Unbox Therapy
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) --- Today's Mystery Video - https://youtu.be/ppqorlRYlkU?list=PL7u4lWXQ3wfI_7PgX0C-VTiwLeu0S4v34
Perry Bullock
beam sight resemble couple.
Manan Agarwal
Awesome! The last thing we needed.
Gabriel Gomez
He was singing like a red neck in the beginning 😂😂 🤣🤣
Gabriel Gomez
wow 35 fucking bucks
Zed Boy
8====> ------------
Badar Ul Islam
the blue one is the best!
friendly911 OS
what a waste of money.
keil dai
boog boog boog
Andrew Insertname
1:56 he said Rosh not Roshe in weak 😂
its a killer's best on hand necessary accessory: never commit a crime without one😎☝ this fraction of shoe imprint will not only add to one's get away time, but it will also throw off detectives with who and how many were at the scene. simply with a glove hold ur phone case and press onto any surface; soil, glass, throw thru drywall(not responsible for damaged phone), blood stains, ceilings. leave homicide detectives wondering the culprit can be no other the the newest person CAPABLE of stepping on a ceiling: SPIDER-MANorTeenagerSpider idk......arrest all 3 Magguire, Garfield, the new kid....
Coffee shot. ☕️

Mr. Fister
Nike or Nikey ??
The way he pronounces "Nike" and "Roshe" has me dead...😂
If I could have any shoe it would be the Nike Mags with power laces. #BBTF
He said it like "Rowsh" bitch it's pronounced "Rowshee" still love ya lew
Guitar Kid
Help me make a gaming channel
Huarache v2
Rumman Saad
Unbox therapy please make a video related to gaming
Yoshi The Penguin
Da fuq? Who cares about shoe soles?
eli peppin
That day was my birthday
Guillermo Pino
Sameer Abdullah
4:23 love the music the best Unbox therapy
FaZe Rostikz
Lucian Andries
Yeah, I'll be running... The other way!
My Name Jeff
Give me them shoes
Ted Opry
I thought for a moment that you were to shove the case into the shoes
Chris Gold
Where do I get these cases
Osama Yours sisters step father
I have one Air Force one in black with my iPhone 6 space gray looks sick
Archie de Vries
Adidas should make a boost case lol
Ted Francia
I want to see a kyrie 1 outsole case that would be dope
Droptop Wop
I see Air Force 1 and roshe sole don't know the other one
Ren Jo
why does he yell so loud? like theres a mic in front of you calm down.
Philip Muir
Kinda silly, but I do like the blue one.
George Smith
"ni-key" "row-sh" ffs. pronounce things correctly
Sang Thang
(Roe-she) not roesh
buy a normal case and draw a swoosh on it. There saved you 25 bucks.
King G
Classic air 90's are the best who's with me.
Sharpie Gaming
He reminds me of iamwildcat 😂
Riley Groenveld
Whoever on an phone or iPad or tablet
At the start of the vid KEEP double clicking the left side of the screen so it goes back 10 seconds
Kamran Ahmed
I have a jordan 1 and it is pit
aman u.
if it could be any shoe I would've gone with the air Jordan 12 or 15
Vince Tionko
I'd totally cop if Adidas was making a yeezy sole case.
its roshe (ROW-she)
Siviwe Quma
You are amazing
AnimeExper ぼると うずまき
Real sneaker heads would know how to pronounce Roshe😂
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