10 DIY Summer Life Hacks EVERY LAZY Person Should Know!!

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If you see this comment: Here's a hack to get a beach body: Have a body, go to the beach
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This is a DIY Slime video! I loved the colours! The color reminded me of a rainbow! Try these out for yourself they are so simple! You can also prank your friends and family with these! These simple life hacks can make your life so much easier and are super fun to try! The next video may be a life hack or perhaps a diy or routine or back to school video or pranks video. Not sure yet what do you think? Love, Wengie

OMG I love guys so much! It's actually Winter over here but I know it's summer for so many of you #wengiecorns so that's why! <333
What are you guys doing this Summer? I'd love to know!
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zahid islam
omg.....u r so awesome
Elaine Courtney
Does anyone else just watch the video and not do the hack? Or am I the only one that lazy?
D&m gaming t.v Channel
I love you
Seven Awesome Kittens
Cool hacks wenige
Jesus Padilla
i know your 31 years old
Huu Thinh Nguyen
Em là người Việt
Conrad Zak
Australia all the way,
GGsuperstudios !
Wengie your my favorite youtuber
Tonya Estrada
I know i have nothing to put my head on it is really painful to me
Tonya Estrada
I subscribed to Reteringcorns and you chanle
Nonnie Dickson
This is my first comment my name is imogen
Strawberry Naidoo
ι love yoυr нaιr
Jadeyn Scheible :3
Anyone know Wengie is actually 31
sdog and little mia #sisters
Summer is the best
Siriusly Potter
I just realized her hair extensions are really noticeable
Cute Dinosaurs
Thank you Wengie
Julie harrison
I love your unicorn buns
negilladominique medran
You have a cute hair i love it 😍😍
Crystal Forest
I thought Wengie was like 19 or 18 but SHE IS 30 OR 32!!!!😮
Kimberley Martinez
Yeah it is hey do u have Snapchat I want to follow you!
Diana Flores
Do u like unicorns
Janessa Masty
Ro name si not wengie
Idanes Font
Just so you know I think when me and my parents had ants in our house I think we had like 20 ants I do not even know also this is Idanes daughter Lyla.
Randomness. com
Everyday in Florida is summer so this is normal life hacks for me 😂😂😂
Denise Wozniak
John Doe
Same my mom's car wheel got burning and I show her the hack😊
Jai wengie I ♥ your vids!!!!! ♦♣♠❇✳✴
Bobbie muhammad
😇😇😇Wendy you are amazing
Itz Manaal
Who else is watching this in winters ?
Emma Black
Wengie You Made That Vid 6 Days After My BD
Alejandra Carrillo
¿Was Wengie using a Wig?
Charlotte Carroll
Wengie I subscribed to you and i watch you every day
I'm in winter now
Imani Imani
Adventures with Turtle spy
I would be doing these hacks but it's almost winter... :(
crafting Is life
I love summer
Evelyn Schwartz
well in my summer home there was a pile of acorns in my couch!!!
kemeleine michel
Iryna Butrameyeva
I love your videos
Nicole Clement
No no I am New and I live Winslow Street and I was in apartment 4
Nicole Clement
I'm in Li'l I was at Winslow Street apartment 4
Alise Wright
i tried the fruitfly one and it works
Deborah Fain
i want your unkorn
Dale Dale
For fruit flies, you can put some dish soap in a bowl of apple cider vinegar. Leave it out and the fruit flies will go right to it, wait a few days and they should all be dead. The apple cider vinegar attracts them, but the dish soap will kill the pesky bugs. 😊😀😁😃😄
Layomie Vlogs
Live you
Robert Shearer
i love you
Xxamber_isHerexX -Roblox and more!-
My dad puts the car steering wheel upside down even though I didn't tell him 😂
Lillian Couch
I was doing all of that wrong
I subscribe
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