Star Wars THE LAST JEDI Trailer Breakdown - Easter Eggs & Predictions

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Star Wars The Last Jedi Teaser Trailer Breakdown! The Last Jedi Easter Eggs, Predictions & Theories. Why does Luke Skywalker say "It's time for the Jedi to end"? Are Obi-Wan, Yoda, and Darth Vader in this trailer? Is Luke a Gray Jedi?

The first teaser trailer for Star Wars Episode VIII THE LAST JEDI is here! Erik Voss explains everything you might have missed, including the barely audible line from Yoda and the Aurebesh translation of the words on Finn's medical pod. Who is Bendu, what is a Gray Jedi, and how might they relate to The Last Jedi? Why do the Resistance fighters kick up red dust? What is the burning building Luke and R2D2 look at? And how will Rey's Jedi training compare to Luke's training in The Empire Strikes Back?

Star Wars Rogue One ALL Easter Eggs & References (FULL MOVIE):



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Hyperdrive pod lol
I cant even consider Star Wars Rebels even part of the franchise, Its a pathetic cartoon, I would consider the two Forced unleashed game more viable
Blu Painis soldier
Rey iz thicC
STAR Gamer
In 6:36 In the background it looks like bendu from Star Wars rebels
Junior Gamers
this comes out on my birthday
Sith get Force vison like vadar
tony mccarthy
I really thhink that ur seeing and hearing things in the clip that u want to be there....
sean mcmullin
A little to long
Adam Grisham
Another seagulls bad lip reading
Disciple 13
check out
A Person
I’m so exited to see it
Damian Kocsis
yep the lightsaber is green
lluna eldas
I would totally be a Grey Jedi!
Rey needs to stop being a punk bitch in this one and just accept her damn fate lol
Donna Henson
If he got thos books after starkiller base shot its laser it would make no senses cuz starkiller base bloo up corasant
Adriel Klassen
yep the floor looks like a hanger and rubble are ships
Work It Baby
This is AWESOME!
CG Bro-army
Matthew Vincent
Epiphany! The stronger the light side becomes, the stronger the dark side becomes. Ergo to eliminate the dark side, Jedis must not exist. The dark side is like Hawking radiation from a black hole.
Roblox Swag man07
This movie is coming out on my birth day
Jiu Basilgo
Star wars trailer ads before this video. lol
Shelby Eveland
REMINDER: Jedi is plural!
Bizzare Bloxer
the dick is so much bigger
hey hey you you
Luke does not say that the Jedi must end. He says there is a truth that the Jedi must end.
Beakedplains 97
Yo thinking to much into this
Julian Date
Luke is a grey Jedi who wants peace; no more violence. No sides. Everyone neutral
Julian Date
Its a balance of knowledge and life
Artificial Flavor
That "rip Harambe" came out of nowhere😂
3:20i thought that was like a ground pound
I expect the Porg will be piloting the millennium falcon...
Lydia Lupescu
Or Luke wants all Wars to be over so there will be no need for the Jedi any more!
Everyone's mind is going to be blown when they find out Rey is a clone of Leia.
The Bits of Yesterday
Gaming Life
The burning building looks like house organas palace
Artoo2109 FTW
LOL this reminds me of DESTINY 2
Kyle Dy
The symbolism of the sides of the force in Luke's clothes though!
Owen Mowry
I noticed that the font color of the STAR WARS changed from yellow to red which could mean that this next chapter is gonna have a more negative vibe
Those ships at 15:02 closely resemble B-Wings, could they possibly be a modified version of those?
Dave Guy
Disliked due to harambe reference
zachary Wasserman
btw kylo ren has the same scar as Anakin Skywalker
Margaret Swift
nur Werbung
Grey Jedi are Canon (Asoka)
Ty Wilson
I just thought that since Skywalker is the one who was supposed to bring "Balance" to the force - instead of a balance between the strength of the light and dark side of the force...change the whole Jedi paradigm to one where individuals balance or embrace both the light and dark sides of the Force
Jaako L. Puudist
Uhhh shattered empire is canon, it's not eu...
Simple League
It could of been a Jedi temple where he trained Kylo Ren and kylo burnt it down
Is it bad that my breathing subcondiously syncs up with Rey's?
Definitely the first DLC for Battlefront 2. Anyone else agree?
Luclinc 2
WAIT WAIT WAIT wasn't phasma crushed by a trash compactor?
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