Hayley Pearce
Hey what about:
Pet Cemetery
Geralds Game
The Stand
Army Guy
Army Guy
Yael Merlino
The Mist is totally missing from this list. It was directed by Frank Darabont, who is absolutely amazing at adapting King's work; it also has the distinction of having a better ending than the original work. Ask King himself, who has gone on to say that he wished he had tought that ending for the original novella. How could you not include it? Shame...shame...shame...
MilkyWeed - Rblx
Where's The Mist?
where is "the mist"?
Heather S
Maximum overdrive was AWESOME
Terrible Silver
This voice.. It's... Familiar...
joyce farnham
Needful things was a good movie. It didn't lose anything from the book it was awesome. As was golden years
joyce farnham
How can you say riding the bullet and thinner weren't worth watching there were a couple others you said were no good. That's a load of crap. And you didn't even mention. The stand. Or storm of the century. And of course kingdom hospital. They were awesome movies. And they finally made. Gerald game into a movie. I could not stop reading that is the only stephe n king book that could happen in real life and I always wanted it to be a movie. Great but the guy in the movie was way to skinny. Women put yourself in that position and think about it
I liked CARRIE, but the scene where the house collapsed didn't make any sense. Carrie didn't seem to be causing it, and it wasn't clear what was. The death scenes of the mother and Carrie in the novel made more sense.
Desmona Draco
A little over half of these movies I've never seen or heard about.
Desmona Draco
I didn't mind Dream catcher, I thought it was pretty good.
Michael Villarreal
U forgot children of the corn
devanshh kaushiik
What about The Mist? It deserved to be in the list.
Good Guy Adam
The Mist and The Stand (although being a mini serie) really should have been on the list!
Tyler Clark
how can you say that maximum overdrive is a dud its amazing
Look, Cell may have been questionable, but it did include a scene of a sports stadium full of pseudo-zombies being set on fire while the Trololo song played in the background, so it wasn't all bad.
Kyle Clanton
How can you say thinner is one of the worst movies!
Thiwerid Waffle
oMG I know this voice is from the channal called smash bits OMG.
The Shining might be a good Kubrick movie, but it will never be a good King adaptation.
Paige Beebe
the narrator sounds like that animator that did all those animations, like, if undertale was realistic, if hello neighbor was realistic, if batim was realistic, etc.
The Joker
Where's pet semetary?
andrew phantump
I'm going to say 2017 or 1990 it are on here
Imagination Station
You’re forgetting that Stephen didn’t write the script, or direct!
Rita Buckley
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ThatUnsure Invertebrate
You’ll never catch me, Krabs!!
Not when I shift into

Michelle Oria
That voice sounds familiar? your voice was from minecarft story mode funny animation
why is Dexter manning the narrating , he's like my favorite youtuber and he's in a top ten video
is cell basically kingsman
The Random Rabbit
Misery was the best movie!!!!!!!😍
Nicholas Wertz
they made thus on my birthday!
Anna Russo
I thought overdrive was ok
Bobby J. Rodriguez
Night Flyer was alright....
Bobby J. Rodriguez
Lawnmower Man was corny af...
Bobby J. Rodriguez
Dream Catcher ...eh...
Bobby J. Rodriguez
Riding the bullet was good...
Bobby J. Rodriguez
The Mangler was alright...
Bobby J. Rodriguez
Needfull things was creepy...
Bobby J. Rodriguez
Max overdrive... I barely remember...as kid had me scared of 18 wheelers...
Bobby J. Rodriguez
Thinner was good ...drag me to hell is rip off of it...
Bobby J. Rodriguez
Graveyard shift ...idk havent watched it...
Bobby J. Rodriguez
Cell was a good movie...i liked it.
My least fav is 1922
And my fav are carrie and It
Stuart Flethcer
Love his books and movies, very few poor ones
Daniel Gardecki
'Rose Red' although technically a 'mini series' is my favourite of Stephen King's horror films.
'Needful Things' was very good.
'The Lawnmower Man' was very good.
'Carrie' was rubbish.
I've never seen 'The Shining' fully but it looks like a typical slasher which is a genre I'm not a fan of.
Sarah Gray
I frackin' LOVE Misery!
Chau! At The Kitchen Sink
i love the shining, pet sematary, and the 2017 adaption of IT.
Nathaniel Roe
Where was the Dark Tower
That movie sucked
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