OMG I love guys so much! It's actually Winter over here but I know it's summer for so many of you #wengiecorns so that's why! <333
What are you guys doing this Summer? I'd love to know!
Check out this weeks episode of Reacticorns here: https://youtu.be/KA1h_-g2fkA
zahid islam
omg.....u r so awesome
Elaine Courtney
Does anyone else just watch the video and not do the hack? Or am I the only one that lazy?
D&m gaming t.v Channel
I love you
Seven Awesome Kittens
Cool hacks wenige
Jesus Padilla
i know your 31 years old
Huu Thinh Nguyen
Em là người Việt
Conrad Zak
Australia all the way,
GGsuperstudios !
Wengie your my favorite youtuber
Tonya Estrada
I know i have nothing to put my head on it is really painful to me
Tonya Estrada
I subscribed to Reteringcorns and you chanle
Nonnie Dickson
This is my first comment my name is imogen
Strawberry Naidoo
ι love yoυr нaιr
Jadeyn Scheible :3
Anyone know Wengie is actually 31
sdog and little mia #sisters
Summer is the best
Siriusly Potter
I just realized her hair extensions are really noticeable
Cute Dinosaurs
Thank you Wengie
Julie harrison
I love your unicorn buns
negilladominique medran
You have a cute hair i love it 😍😍
Crystal Forest
I thought Wengie was like 19 or 18 but SHE IS 30 OR 32!!!!😮
Kimberley Martinez
Yeah it is hey do u have Snapchat I want to follow you!
Diana Flores
Do u like unicorns
Janessa Masty
Ro name si not wengie
Idanes Font
Just so you know I think when me and my parents had ants in our house I think we had like 20 ants I do not even know also this is Idanes daughter Lyla.
Randomness. com
Everyday in Florida is summer so this is normal life hacks for me 😂😂😂
Denise Wozniak
John Doe
Same my mom's car wheel got burning and I show her the hack😊
Jai wengie I ♥ your vids!!!!! ♦♣♠❇✳✴
Bobbie muhammad
😇😇😇Wendy you are amazing
Itz Manaal
Who else is watching this in winters ?
Emma Black
Wengie You Made That Vid 6 Days After My BD
Alejandra Carrillo
¿Was Wengie using a Wig?
Charlotte Carroll
Wengie I subscribed to you and i watch you every day
I'm in winter now
Imani Imani
Adventures with Turtle spy
I would be doing these hacks but it's almost winter... :(
crafting Is life
I love summer
Evelyn Schwartz
well in my summer home there was a pile of acorns in my couch!!!
kemeleine michel
Iryna Butrameyeva
I love your videos
Nicole Clement
No no I am New and I live Winslow Street and I was in apartment 4
Nicole Clement
I'm in Li'l I was at Winslow Street apartment 4
Alise Wright
i tried the fruitfly one and it works
Deborah Fain
i want your unkorn
Dale Dale
For fruit flies, you can put some dish soap in a bowl of apple cider vinegar. Leave it out and the fruit flies will go right to it, wait a few days and they should all be dead. The apple cider vinegar attracts them, but the dish soap will kill the pesky bugs. 😊😀😁😃😄
Layomie Vlogs
Live you
Robert Shearer
i love you
Xxamber_isHerexX -Roblox and more!-
My dad puts the car steering wheel upside down even though I didn't tell him 😂
Lillian Couch
I was doing all of that wrong
I subscribe
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