Star Wars Battlefront 2: Official Gameplay Trailer

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Fight in legendary battles across all three eras in Star Wars™ Battlefront™ II. 

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 Star Wars™ Battlefront™ II will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC

Release Date: November 17, 2017

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J s
What is the song be played at 0:47
joke-im gaming sve
I want pandemic star wars battlefront 3.your battlefront is not a good game
Keep story mode, no pay to win, no destiny game mode, have vehicles lying around where your buddy can hop on too, I'm already getting nervous because I pre-ordered the game when it was first announced. I am a huge original battlefront fan.. seriously EA DON'T MESS THIS UP.
Nick Wilkins
i already own battlefront 2 an its by a better publisher than EA
A really high person
l'enfoiré à lunettes
yoda en mode " défonçage d'anus wookienne à tendance sexuelle lol mdr xd ptdr
ĤäŕĐ MąŸøŘ
Эт,случайно не русский видеоролик? Какого хера тут в комментах все АНГЫСКЫИ?
ĤäŕĐ MąŸøŘ
Sector is clear...........
Angel Martinez
I played the early access it was good
Meh Mehey
If I Get Deluxe Edition For This Without Getting The Star Wars BattleFront 2 Without The Deluxe Edition Am I Still Able To Play

EDIT:Please Some One Tell Me PLEASE
An Aussie
What Star Wars trailers are good at being: EPIC AS FUCK
the music is so amazing
Clones on Naboo, Super Battle Droids on Naboo, Rey(?!?) on Naboo, really..??
I am nervous about this shit since Star wars battlefront ea 1 was a big fail only thing good was it's graphics and sound design. Please don't fuck it up this time!
Goku Black
It's pretty stupid how there is only 2 prequel era heroes
williejames huff
i cant wait!!!!!!!!!
Scott Stankey
BronyTran he said reinforcing
Pre-teen Cunt
Prolly gonna turn out like bf1. Overhyped, big for a few months, everyone goes back to battlefront 1
Star Wars está precisando de um jogo de luta,onde Jedi ,SIth, caçadores de recompensa,etc.. possam se enfrentar.
Aden Fox
K so I see lots of complaints about this new game, and I was wondering: how would EA actually make a good game? What is actually a good improvement? Because I though this game looked amazing until I saw the dislikes... but I'm genuinely curious as to what's wrong with it
Tobias Eickhoff
The hype is real
Paladin Boyd
If only it wasn't pay to win.
IP Films
Problem I had in the beta is that everyone was saving up for a hero. In the trailer, there’s AT- what ever the hell the clones are riding, ships, jet troopers, tanks, etc. In the game, since everyone is saving up for a hero, nobody is getting a tank or a ship or something. Makes it less immersive. There should be a way that rewards players for buying a vehicle or something. Those are my thoughts
Ash er
watch those W R I S T R O C K E T S .
RM Haley
Red leader, standing by.
Jonathan Acosta
The music from 0:47 to 1:01 is sick
Ryan Toomey
Didn't this game come out 12 years ago?
Francisco andres Herrera Gaarrido
If we rlly talking bout' this the first game actually very good but it's own EA The most dick shit company in the hole universe they just remove the hole fucking content of the game and make it as a DLC!!
Shockwave 2016
Holy shit, even the music... Epic-ed up Duel of the Fates that shifts into a classic Star Wars theme? Consider me hyped.
Bart Allen
Where my boi Ima Gun Di at???
Guille Monterde
Sinceramente no recomiendo que compréis el título, el battlefront 1 nos lo vendieron cómo el juego que revolucionaria la industria de los videojuegos y las revistas le daban 97 de media, sin embargo, cuando lo jugamos nos dimos cuenta de que era un título muy pobre y escaso y con muchas cosas q mejorar, sin ni siquiera campaña, en esta segunda entrega le van a añadir al juego cajas por las cuales tu pagas dinero REAL para obtenerlas o bien puedes botar por jugar un montón de partidas hasta q te den una mísera caja, dicen q no es un pay to Win... que es para mejorar la experiencia de juego, en fin esto ya suena muy cantoso, me parece lamentable que vendan un juego INCOMPLETO, A TROZOS ya que por supuesto vas a tener dlcs q precisamente gratuitos no son bueno por mi parte si compro el juego lo haré viendo si realmente tiene calidad o no y lo comprare después de bastante tiempo y por menos de 20 euros y no cabe decir que no pagare por micropagos
Xmas Keyblade
can you play offline with bots in every maps in every modes?
Markus Johansen
EA Ruined this game even before launch. By implomenting their "loot system" they made a 60USD title a Pay2Win game. The only way to progress(unlocking stuff) in this game is to open loot boxes. there is a leveling systems yes. But you will only get ingame credits for leveling. Which are used to buy boxes! Thease boxes will reward you with everything from weapons to star cards. The star cards have diffrent "Tiers" where bronze is the worst and gold is FAR superior to bronze, one GREAT example of this is Bobafets jetpack ability. Where the bronze star card will give you 50% damage reduction, not to bad ey? Guess what?? THE GOLD version will give you an INSANE 100% DAMAGE REDUCTION!! and since this game is BUILT on starcards, a player having tons of gold cards will easily steamroll poor bronze card users.. And why I am calling this a PAY2WIN game is because it will take you on avarage of over 3000 INGAME HOURS. To unlock every thing in this game. Keep in mind that this is all subject to change. And that my calculations may only be for the BETA of this game. But I highly doubt it. This is why I recommand everyone to BOYCOTT this game. by doing so we might make a stand against PAY2WIN platforms in full AAA GAMES. And dont get me wrong, I really wanted to play this game. I love Starwars. But I will not stand for having microtransactions in a FULL AAA game, which gives you a CLEAR EDGE over other players.
Oh no baby what is you doing, ya'll should've used the original droid, clone and gun sounds :( It brings so much more character to the game.
Kayin Taylor-Weekes
Irk! I can't stop watching this!!!!!
Dario Cobo Gómez
Soy el único al que le parece que le han timado con la salida de este juego? Quiero decir, si este juego tiene todas las épocas, para que diablos me he comprado el battlefront 1?!?! Me parece que nos han timado a todos...
Roni R
Waittt- Rey and Kylo Ren fighting inside a building but where?!
Roni R
Cerberus LOL
Would be one of my favorite games if it weren't for the ***** card system
Scott Gury
0:42 a new meme is born
justin dinkins
You can hear Darth Vader breathing when they showed the stroomtroopers
Vet King
1:25 badass with headphones
dadou Gameur
Pay To win
Thomas Punt
Sector is Clear.
"EA announces the lootbox system"
Justin Hair
Fantastic game play, but due to the P2W nature and micro transactions I won't be buying this. Battlefront 1 was awesome, but they ruined it. If you make this F2P then I will accept micro transactions, but a 60 dollar has no business with loot boxes and micro transactions. This is the same reason why I will not be buying the new Lord of the Rings game either.
Blue Eyed White Devil
Why cant the heroes have 1st person
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