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manis kanal
wtf is this these Kids are 4-9😒😒😒😒
machoman123 45
if I was there mom I would spank them 20 time
Mika-Michel :3
1:18 what
Daria tusia
OMG the first one [*]
Jazz Hands
2:40 she wasn't even doing the makeup
Męlødy Cąrriøn
Omg I'm impressed😱😱😱
Seda Celik
Wenn ich sowas sehe bekomme ich einfach nur Wut, dass scheiß Internet macht unser Leben kaputt, Kinder fangen schon an sich 5 Jahren zu schminken & sie fangen jetzt schon an, unnatürlich zu werden, die schöne Haut geht mit dem Alter schon kaputt. Das Eltern auch noch die Kinder die Haare färben, einfach nur schrecklich, es ist keine Kindheit auf der Erde noch geblieben, nur noch in Ländern, da wo das leben noch geschätzt wird.
Gold Mariechen
They look Good but this is so disgusting
SlopydoesAj Gamer
boy doings makeup? COOL At Least My brother is not Alone
Amanda Harris
Amelie Zimmermann
Jessie King
At 5:40
Sabrina Fofa
mulekinho faz mão e melhor que eu
Angel Baby
in the first isn't that a boy
olaf tbh
This is cute but little kids shouldn't really be doing this. They should be playing and doing stuff that most kids do like, idk, eating mud. I understand kids having a little bit of makeup on when they are playing or at a party, but this is too much tbh.
Die Malhuis
its actually sad to see such young kids do makeup. like I didn't even know how to apply makeup at the age of 10. Its a shock actually!
Mckenzie Shine
They can do eyebrows better then me 😞
Johanna Bánfalvi
most éhez mit szóljak hogy befesti a négy éves gyerek haját????????
Game gir l
There ar big boys and girls👦🏼👧🏼👄💄💋👀
Umme Salma
I'm 15 yrs old but i have never did this type of make up by my own,
I'm so surprised that little girl's r doing this by they own,
I'm really so surprised i can't do this make up by my own but this little cute fairies had did they make up by them selves.
laura Mercedes hernández durán
Berrin Borgazi
No hate

Why is w kid boy guy putinning on makeup no hate to adults teens that do this
Kenza Esparon
les compilation son bien fait
Meninas em Ação
olha o boizinho mano
Johana Srom
Cvetelina Rusinova
Cvetelina Rusinova
Jhoana Molina
Oceane Viravagonvin
Is that some times we ask were are the PARENTSSS !!
νομίζω ότι δεν είναι καλό για την ηλικία σας να βαφεσται από τοσο νωρίς 🙅🙅🙅💅💄💋😑
Anh Trương channel
Sandya putri maharani
i love them
Sandya putri maharani
no 2: verrryyyy beautifuuuulllllllllll
vick oz
de que se maquillan hermoso lo hacen pero independientemente mi comentario es que solo se es niño una vez en la vida para que crecer tan rapido creo que yo a esa edad solo pensaba en jugar y no en la vanidad
NGhcccffuibjf Xztdgjijjof
Ur isten mik vanak fijuk festik magukat
these kids have makeup and im 12 and i have none -.-
I can't even put my make up on the right way and plus, I'm 14...
light shadow
please know kids that you guys are beautiful and or handsome with or without makeup it's what's inside that counts
light shadow
these kids do better make up than most fully grown adults good job
sugar pills
back in my days i played with dolls and went outside
why do u even need makeup at this age other they where probably forced by their mom so they can get more attention
0:59 soo cute
0:45 soo beautyful
caterina & mary
oddio un bambinoooo
Fahad Paracha
in the first video the boy reminded of jake warden and in the second video the girl reminded me of nikkie toturials but overall every single kid is freaking talanted
The Samisuki Chan :3
kto z polski xD ?
niswatun nasifah
Anastasia Strantzali
Τι πλάκα μου κάνεις τώρα από μια σταλια βαφονται καλά οι μαμάδες τους τόσο δεν τους κόβει έλεος τι να πω 😐😐😒😒
엄마가 애 머리 잡고 설명 할때
우리 애 머리 참 잘 됐죠?라
하는 것 같음
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