Bobby Pollock
J - Serna
This was dope AF! Now that's a trailer...
🎵I get those Goosebumps every time...🎵
Дамир Таранчиев
How many thousands dollars i need to buy a pc for this game on 60 fps?!
l'enfoiré à lunettes
je veux mon comte dooku
Lets hope they learned their lesson after that shit show of a battlefront they released two years ago
yoda is here
First time I saw this the sector was clear
AJ Rice
That little piano motif at the end is beautiful. I actually shed a tear
Where's Jar Jar Binks ?
I watched the bit with rey vs kylo ren like 10 times in a row cause it was so epic.
Imdabatman 123
One does not simply watch this trailer once
Zakya Vibes
Cette bande annonce est une putains de claque !
The Potato Army
1:00 dem bass drop doe
Fury Fury
For the fucks sake cant wait to buy this thing man
Tombstone stone
SWBF2 Sector is clear not clear not clear 2017 vs SWB1 that won't happen again boba fett almost falling into the pit 2015
Star Wars... the most bad ass thing in the fucking galaxy.
Tombstone stone
Sector clear not clear not clear
xExotic Cyborg
This should of been the first game it basically is because the other one is so shit it doesn't count as a game plus sells brand new for around 14 dollars what a joke
Sector 1 Clear (Darth Maul Appears) NOT CLEAR NOT CLEAR!!! (He Screams His Head Off)
Lito Gaming
Looks so good can not wait to play it
HOLY SHIP!! These game trailers are better then the movie! EA should be making the new starwars movies, not disney!
1:34 the melted candle lives!
Trevor N.
Honestly, I would pre-order this game... but I played the last game... and now, I really just don't know...

Fool me once, Shame on you. Fool me twice, Shame on me.
Hisenburgers :D
EA: Free DLC

God has joined the server
Lone Wanderer
Please dear god do not fuck this up EA
Saiyan Plays
Being a normal hunman on the streets. Sees feminist. *NOT CLEAR NOT CLEAR*
A Nerdy PopTart
Ok now I'll buy your season pass
will this one have a story mode?
0:41 Huh.. looks great..
0:43 god exists
UnTieR NuMeRouS
Connor Ackroyd
Where can I find that rendition of duel of fates? I NEED IT.
I enjoyed this trailer more then playing battlefront 1
Bogdan Mihalcea
Sector is clear.NOT CLEAR, NOT CLEAR!!!
V7 Prinlex YT
Star wars is my childhood. I cant wait for it to come out
Connor Bailey
Why are the clones fighting the droids on Naboo when it was the gungans fighting the droids
Geremu Dunn
Bro everyone in the comments says things about the game being good or not.... I think the amount of nostalgia is absolutely insane here. I mean....I didn't play Battlefront II until just recently, but Star Wars movies and the sequel trilogy and then this....I'm blown away. The trailer is amazing. Anyone else get chills from darth maul to the end of the gameplay? Cuz that is just insane, along with the music is outstanding. Already preordered, good job EA
Dank Meme
i would love it if you guys impletemeted some sounds from battlefront 2
Matteo Scannerini
Clones on naboo with maul????? Mmmh....
Ryan Bamford
The graphics are so good my mum thought it was a film trailer
xXTony RacerXx
CODWW2:Sector is clear
star wars battlefront 2 gets anounced
I like how in the description it's been marked as the 2005 version of Battlefront 2. Lol, dunno why they bothered renaming the last 2 Battlefronts practically the same as the original 2.
Armyequalswar 1944
From what was shown in the trailer, I'm hoping for destructible environments.
Shock Trooper
The clone troopers look fucking lit
Youri Hennevelt
Why does darth maul have a voice becuase he didn't say a word in the movies so..its awesome but still..?
Imagine the Roger Rogers we will get
Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix
Who else is picking fucking death maul everytime they get a hero pickup
Isaac Royal
This game is going to be so lit
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