New, Exclusive Call Of Duty: WWII Multiplayer Gameplay (Gibraltar)

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While visiting Sledgehammer Games for Game Informer's cover story on Call of Duty: WWII, we captured a multiplayer designer's gameplay feed as he destroyed competition on the new map (that will be in the beta) Gibraltar, Pointe du Hoc, Ardennes Forest, and even War mode with Operation Breakout.

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when you aim you block half the screen with your own gun. stupid.
Soul Knight Gameplays
seu lixo jogo bem melhor
i haven't played COD since black ops 2 cause they seem to all be going down hill. but this game actually looks good
All i see is "Hop Hop Bunny Bob". Typical lowskill players. have fun with it. :D
Haven't bought a Call of Duty game since Black Ops 1...and nothing here convinces me to change that.
i bought a call of duty game for the first time for my ps4 pro and it's amazing! before i've played only cs go
Kane johnson
i need it
mr smith
At least there's no booster boot shot
GreatShark YT
Copy of Bf1
Aleksandar Kicevo
Aimbots, Aimbots everywhere.
Brandon Cater
So siiiiiiiiick! Can’t wait to play this game!
Dontae Lyvers
I was excited for them to do something right. WWII shooters are so decent but somehow they took the WWII out of it...Once again zombies is the only reason I'm slightly interested(Still not going to buy it unless if it magically comes to me for less than $15 maybe) but I still haven't even looked at the zombies so I'll have to check it out :/
run shoot run shoot run shoot 0 strategy...
john streel
can t u play the game without hacks tun your fuckin hacks of
valerio medici
il gusto di giocare in prima persona mi sfugge
Cr1xus1 Gaming
Bf1 player here, I would murder everyone at this game lmao what skillless game.
ejb 84
Kartan Man
Ничего нового.
Ashley Wilson
So a batrefield wannabe game?
Chris Arbaugh
I'm not crazy about Battlefield but I have to say that this COD attempt looks desperate and rushed.
Declan McDonnell
Why is it that the masses always flock back to the very same pastime, again and again, when it comes to computer games...murdering people?
Bobby Wonder
Keep on Sprayin bitches
Medal of Honor Airborne looked better than this
Is there Gas chamber with Zyklon B in this WW2 ?
WW2's campaign is about telling an authentic World War 2 story, whereas multiplayer is about putting the player's avatar, whatever it may be, inside a World War 2-themed shooter. So they removed swastikas and added women strictly for the multiplayer.
Darian Tarty
How many bots will you be able to play against while playing offline?
6 vs 6 is it only for the beta ?
I hope so
Austin Osgood
select _ masset seletct ?!
Austin Osgood
AlbanyDevil xbox live

psn ImTooGodly
Austin Osgood
They pick me up soon ( :
Austin Osgood
hey it is of your opinion and loss.
Austin Osgood
zor zu ?!
Austin Osgood
craig huggins you bloodthirsty _ topper
Austin Osgood
wiley brooks baeyi fusset FUSSET
Austin Osgood
Also have heard alot of criticism this year about how "playing shooters' is bad for the human's character lol . _ what newbs.
696 FOG
Y’all jus some ungrateful fucks
696 FOG
It looks so good
Loving the slower paced game play, this is a godsend.
RAM Gaming
after going into the future to much finally they go back in time
Austin Osgood
_ craig huggins double d !
Austin Osgood
also, Got a phillies hat catch me on the show .
Game play looks fine, but I see the maps are stupidly small again, same old BS since Spec Ops BS console arcade shyte,
Trent Murphy
Good to see they're bringing back the purifier
Luis Crazy
I actually can’t wait to get this game
I skipped out totally on the last COD because if the futuristic crap, but I am def getting this. Oh and I play bf1 on my pc and ps4 pro too!
No gender fluid soldiers 2/10 IGN.
Freddy Mena
Call of Duty needs a new graphics engine. Cost tons of money and time, but it looks like its time to invest
Mc Rem
Haven’t played cod hard since cod3... Rip cod 1-3... the best... the Legendary, Mc Rem
Blaine Maxwell
This will probably be my favorite map, I can’t wait until this game comes out, the fact it’s on a Friday too is amazing so that means everyone will be on that grind November 3
Dustin Brown
With all the haters still looks awesome....
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