WATCH: Senator Tom Cotton EXPOSES Dems’ Massive Fraud On Live TV

WATCH: Senator Tom Cotton EXPOSES Dems’ Massive Fraud On Live TV

WATCH: Senator Tom Cotton EXPOSES Dems’ Massive Fraud On Live TV

The Trump-Russian conspiracy story has never been about finding out the truth. It has always been about smearing President Trump as illegitimate. Even though the media is trying to backpedal now, they are still lying.

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) has now asked a very simple question: Did Trump or his allies collude with Moscow in order to hack the DNC emails and release them to the public? After six months of Democrats investigating, Cotton said, “To my knowledge, I don’t think a single one of them asked that question. That is because Jim Comey said last week, as he said to Donald Trump, that three times he assured him that he is not under investigation.”

The frustration in Sen. Cotton’s voice is palpable. He knows that the Democrats have wasted everyone’s time.

During Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ testimony yesterday, many congressional Democrats tore into Mr. Sessions for supposedly avoiding their questions.

Sen. Martin Heinrich (D-NM) even told Mr. Sessions point-blank that he was “impeding” the investigation with his measured answers (via FOX News Insider).

Funny — a man representing the party pushing a false narrative is accusing another man of obstructing justice.

Sen. Cotton and other Republicans seem like they have reached their breaking point insofar as this whole Trump-Russia nonsense goes. Even some Democrats have joined them.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) has not only come forward to admit that there is no evidence of Russian collusion, but that former FBI Director James Comey and former Attorney General Loretta Lynch should be investigated for their handling of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s leaked emails (via Politico).

All of this political theater has real-life consequences. Today, someone tried to kill Republican congressmen as they practiced for a charity baseball game in Alexandria, Virginia.

The shooter, identified as James T. Hodgkinson, has been confirmed as a diehard anti-Republican and Bernie Sanders supporter (via Breitbart).

Hodgkinson’s social media history also proves that he sincerely believes in the Trump-Russia conspiracy theory (via Jack Posobiec via Twitter).

The Democrats and the mainstream media have created a monster. Now, armed with false ideas and plenty of official encouragement, left-wing terrorists may use the first summer of Trump’s presidency as a “summer of rage”.

Fortunately, no Republicans were killed today thanks to the swift actions of the Capitol Hill Police. But, as America comes to terms with this failed assassination attempt, Leftists on Twitter are already celebrating the act.

Such hate will not cease soon. The people who cheer assassinations (whether real or fake) will not be swayed by reasoned logic or kind words. Be prepared for more political violence.

Watch the video below:

Peggy Sims
You go Senator Tom Cotton, you are truly appreciated and respected for standing up and putting the Democrats in their place as nimwits, for harping on same issues over and over again and having investigation on the same issues over and over again , when it has been said by several top officials, their was no proof on any wrong doings as collusion or obstruction of Justice on President Donald Trump's behalf with Russia or anyone else for that matter. They are so lost and such sore loser, that they keep trying to pull straws out of a Pigs ass, to nail Trump on, but they are just being left with a no winner for sucking to much on the straw that came out of the pigs ass. they must or should have a bad taste in their mouth by now, especially when we all know they are the ones who are in Violations of the Constitution of the United States of American and broken all rules on misuse of America's money for their benefit and not for the American people's benefit. They have lied and manipulated against America and we needed someone In - telligent like yourself to put them affirmatively in their place and shame them. We are proud of you Senator Cotton. Thank you.
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