West London Grenfell Tower on fire, multiple casualties confirmed (Recorded LIVE FEED)

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Grenfell Tower on Latimer Road in West London engulfed in a horrifying blaze, with reports saying people have been trapped in flats in the upper stories.
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azur bleu
This proves that only in America , a tower can be destroyed by fire . REOPEN 9/11 . RIP
Maddy Puppy
Poor people
David Alexander Forde
This video clip is entitled, "West London Grenfell Tower on fire, multiple casualties confirmed"! Confirmed by whom? Are we intelligent human beings going to continue to accept our sheep-like existence? Be told when we can eat grass and drink water? When our wool is to be shaved off from our skins? In the past few weeks, "witnesses" of the Grenfell Tower have spoken about "children being thrown out of windows, losing mobile contact after a two-hour conversation with a relative - still in the building"! Sheep don´t ask questions about anything. They simply wait to be fed, wool shaved and, bedtime! Are you somewhat similar?
UAV marky
the reason the death numbers are so low is because most victims are just black ash piles & there isn't much left to find in the way of bodies :(
Matt Lemons
I wonder why Grenfell Tower was left burning for ages before the fire was put out?
Jim Heiden
The Building Designer And The Accountant BOTH Got Big Bonuses For Keeping Fire Safety Costs Down !
Ana Aleeza
iv watched this o TV tomorrow were gonna do a fun Razer for the aparment
Sam Nixon
why didn't they use water dropping planes?
The newspaper TimeOut said that 31m pounds has been donated all over the UK (or maybe the world) for the victims of the tower. Can this be true? If yes, has anyone seen any penny since? Not mentioning the rest of the charities, red cross etc
You know muslims did this
David Jones
Noting that the fire did not cause the building to implode as with 9/11.
vc 23
I'm seeing people die, but I can't see them.
Jim Heiden
No Fire Escapes ,
No Fire God Damned
Safety Regulations
For Tall Apartments ...
Chrissie Simon
When I first saw this on the news on 14th June, I originally thought it was another 9/11 terrorist attack. I cannot describe my horror to learn that it was London, in the 21st century, and a possible domestic fire. We have much to be ashamed of. Britain, in the 21st century is no better than a "3rd World country, needing food banks and external charity. My thoughts go out to our fellow humans at this sad time xx stay strong xx
Jim Heiden
This Is An EVIL OMEN Of Sudden Unexpected Defeat For England
Explicitly Foreshadowing
... !!! EVEN WORSE !!! ....
Pablo Escobar
Only muslims died as always. Motherfucking cocksucking sons of bitches. I hope london and uk getting destroyed. I can not explain my hate to uk right now. Probaby a white racist put the fire on.
Marco Ciarrocchi
New York City stands with London. The idiot 9/11 conspiracy theory Americans in the comments are further embarrassing our country, please stop. Enough is enough, 9/11 was not a conspiracy, and to think so is insulting to the people that passed on that day. I personally know what it feels like to watch a building on fire, knowing there are people dying inside and yet there`s nothing you can do. God bless the families of those affected, emergency personnel, and the City of London.
oisjsi jiidjid
I'm not that sad, apparently it was mostly Muslims who died lol.
Fred Roule
This is a retribution for terrorist attacks against real english people...
here you can see how stupid you R... 21 is 1st midsummer date -.^
at least it just took days... without the german? xmas tree burnin vid / study
it would have been several days longer... 14 is also 2-3rds of 21..?
Sharadini Raikar
god save the queen hahaha lollol
The Truth is In Here
This (indifference to the average man's plight) is what we can and should expect from the establishment that we work so hard to keep living off us. Look at the way the establishment shows it meticulous efficiency in planning events around the royal family, for example. But, when it comes down to saving ordinary lives, they not only could not be bothered to act swiftly but the establishment does not even hold the police and fire fighters accountable. When the news broke, surely the royal family or the PM's office could have urged action but that couldn't happen because they couldn't give a fuck either. Lives have been lost unnecessarily but they will be replaced by new babies which will grow into more slaves who will draw the chariots.The media of course takes their orders from the higher ups in the food chain. Reporting the shocking number of deaths would make the people want to demand answers. That would ruffle the cosy nests of the vultures who feed on the helplessness of the people. So what do i recommend by way of solution? - Launch a nation-wide indefinite strike (peaceful no-cooperation) until the negligent authorities are brought to book.
Swooper S
Looks like another attack in London. I'm not sure the details yet
Comic Book Guy
the story of this disaster was quickly appropriated by progressives, and morphed to a "poor wittle minorities", pro multiculturalism narrative. EVERY personal story, EVERY tale of woe is from, or of, a foreigner. E.g "if the fire wasn't bad enough, some "victim" ethnic minorities were involved...won't someone please think of the minorities"

the survivors will be dispersed out of london, forcibly shipped-off up north, as have many before them who have fallen foul off the housing rent benefit cap. This incident WILL be used as a perfect opportunity for more gentrification
We all do knew the truth if companys get the freedom to make decisions between cash or life they will obviously choose the first one ... This is the reason that fire protection rules have to be as strict as possible, companies shouldn´t become the the freedon to choose design over fire protection installments. If Cash comes in life´s doesn´t matter anymore an acient story..
heilig Geist
Muslims again
Je présume qu'une foi encore on a négligé la sécurité au profit du tape a l’œil.C'est toujours les pauvres gens qui trinquent Je présente mes sincères condoléances aux familles des victimes.......SIRIUS........
Александр Челомей
Logic conversation proceed
why didn't to tower come crashing down like on 911?
Elise Cooper
And why did the firefighters not shut off the gas line the gas line was at blue flame that went straight up the side of the building and across and exploded it the building they should have shut that off first and that way the gas would not have big nodded the flames and it would not have exploded.
Elise Cooper
why didn't the firefighters use liquid nitrogen to put out the fire it freezes the fire and could have saved lives.
Greg Bocoń
Pray from all polish people for soul in heaven
Whoever set the fire I say GOOD SHOW! Way to take the fight to the muslim community! In the end I bet they find out it was intentionally set.
Lone Eagle
...but did it fall...
I just don't understand how people have such little or no humanity at all to make any kind of joke about this. Soulless beings. This is harrowing .
Tom Cheyne
I have a serious problem with this,the fire pretty much started on the ground floor,I would lile to know who lived there,there account off the fire and how it took hold off the outside off the building as how can wr learn if the person or persons have not yet come to light ???
Way worse and hotter than building 7 on 911 but did not fall like in a demolition!
Jus't Chachou
Le drame ... ATT PTN ON EST EN 2017 PAS EN 1974 (date de sortie du film "La Tour Infernale") !!!!!!!!!!!!
Ugly kneegrow who loves to punch people cowardly
And this is why a god cannot (by logic) be pure good...He/She/It gave freewill to those who abuse it, ergo favoring evil.
They should have designeed it like the WTC, the fires didn't spread there like this.
Just awful. Prayers from the Church of Satan.
Leeann Mansfield
120 flats...if only one person was living in each would be 120 people...if 2 people in each flat would be 240 people...most flats are over occupied so more like 380 people plus visitors......
How long is this video on for? 62 years? Oh okay...
xyloh wakawaka
lot of slave die to help built england good fire is the purification
John Benton
I'm surprised that ISIS haven't claimed responsibility.
I brought marshmallows.
good london :)
Muslim mayor-ed city reality...
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