Days Gone - E3 2017 Gameplay Demo (Playstation Conference)

days gone gameplaydays gonee3 2017playstation conferenceZombie game

Days Gone - E3 2017 Gameplay Demo (Playstation Conference) Zombie Game
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Ali's Tunnel
realy good. i like it. ps4 pro player rules !
Holy shit I just realized this is only for Playstation?????
anime60fps HD
Bike scene reminds me of ride to hell :)
swaggy's very own
Does the game lag?
Tunalisous 123
I will not buy this game, not because i don't have the money, but i'm too much of a wimp.
Daniel Felipe Corrales Pensamientos libres
like si te mueres por comprar la ps4 y jugar days gone
Dylan Redmond
my biker senses are tingeling
Jugg Season
Can't wait until i get paid I'm ready to get a fucking ps4....and buy Days Gone the day it releases
I hope they work on that lag...
Donald Trump
Is this daryl? 😂
Tate Mushroom
This game looks boring as fuck and it's pretty cringe
This Reminds me of the Witcher 3
Elliot Rodger
i cant believe there still xbox fanboys
knew i was going to get it in the first 2 minutes
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Crass 5000
a zombie bear.. damn i want this game NOW
NhaSh Is Coming
it will come for pc ?
MC Grammar
3,046 xbox fanboys wish they had a ps4.
The Funniest part was that it was a joke

and yet i still get 350 likes lol
farish body
it looks like The Last Of Us huh
Az Plasma
He whore how bout you stop stealing trailers
shady 421
sick game fun as hell
Jay theGoat
BRUH I could never play this.
intensified breathing and struggling
уже чувствую сколько будет : выездов за карту , отключений спаунов с собаками , выездов за карту и многого интересного !
If this game is open world, I'm buying it. But it looks linear.
Bill Evans
Damn they still make games with deaf enemies, wtf.
Lance Curtis
What’s the point of this being a game? This is just a padded movie where you hit X to watch the next scene.
Nick Albano
I wish this game was coming out this July
anyone else notice a few frame drops in there? and before the ps4 boys come attack me im one of you, ive owned every playstation. calm
Yes, Your Majesty
0:01 to 0:23

rare footage of Chris Pratt and Ryan Reynolds arguing.
Paul Kellett
yet another open world, endlless forest, never really true cuz its scripted, usual boring shit. its about time games moved on now.
This is sort of like red dead redemption and Far cry a bit
Muhammad Ammar
Sony you are amazing
This game is too safe.
This is why I own all 3 consoles and a PC. Sony LOVES single player, QTE games. Nintendo does great platformers, and Microsoft makes great online and multiplayer games. In my opinion, Sony should invest more into some "non-Redbox" games. While they are fun...I won't pay $60 for a one time experience. MLB The Show is a definite purchase though.
zats wat caterpillars look like droopin down the trees
john Stevens
Jyzo 狼
will this be on xbxo
Mouse 6:24
Роман Мамедов
A wolf that can catch a motocycle, WAAAAAAAT?
What's with the horrible frame rate drop at 4:45-5:05? That's awefull!
Glass of Juice
I notice this is like the new metro game why? zombears
zzz b
this actually looks really cool
Moisés Dolz
Judging on the voice acting alone, I have a strong feeling this game will be one of the greatest exclusive titles to ever grace the Sony Computer Entertainment family. It looks, feels, and sounds phenomenal.
Lol, looks like total shit.
An Enlightened one
last of us copy
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