Talk about WWE banning Seth Rollin's curb stomp, tsk. They should ban Samoe Joe's super kick, half the roster fell lmao.
Now like 5 people have to guard Brock and Joe in the locker room
there goes paul heyman again with you're not man enough last time he said that randy orton rkod brock
The Samoan bag of flab is going to get beaten to a pulp.
I was waiting for Brock to shout "I'm Gonna Kill You!" like he did to undertaker.
Sarmad Subhani
I think joe's gonna beat Brock...
Im in the suplex city now for vacation for the GBF in july 9 :)
Joe vs Brock, I'm kind of in the middle on this one. The match itself should be, as JR would say, a true Slobberknocker, two Alpha-Bulls doing what they do best, and any other time I would love to see Joe take the title (Lesnar is a great attraction but he's a terrible champion, I prefer champs who defend their titles more than once every three or four months), but look at the title situation right now: Raw, Smackdown, and NXT, the only champions who aren't heels are Naomi and Asuka (and Asuka's more neutral than face). We need more solid good guys holding titles
Ashutosh Abrol
what do u think guys...Who is more powerful...Brock or Joe ?
carlton matlock
Brock lasner can't mess with the beast i respect this damn dude someo joe did his dirty landry Carlton matkock lol
Vishal Sancheti
ah, the few times the midcarders and jobbbers will rub up against a main- eventer.
Semo Fati
can brock do any other moves other than suplex,its boring ,at least joe can move for a guy his physique, should win at least he'll wrestle every week,fans wana see the belt & lesnar is not out there defending it every week.a champ should be out there performing every week,lead by example,instead of being money hungry,and forget the fans.
Joe sucks really this time I am with beast .. Brock lesssneaarr Rocks really he rocks Joe sucks who the hell is he..joee suckss
Adam Malique
I don't know who's going to win at The Great balls of🔥..,both of them seemed pretty bada$$..So sad that Seth couldn't face Brock for the title😐
Yo Bro
With all fairness Joe might be able to beat up Brock in real life .
Jatin Sood
brock lesnar power💪💪💪💪
אדנה גושה
please make another match of the rock vs brock lesnar maybe in wm34 😭😭😭😭
Harry Aviles
I just have to laugh when they say Great Balls Of Fire
Raffaele Ronga
Samoa Joe reminds me Umaga.
My Flashbacks!
My favorite part is when I showed up, ITS DAMN TRUE!
Wan Wan
Chris Redfield 96
Misael Pardo Pinto
suplex city
Xx_Rock Gamers_xX
Claramente estos 2 se van a hacer mierda jajaja
Me dio risa el tetaso que le puso Joe a lesnar jajajaja
manoj rajbhar
This match will be very interesting but samoa will take over and win this match but lets c what abt summerslam
Sonawane Kailas
Brock is good
Adam Briceland
paul introduces himseld to us every week...what a dweeb
saleh abdullah
brock lesnar's all records and achievement was destroyed by goldberg... when he lost to goldberg in just 1 min 26 seconds......
Prabhat Raikwar
Brawls are traditional in wwe
haider ali
samoa is a cartoon infront of brock brock is a cartoon infront of goldberg....
only fixed match can change the result
Arsh Gill
brock is godd and he was great and he was win the easily undertaker he was destroy all the wrestler
Brèche Ekontsoli
joe ne peut pas affronter lesnar la personne qui peut le faire roman
SonantOrphan 16
One day Paul heyman will rip his vocal cords and then everyone will be happy
muhammad kashif
brock lesner will destroy joe
Varchand myajar
now steel cage locker match Joe and lesner
Wrestling Reel
Suplex, Suplex, Suplex, F5, 123... Lesnar wins
Dave D
wow people still watch man's soap get real....
Ivan Ramirez
ladies n gentleman my name is Ivan!!
Brandon Waggoner
GOD I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS MATCH! I COULD DIE A HAPPY WRESTLING FAN WATCHING THIS MATCH! Ever since Brock made his return & watching his matches he was having as WWE's Ultimate Fighter. I said after his Summer Slam match with Triple H. Joe vs Lesnar. Joe will take the fight straight to Lesnar. Order this ppv fans! It will be explosive!
I wanna see Big cass and enzo brawl
Max Axe
3:40 now that's what I call a super kick!!!
david wilson2 com
hi wwe
alicola lawrence
Armed Emad
انا معجب بالروح قوي انا من الاسكندرية
carlton matlock
What a big damn fight lol
Gede Sumahendra
samoa joa no
lesnar yessssssssssss good wwe good ufc
Amjad Khan
FiRe GaMeR
Lesnar is better than Samoa Joe🤙🏻
Anthony Aldarondo
tambien Samoa joe a perdido con nakamura si perdio con nakamura y con séth rolling imaginate la pela q le va dar brock lesnar a Samoa joe
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