West London Grenfell Tower on fire, multiple casualties confirmed (Recorded LIVE FEED)

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Grenfell Tower on Latimer Road in West London engulfed in a horrifying blaze, with reports saying people have been trapped in flats in the upper stories.
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Razvan J
Pray 4 Pakistan
alpha beta
Nobody lived in the building at the time of the fire. This is a government psyop. Time to get rid of our ZOG government.
The Grenfell Tower block was designed and built in 1974, hence being a reasonable old structure. However There should have been sprinkler systems installed both in the stairwells and the actual individual flats themselves, it all comes down too money, the local council was trying to save money buy buying cheaper cladding, and to not buy the fire resistant cladding which could have slowed down the intensity of the inferno its self, until the LFB Had Arrived on scene, to try and bring the inferno under control. I Personally think there is a lot more too it than people realize, too many un answered questions for a start. I Do not want too say to much, however people can draw there own conclusions on what actually happened.
ytrew poiujhujyunhbgvfcd
WHy is #RT @RT promoting that people should comment on #fb @facebook page of RT? #Facebook removes or collapses almost any #comment there and hides it or does other such tamperings and user whose comments are tampered isnt notified and no reason is given.

Same with other such #american #companies.
LJK Designs LTD
They should convert a CH-47 into a fire helicopter with half of the original crew area as a massive water tank.
Camia Alexis UK
wow what's making me and my mum and my family's heart sink even more is that we live in West London so people from our side of the country have list their lives god bless them all my high school is also in West London and we did have a minute silence for the people who died 😭🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
So where is the "pancaking"?Building 7 supposedly came down on free fall speed from an office fire should be and interesting comparison.
Andy Spollin
I will guarantee this the truth will be covered up by Freemasons freemason fame will nock the flats down Jewish freemason frame will build a brand new rich man's block of flats with the ten million pounds they should have spent on this block of flats Mark my words this is what you will see every cover up is done by Freemasons for Freemasons if you let them
Andy Spollin
Every cover up is done by Freemasons for Freemasons the corrupt Freemasons will try to cover the truth up don't let them
im stupid
At least 12 people were killed, 50 were in Hosptial. Like if you agree or not.
abdul Shamsudeen
lol and you livestreamit XD noice
Jignesh kadam
Russia has always been there for India no matter what. We love you Russia. - An Indian
How come this building did not collapse but yet the world trade buildings did on 9/11? Something to think about.
John Cena
12k people liked that the building was on fire.
Clanky Bob
john sam
This Tories Government does not care for the Poor , Homeless and Vulnerable all they care for is to push poor people on low wages out of London to cheaper segregated shitholes like Birmingham and Manchester why would people want to leave their families and friends as London was and still is nice it was always integrated as a city and community spirited, now because of all this increase in living and rents many have no choice to leave the Capital, all this social and ethnic cleansing is destroying the UK as everywhere is becoming divided now.
marvin watkins
Leave it to RT to revel in Western tradegy.
Anonymous Schweiz
why can't i download this video
Alena Castle
Omg I feel so sorry for the people who passed away p. 😭😭😭
Phd Credible
Terrible tragedy. So much loss of life.
Enmanuel Vargas
It is time to search the guilty and behind one new kind of War for found
the new "Osama Bin Laden" Why don't fall down equals to WTC???

One war begun in 2001 to 2016... 15 years of abuse when the only
terrorist was the:
The Fuck FBI, The Army in EUA and the most terrorist most dangerous
around the world: George Bush Shit.
Warayut Bank OF
ทาวเวอร์นิกิจการธุระกิจ เยอะมาก
Dumme Kommentare FULL HD von Katz mit Hut oder Mops
Surfer Paul
So the Twin Towers collaps and this one stays up.... Hummm
Sergey Sergeev
it's fucked up.so many people were burned alive.well as well as.how is this bitch possible in the twenty-first century.around the dominance of technology,and hundreds of burns in a concrete box.and no one can help them.fuck,I would have left this building to stand as is.as a monument of the burned people.and as a constant reminder to officials what turns the lack of means of fire extinguishing and rescue of these houses.designers, builders ,building a house.and those officials who allow such houses.
Soon The Most High Will Separate The Evil from the Just .....
James Shunt
This is what happens when you're greedy and want to save money for profit alone. But by all means keep defending those greedy fuckers whether they're bankers, politicians, employers or your neighbours. Think this is an isolated event? Wait and see the coming years. And keep blaming and scapegoating the innocent who had nothing to do with this. Because you're so cowardly you blame the weak and defenseless.
Simmer Rose
And you've decided to fucking live stream it??!!
a duncannon
To the bastard children of Satan, you inbred Muslims are a vile and filthy people. Your mothers are pox infested whores and your fathers are septic oozing dogs – worse than diseased feral pigs. You are evil. You worship the devil – Mohammed was a disgusting perverted homosexual and paedophile also fucked Goats – an abomination and cancer on the face of the earth - your day of reckoning has arrived
Sherbert Dib Dab
I have heard Simong Cowell is organising a charity single. A cover of "Fridge over bubbling water" lol.
Building 7.
Angela Graham
I tell you NOW nobody will ever know how many people have died!!!
Kris Fernando
so sad\
Rustyben nineoneone
it was not multiple casualties, you must mean it was multiple deaths
Tabs T
LOL 100percent safety fail rate so far. EVERY tower tested has failed and they have only tested 60 of the possible 4000 towers. You know what this means dont you? thats NO-ONE will be prosecuted. Because the argument will be "well we arent the only ones who failed the test" and the authorities wont prosecute and lock up hundreds and hundreds of council workers across the capital and possibly UK.
ALSO nobody talking about the fridgge fire not being put out properly by the fire brigade.
azur bleu
This proves that only in America , a tower can be destroyed by fire . REOPEN 9/11 . RIP
Maddy Puppy
Poor people
David Alexander Forde
This video clip is entitled, "West London Grenfell Tower on fire, multiple casualties confirmed"! Confirmed by whom? Are we intelligent human beings going to continue to accept our sheep-like existence? Be told when we can eat grass and drink water? When our wool is to be shaved off from our skins? In the past few weeks, "witnesses" of the Grenfell Tower have spoken about "children being thrown out of windows, losing mobile contact after a two-hour conversation with a relative - still in the building"! Sheep don´t ask questions about anything. They simply wait to be fed, wool shaved and, bedtime! Are you somewhat similar?
UAV marky
the reason the death numbers are so low is because most victims are just black ash piles & there isn't much left to find in the way of bodies :(
Matt Lemons
I wonder why Grenfell Tower was left burning for ages before the fire was put out?
Jim Heiden
The Building Designer And The Accountant BOTH Got Big Bonuses For Keeping Fire Safety Costs Down !
Ana Aleeza
iv watched this o TV tomorrow were gonna do a fun Razer for the aparment
Sam Nixon
why didn't they use water dropping planes?
The newspaper TimeOut said that 31m pounds has been donated all over the UK (or maybe the world) for the victims of the tower. Can this be true? If yes, has anyone seen any penny since? Not mentioning the rest of the charities, red cross etc
You know muslims did this
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