Asian Daily
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