Carson Kennett
This game sucks. Purchase the first Battlefront if you thought about buying this.
skaterzy xd
micro transactions
STOM Plays SM1221
Sun Jian
Pay 59.99$ to see more of the video.
Mr Checker
iTS Unreal Realistics
I love this background music
Crash's Underwear
"The sector is clear."
(Guy nearly gets his head sliced off by Darth Maul's thrown lightsaber)
"Not clear! NOT CLEAR!"
Bryan K's Channel Featuring Paulypdog
this game is pretty fun you should check out this video of a hilarious walkthrough
Frank D. Tank
haha I knew it!
ODST Brooks
Fuck you EA! Greedy bastards! Hope you all rot!
Carolyn Trinta
This is the coolest trailer of ever seen
Harry White
Looks awesome can’t wait 👍😃
smarcachan sony
podría haber sido un excelente juego SI NO LA CAGABAN ASTRONÓMICAMENTE
joey cruz
This game sucks ass lol
Cody Barnes
Sorry, you have to pay $15, watch 5 sponsored videos, and play 50 hours to unlock everything you see here.
Atash Azadi
The victory no not victory the micro transaction have become new enemy of joy and fun
Derrick Barney
you were the chosen one battlefront 2! you were supposed to destroy greedy game practices, not join them!
TheJoniGamer_ YT
Si ponéis el volumen a tope alucinas 😀😀😀😁😁😁😁
anyone notice how they never brought up loot crates at all? Go home EA, your drunk!
Grats EA, you've managed to make people pissed off about Star Wars a month before The Last Jedi. You're garbage.
Edward Hahm
Obi-Wan doesn't need to be on the high ground, the high ground just needs to exist in the battle; Obi-Wan knows that when he has the low ground, he really has the high ground, from a certain point of view. Look at his battle record:

Maul: Has low ground, wins

Dooku: No high ground, loses

Greivous: Has low ground, wins

Vader: Has high ground, wins

Vader rematch: No high ground, loses

Obi-Wan with the high/low ground is canonically the most powerful Jedi. This is fact. Had Yoda not denied his request with typical Jedi arrogance, he could have beat Palpatine in the Senate building, which housed a variety of different altitudes; this so that the Chancellor could always have the moral high ground in Senate debates. But Obi-wan didn't fight Palpatine, and Yoda soon learned that you can't cleave the Sheev in a normal 1v1.

As we all know, spinning is a good trick. However, only the Chosen one can spin outside of a starfighter. Palpatine tried spinning, but he lost (but this was intentional, as losing gave him the emotional high ground when Anakin arrived). The reason for this is that spinning provides a yin-yang approach (based in Eastern philosophy on balance), giving the spinner the high ground from above and below. This is why Obi-Wan was so emotional after defeating Vader on Mustafar; he expected to lose the high ground to the spin, but Anakin failed to maintain balance in the universe, symbolic of his fall to the dark side.

Anakin doesn't hate sand for the reasons he told Padme; all Jedi hate sand, as the battlefield can rapidly change between low and high ground. This is the only reason why __ killed __ in Rebels. This is also why Obi-Wan hates flying; in space, there is no high ground as there is no frame of reference from which there is a high or low ground, due to the lack of gravity.

In ANH, Vader proves his newfound mastery by engaging Obi on perfectly even ground. However, he lets himself die on the Death Star so that he could train Luke from a higher plane of existence.

(Why was Vader so invested in the construction and maintenance of the Death Star? Because he knows Obi-wan can't have the high ground if there's no ground left.)

In Return of the Jedi, you can see that the Throne Room contains a variety of different altitudes; Palpatine placed these there to ensure Vader's defeat. However, Sheev failed to realize that his weakness was no ground, and should have covered that gaping pit that does nothing.
Kurde Bele
Jennifer Armstrong
i can't wait to get this game
Jennifer Armstrong
omg its jongo phett
Oscar Portillo
Clones are so fucking bad ass
Werd yup
Trailer was good, but game isn't that great.
Ironic this game could once kill others but killed itself
i'm so happy to see the community strength fighting all together against one of the worst company in game industry at the moment (and not for the quality of their games, for the fucking greeding system and the fact that they don't give a shit about us! the customers! the fans!!). I hope EA learn the lesson(i don't think so) or die, as an example for other companies that a game based on PayToWin system it is fuckin bullshit. A game of $60-80 with the best characters of the series locked to give a sense of of "pride" and "accomplishment" when it is just a slavery system for the ones who doesn't want to pay to get those characters(i don't want even imagine when they release more heroes).
I hope Disney read this and take away Star Wars from them, i know there are a lot of companies who can deliver a great game without being a greedy asshole, especially when Disney put customer service on the top of their priorities.

PD: Rebellions are built on hope!
Het game Huis
You ruined a beutiful game
Firewood 05
Fuck you It is very expensive
Connor Ellis
When the trailer is more complete than the actual game, more enjoyable too, and it's free... damn EA you really fucked with the wrong people.
Christine Leialoha
Can you fix the zoom in for a sniper rifles
Been saying it for years. Treat your gamers and your products right, like you actually have a passion for your jobs and care about them, and they will love you for it. Which equals more profit and people saying, "EA is a pretty legit producer, their games don't ever disappoint, so yeah. buy Battlefront 2, it's probably amazing." instead of "EA is garbage. I can't wait until they go out of business and lose exclusives to my favorite franchises so that I can enjoy them again."

Just.... Give me what I paid for in the beginning, and build your trust back with your customers. Steady money is better than no money.
70€ pour un free to play? Minable oui minable! Voire maime une escroquerie!!!!
Diego DeLaO
When u hit her up but she's a freshman and you're a senior
Such a shame this gorgeous game had to get fucked up a week before launch by EA. I was there at EA play and had so much hope and hype when this trailer came out. Damn shame. Damn Shame...
Zachary Graham
Let's get this to more dislikes than infinite warfare's trailer
Dr Gru
Players : Money can't buy you skill!
EA: Watch this...
The trailer is still really nice!
Zvezda Delije
najbolja grafika
Salamander notoměposer
When finnaly dark side take control and kill who is needed <3
They should have made the b2 battle droids the heavy one not the black one it's weird
Fuck you EA
Andrew Lawrence Santos
This game is a sham
Jose Joaquín Álvarez
Pay, pay, pay, pay, pay.
Gameplay ? those are just some cinematics.
Jackson Taylor
To bad it was a joke. Screw you EA!
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