Elvis Presley
Pam Vaughan
πŸ‘Ž no
I am Newb
Kd is a snake
Jaycar Millanar
Biut Still He's My Number 1!
Love the people who are so insecure that they need to use clickbait to get people to watch their videos. And you're on here and beating your chest about it to "EverythingTop10." That's the funny part. Anonymity is a beautiful thing, isn't it? And you think you're gaining fans because of it? Actually you're losing them. That's the reason for all the dislikes. We don't actually dislike the video, but the manner in which you got people to watch, so we're flagging and eventually, this vid and your page will be taken down. Enjoy it while you can.
first name last name
The best basketball player to ever touch a basketball Kevin Durant
Nicholas Castillo
Yes he is
Ronie Dolot
curry and westbrool nxt plsss!!!
Made Lopez
Wat about that smoke tho dam u clickbait
It’s Gaso
Khalin Davis
Who was the number 1 pick before kd?
Anthony Tyus Jr.
Kevin Durant. Why did he trade the. Thunder.
Anthony Tyus Jr.
If what lf
LaTiana jones
I WANTED to see him SMOKE
Kristen Cherewan
Kevin Durant might be the best dunker in the NBA but Curry is better by Duran Justin 3-point shooting
James Minks
I thought he was gonna hate on kd but...
Anoyimos gaming
this is click bait faggot
mon tuwali
Got cocky when he joined the dirty warriors.
tima gumaneh
Stephen curry nisywj
Christine B
Stop telling the man's business.
Adam Zow
Cough cough clickbate
Jesus Saves
Money Durant hardest working man in Basketball!!! 1world 1πŸ’–βœŒπŸ’–βœŒπŸ’–βœŒπŸ’–777
Barber Junior
Do Lebron James next please
Storm of Orange Racing
Stephen curry next
How the hell did the snake get the last name durant?
Caleb Brumfield
yeah not great
Klay Thompson
Do Klay Thompson next
Klay Thompson
Steph and Kevin Durant are the best scores in the nba Klay Thompson
Saliev Levent
Michael JORDAN
keith alberson
Good video
Mattie & Jason
I live next to mrs pratt
Rachael Powell
1 he a snake
Ryan Pambah
Do it about king james, legends,isaiah thomas, kawhi leonard and more. And by the way he is a trader
Duh hood
King J000
You forgot the fact that he 7'9
Jan Iain Kane Natividad
haters always makes way to destroy Durant life 😀😀😀
Josh Beavis
Louis Quiroz
Fuckkkkk KD....!!!!!
Fun son Dowdy
Ill never watch this channel again
Mr Robot
Fucking click bait I wanna gonna sub but fuck it
Blaine Basil
Number 1 he's a snake
toto wolf
Pg county:..home of the dirtiest gayest ghettoest black folk on the face of the earth "Joe, moe, young"

Lourdes Stany
Jayden Sherman
me and kd got the same birthday
Empire Awesome
If he was nice hey would've told Westbrook about him leaving
Abegail Cruz
Alex Ybarra
Alex Ybarra
do curry
UPsouth nz
Kevin durant is the best player in the intier world
Mr. Clickbait is back at it again. King of clickbait!
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