Madison Wiley
I wish I was thin
beast chanel
Why did Mark pull his pants down😂😂
diy life
U good bro ?
yeboi justin
I can bottle flip and I'm only 9
Mohan Bains
Can you do a video with guava juice
Ariahna Elliott
im a fu*** logangster
Ariahna Elliott
your welcome logan
Suzana Amin
Im dying When George Is Hugging Logan :3
Vienne Kheilen Cheng
You look like this YouTube named the odd 1s out
Leeann Morey
I can here Rihanna's work music video
Aaron Perkins
Logan : That is not a camera dick,
A FEW MINS LTR Me : Dieing in my own laughter
andry kusmana
Logang 4 life
emily nunez
don't vote for donuldtrump becuaes his a peac of shit and bich
jessica mccaughn
he likes food that i absolutely hate
Wolf Boy
lol logen your the best
I have the same cup
Leo Shorter
my name Darnell
Peyton Holdash
I'm sitting on a stool in the kithen eating cearyel and watching
ethan payne
do i no u
Ally :D
My aunts tv projector is bigger 😱😱 also LOGAN IM GETTING SOME OF UR MERCHHHH!!!! BE A MAVRICK, LOGANGSTERSSS
Regan Bonne
In his ghost vid at the very end did a ghost SCREAM at you I RAN AWAY FROM MY SCREEN
Jon Hrabiwchuk
omg you are the beat
DAG El Gamer
Landon Crandall
Asha Garza
That cup should go with my dad to work then see what happiness oh and that was a BICH cup
Jay Bird
Why do you not talk to Jake
DJLovePanda Figueroa
Logan some one said f**ck off when u said what’s the deal
savage boy21
Won of my freinds saw a mavrike merch and my freinds were beating it up and i said stop beating it up thay said i like jake paul better logen paul sucks
Thanos Sarantou
I live in Ohio and I see why you moved to LA I took a trip there once and it was awesome age 12
siri phone
Logan:what's up Hollywood whyyyyy
hunter burke
I watched that movie
Ethan Baran
Logan hi
dat pug
Evan should name his new car Arya

Disclaimer this is not my idea but iDucks
Leo Echo
Team Ten because they have the mental capacity of 10 year olds
nathan shell
There ment be nothing in the bottle
Fox Paws
Did y'all see the rejection for the high five LOL
Abigail Letts
I:24 ewww
Soldier Horse
Hey lamo you are stupid and annoying and I don't care about the Logan and you should get a job stupid and I am out suckers 😸😸👎👎😾😾😡😡
Kaden Kelsoe
Your gay
Kaden Kelsoe
Your brother is really better than you your videos are stupid like you
Ayyy_its_jj lit
Logan your visa are amazing
Martin Cardenas
When is the movie going to come out logan
Andres 6363
Who’s watching in October 2017
ahmed alnmran
Rylee Young
Rylee Young
Your mom said Jake is better than you. I'm not ling
alexis ferrell
This was posted on my bday thank I'm so happy I would love to win a give away
My family has
Robert Hovingh
you are the best
albert ogogo
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