Xbox One X – E3 2017 – World Premiere 4K Trailer

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Lose yourself in worlds built for immersive true 4K gaming, where action is brought to life with 2160p frame buffers.  Enjoy brilliant graphic details in lights, shadows, and reflections with High Dynamic Range and Wide Color Gamut.  Experience premium audio that puts you in the center of 3D spatial sound.  Stream and record game clips in 4K at screaming-fast 60FPS.  With 6 teraflops of processing power and 12GB GDDR5 graphic memory, Xbox One X is 40% more powerful than any other console.  Feel true power.

what's the diff tho?
I don't know why but I keep watching this, I think its the Music that keeps bringing me back.
Would love this to be the opening video when you first boot the Xbox One X (similar to the video you get on both the XO and 360 when its first booted from new)
dixshant valecha
Hello Xbox association I saw the trailer of Xbox one x and I will be highly obilged if I can get a factory second Xbox one x for free thank you
Amazedone Mon
Amazing 💖
Mint Blais
Im a fan of xbox but one thing is Bothing me Xbox Why wireless controller again? X_X.... i do not want to go to the shop and buy pack of batteries
Mint Blais
Remind me of deus ex
adam shaffer
All these fake accounts tho
The music is the best thing about this trailer honestly besides the chick of course ;)
Anonymous. A.S
Xbox one Xbox one s Xbox one x
Sony Jay
The console makea a gauge sound when its turned on like on this vid??
Project Doomster
B ox
O ne

Ok, Microsoft.
Matilde Seoane
Matty_ 98
The song is AMAZING!!!!
whats the name of the woman?
Dude! Im about to buy that Xbox One X
It uses the same controller as 1 and 1s Right?
lol if uhave pc and u are lookin for a console do not buy x because microsoft get games to pc so go buy switch
Saint Patrick
i can't wait
Sabyasachi Sadhu
Is the Xbox One X and Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition are 2 different consoles or are both of them the same console?
Jas D
O yes she will be my game system I hope to see it real soon
GiveAway Zone
Good news everybody!!!!

<--- Get Your F R E E XBox ONE X, G l V E A W A Y is now on our ChanneI!!!
This console better not be like the xbox one
Посылки С Алиекспресс
What Music? 0:10
Sharky 05
Sabyasachi Sadhu
Will Xbox One X support Virtual Reality (VR)???
JoyConBoyz 1
Poor girl she lives in a Xbox but atleast she gets free games
Franklin gta5 oline gta 5 online.
Lol 😎👈👌
gamescom is when the pre-ordering begins
Xbox SCORPIO Edition!!!!
Germany is Kawaii
#Save the Xbox 360 make 360 best console in world!
mizanur rahman
Xbox-the best console ever...I want xbox
Robert Bowser
If the rumor about the project Scorpio edition is true I will be at gamestop waiting all day to order
Seven Parrish
Windows 11 in a nutshell
Kenny the gamer Diaz
Xbox is a Great game console for the players
Arturo quispe
it's fantastic
It looks like a ps2
Blackmaster gaming
Three console ever!!!
Devan Toms
That is the dumbest name in the history of console names. I'm not getting it just because of the name 😂 lol
Azat Let's Play
Gha Hj
I love Xbox😃😃😃😃😃
watch dogs
First it was Xbox then Xbox 360 then Xbox one and Xbox one s now the most beautiful console in the world the Xbox one x 😎😎😎 what a beauty
Turtle Tape
Movie on xbox one x will be awesome but back in the days this was much more than a blue ray player with a nice controller with joysticks xD
90% of the people that are getting the Xbox One X probably don't even have a 4k TV. (90% may be overrated but you get the point.) Honestly 4k consoles are a couple years too soon. Once 4k TVs are more mainstream then these companies can let these devices loose.
Aiden Pearce
I want an Xbox soooo bad 😭😭😭
Braxton Perry
I have the Xbox one and this Xbox one x doesn't look different
Тамерлан Саидов
Он уже вышел?
Josh Josh
A 500GB HDD...yeah we saw how well that went with the XBOX One, right?
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