Ariana Grande - One Last Time (One Love Manchester)

bbcAriana GrandeOne Last TimeOne Love ManchesterBBC Music2017

Ariana Grande performs One Last Time at One Love Manchester.

**(UK Only)** To donate £5 text LOVE to 70507
Texts cost £5 + 1 std network message. 100% of your donation goes to the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund.
16+ only and must have bill payer’s permission. Full terms

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why does the symbol look similair to play boy bunny ???
Michael Jackson
Anyone actually take in the lyrics at the start?
I'm still crying, we'll never forget that day.
Tasha C
Who does she hug at the start with the hat on?
Rachel Salwa Fatimah
2:29 niall oh my god i laugh so hard
Margaret Ballantyne
One last time
charlotte knights
her voice is deeper than i thought
What a brave woman who seen her fans dead
She is brave for coming back what she's been thro
neko leopard
This song is so special...we used to take it for granted but it's part of are life's now
why isnt justin in the backround
Lauren J
Pigglet Slimes
The sad thing is some people just used this to see her in concert and not honor the victims 😭
Ashleigh Lavelle
After having been at the Manchester attack this concert was difficult to attend having to go back to Manchester but so healing. So much love in one place it was incredible
Will TV
Pharell looks like such a badass in this lol
Floryn Florynel
I'd never realised her inner self until the attack 😖
Farhana Hoque
This made me cry😭
Sharon Lloyd
My friend died now im in a mess RIP xxxx
Sharon Lloyd
I was there and got injured cryed my heart out not because of my pain but tge people who were dying i was at this concert as well RIP all angels you willl wale up in arianas hamds for lofe one like =1 love
aubrey flemming
Little mix is love ❤❤❤💙💙💙

# strong manchester 💪💪💪
Narinderjit Singh
I love you
Narinderjit Singh
yes lad
Emma Fleurdeliz
Sinead Haynes
The guy picked the wrong concert, he thought we would probably be terrified to go to another concert but these souls, these human beings, us, got beyond this point and is being strong, Ariana is so, so, SO strong and thought this was all her fault but really mom of it was, and she did this to raise money, I wish I could've gone, well, those who think Ariana is a horrible singer, just realize what she did for these innocent people
chlo staff
I love you ariana
Melinee Patayya
so cute
Mendesarmy Izz da
Just look at 2:30 at Katy and Nail they‘re so amazing tho:D
Makes me cry everytime.
Antony Burns
R.I.P saff
Gouri Anand
Avery the puppy queen
This song will never be the same its heartbreaking in this situation cries # prayers ♥
Violetta Aggrey
When I listen to this song ....... it makes me think about my crush 5 likes and I will tell him I like him
Ayesha Ahmed
Naeeyma Sultana
Ariana is amazing 😁😁😁😁😄
abcd qwerty
Y is jb not in the line?
Robert Gareth Jones
bells them how die in the show the i will donte £10 for them how die by seren
Steve Corbett
i love your songs
your bigest fan emily c
Julian T
Where is this type of benefit concert for Las Vegas right now. Its needed and people are beyond hurting...
milagros mariscal de la cerda
i like ariana ¡
Sabina rieger
Guuuurl 😭💓💓💓
why is katy wearing a chicken suit???
Moo The Quiz Game
Promoting a HOAX ... disgusting.
Space Unicorn
Her voice got a lot deeper
Cheryl Anderton
This type of music is usually out of my preferred genre but it's absolutely won my heart over! Totally amazing and absolutely heart melting! xxxxxx
Megan Mila Rose
This song will now always bring a tear to my eye. We LOVE you Manchester 💖
memo star
3:25 william's face😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Chrisshhy saw
Why is her voice like she was crying
gareth price
makes me brake down everytime i watch but cant stop watching
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