The Food Ranger
WOW, we were so lucky to get this deep into rural Xinjiang at this farmers market! AND have an amazing home cooked meal after with my friend Ali who runs . You can follow my instagram at to follow these street food journeys!! Thanks so much for watching, hope you're doing well!
Samantha Brett
I fell in love with the intro music! Where can I get it? PLEASE HELP!!!!
open up
bro all muslim are friendly
Ottoman Empire
Chinese muslims are Turks. Hui are Turkic people given an diffrent name to divide the Turkic world. Hun's, Mongol's, Hun, s, Golden Horde, Khazarian empire, are all Turkic world.
Prachi Agrawal
I m really amased with this incredible food tour
Tashi Phuntsok
I want to know more
Shamim Ahmed
wow very nice video..A good family indeed...
WIsam Whisky
The music at the begging of the video was fantasticly awesome
Dilare Tina
i am a uyghur from urumqi xinjiang, currently living in England. you are such a nice person that smiling to everyone, thank you for your video, it really reminds me of home.
ann youssef
i really wanna go to that place. people there are so friendly and nice. and the foods looks so delicious. my mouth is watery everytime he take a bite haha
ryan 666
I love your video. Every video makes me to go to China and try a lot of street food
john jackson
15:15 most awkward fucking encounter lol
Evil Surrounds us
Would you consider eating dog
Abdul Haseeb
man that was so fun to watch
lets go
Raniag Escobar
Eh di wow
Alp Aslan
Long Live Asia!
Read More
8:10 so friendly
Dave Carver
Dude you are awesome with these videos
This is ethnic food at its finest
Great Piece! In this place at Y&S FOOD! we like to obtain this in our feeds. We put up Travel & Food video clips so we are now ceaselessly hunting for completely new inputs and also creative ideas. With thanks!
Dita Tania
Fell in love with the grandpa making noodles in the first few mins. His smile is incredibly cute!
Krishan Gupta
U call noodles Muslim food... Ur dumb
ala uddin
Subhan Allah thanks broo
Olivia Zhang
Not only food,but also heart and love😊
what language do they speak 他们在说什么语言
Lars Fidjarsen
How tall are you?
Vera O.
it was great!!!! so interestng!!! such beautiful atmosphere!!!! one of the best videos!!!! I wish to be there, and taste that delicious food!!!!! ....... only about noodles ...they did not touch ground? . just curious. .. =D
MashaAllaah. It is cleaner to eat there, than MCDonalds.
I like the old man making noodles. He clearly loves the camera, and that's awesome~!
1:20 looks closely lol
23:49 Safran only comes from Morocco and expensive. It only grows in a specific southern place of Morocco and thus it's very scarce. I am amazed that it's even transported to China. Very nice!
8:02 I bet that cute, kind man is Arab but living and working in China. Not strange. The Arab/Muslim world had and still has good ties with the Chinese empire.
ilham shobriantoro
first time i see, its looks like in pakistan.
ميشو ابراهيم
عاداتهم وأكلهم مثل العرب
müslüman türk
This is a unique insight for me into the uigur traditions. There are a lot of uigurs in Europe now.
Mudassir Kazmi
Anyone please tell me this Lagman Noodle recipe? I can't find this in any restaurants in Lahore Pakistan 🇵🇰
Matzah Ball Soup
Of all the hand pulled noodles featured on The Food Ranger I think the old man on 6:44 has the best technique.
Mr Onizuka
Hahaha 15:15 part is hilarious
Trevor Laughing : Ni Hao
Trevor suspicious : Ni Hao
Trevor nervous : Ni Hao

i laugh like i wan't to die tomorrow
ZIggy's Theorem
😂 anyone notice at 9:11 that guy yelling
Adnan Addy
The food ranger amazing
Koliko Jijko
Hi brow thanks for video i wont music name in the video plz
Jalyn Erkin
I'm so jealous, for the delicious food and also for how can you not be fat.
Jiyan a Min
i really love watchin your videos
Mr Onizuka
Assalamualaikum to all my muslim brothers and sisters.. love from malaysia.. ❤❤❤
Arsal Bin Ehsan
The "Chichura" at 19:30 We call it "Mamtu". It came from Kashgar to Gilgit . Many Kashgar's families live in Gilgit do cook these types of stuff.
you zi h
Siz Moon
very good bro
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