Ariana Grande - One Last Time (One Love Manchester)

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Ariana Grande performs One Last Time at One Love Manchester.

**(UK Only)** To donate £5 text LOVE to 70507
Texts cost £5 + 1 std network message. 100% of your donation goes to the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund.
16+ only and must have bill payer’s permission. Full terms

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Marat Tolgambayev
For our angels ❤
ThatsDavida Xoxo
Cutie Potato
I first listened to this song when I was 6. I've loved it ever since, I know the lyrics of by heart and all. But I never really understood the lyrics. Now I do more than ever
Ashleen xD
It's ok Ariana actually I'm a fan of Ari my friend Alexa was killed and died I stayed strong just like Ariana would #arianator #nevergiveup # and #prayformachester she is forever blessed I actually singed with too when I saw the video love you Ari so much!
Andrew Dunn
loveley singer
This is soccer
Feyenoord Rotterdam
Pharrel Williams wasn't happy..
Doodled Galaxy Gaming
How could you dislike after the tragedy!!!!
Hannah Bingham
She is better than Miley Cyrus
Isabel Gomes
Happy birthday Ariana
Pom pom
Ariana is so brave for singing and coming back to Manchester I feel so gutted for her everyone knows her voice is beautiful but she was crying in this performance so sad stay strong Ari btw HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARI!!
Katie King
I feel sorry
Klarka Kolecko
Ariana is really famous singer😊💜
I'm speechless...This so emotional.
Fernanda Mendes
one Love manchester
11thDoctor's Companion
I just love the message of this. Like "IS bombs a concert? Alright, let's make another one with a lot of famous musicians, we dare you bombing it again!" This is so powerful and shows how we won't let them drag us down just because they're such wimps they have to kill innocent children.
Eko Fajar
my endless love... please Lie to me
Eko Fajar
takkan pernah terganti... kamu begitu indah... gak mau tukeran!!!
angela lisciandrello
semplicemente splendida è il mio sogno incontrare ariana grande on love Manchester😂😊
Lea Gung Ou
So brave and beautiful
Karolina Kren
Привет Это Я
Casseyline Clarisa
Wow how brave! We love you so much :*
Vicky Heneghan
so much respect for ariana x
Jimmy Head
stand for England and be strong together for Manchester
Jimmy Head
love ari for this
Happy 24th birthday Ariana.
Haleema Neshat
Prey for Ariana I'm worried 😩 that she might get blown by terrorists
Happy birthday my queen. 24 years of your beautiful, amazing , brave soul on this earth. No words can describe how proud I am of you and how much love I have for you. You're my idol, you remind me to always love one another, to never hate, you inspire me, there's no way for me to thank you for how you have impacted my life. The older you grow and the more you accomplish the bigger my love for you gets. I didn't want to write anything big, but too late. God bless you Ariana Grande Butera, love you with all I have & thank you from the bottom of my heart.💘
Ariana a talenti Grande
one love Manchester 💕💗💘💝💟👯🎧🎤🎶💋💓💜💛
Ariana a talenti Grande
my name is Asia
Ariana a talenti Grande
happy birtnday 💖💋💞👑😍💃😘😎😻👯💑👭💓💜💛💚💕💗💘💝💟🐰💄🎤🎧📀🎶🎸
Jason Lamb
i love this song its so sad i just love it
Eko Fajar
pake pesawat yg boleh ngerokok di dalamnya
Eko Fajar
LG jadi tahanan rumah nih soalnya... kalo gw ada duit , gue yg ke Amerika.. untuk menikah dengan kamu Ariana Grande
Eko Fajar
ku menanti bertemu dgn bapak kandung kamu... di Jakarta
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Eko Fajar
my sperma.. my first sperma is belong is to you
Eko Fajar
you Will always be My angel
Gino Ipanaque
OMG she can't even execute cause the tears
Abdullah Faisal
from Yemen middle east we are sorry for your lost (one love Manchester )
Alodia Ian Daleon
Godbless, Manchester! 😭😭❤❤
Ruma Shaikh
i luv u araina ❤
Alodia Ian Daleon
I'm cryin' 😭😭 I so love Ariana. ❤❤
Jasenya Idalis
How are there dislikes?!! 😩❤️
brandon Roldan
i can't be the only one annoyed with the fans that don't know the words and are just singing random shit to the camera lol
KeS sy
Melina Pafralidh
happy birthday ari!!!🎂🎉
so many wearing my chemical romance hoddies
Tanja Todd
omg i thougt katty is a chicken
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