10 Times Rich People Took It Too Far

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top 10 everyday items only the richest can afford
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When we think of expensive versions of everyday foods, our brains may flash back to the time we ordered way too much fast food during a late night drive through run. But we’ll show you several of the most expensive types of food and drink, that are similar to the ones you consume every day. There’s the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup, with an ingredient list longer than its name. It’s said to be so good, it’ll cause monks to break their vows. Or, if you’re in the mood for breakfast, try the Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata. Don’t worry, it doesn’t actually cost a zillion dollars, but its price tag is in the four digit range. You can wash it down with a cup of absurdly expensive kopi luwak coffee, but you might enjoy it more before you learn how it’s made. If you’re more concerned with hydration, we’ll show you the most expensive bottle of water in the world, and of course it contains gold flakes. You may complain about never having a purse to match your outfit, but maybe the multi million dollar purse on our list will be the one for you. After all, diamonds go with everything. Or if you’d rather make a fashion statement than blend in, check out the ruby slippers made with actual red rubies. If at home luxuries are more your speed, wait until you see the incredible 18 faucet shower that’s controlled with a touch screen.
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