TOP 20 Most DANGEROUS and STRANGEST AIRPORTS in the WORLD! Most Amazing and Crosswind Landings!

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The most incredible and amazing airports in the world! The most challenging and crosswind landings! Part 1 
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The most dangerous airports in the world! A collection of the 25 most dangerous airports where accidents and crashes are frequent and the most incredible and strangest airports where planes will almost touch you while landing
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20 most amazing and strangest airports in the world! Incredible, extreme and crosswind landings and takeoffs! 

In this first part you will see a collection of the top 10 world's most amazing airports in the world, including:
- Gustaf III Airport, also known as St. Barthélemy Airport in the Caribbean
- Princess Juliana International Airport, also known as St. Maarten - Airport, located in the island of Saint Martin (the Dutch side of the island in the country of Sint Maarten)
- Tenzing-Hillary Airport, also known as Lukla Airport
- Gibraltar International Airport
- Courchevel Altiport in France
- Barra Airport in Scotland
- Alexandros Papadiamantis Airport, also known as Skiathos Airport
- Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport, also known as Saba Airport
- Madeira Airport in Portugal
- Santos Dumont Airport in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

and many more in the second part, including:
- Paro Airport
- Toncontín International Airport in Honduras
- Leipzig/Halle Airport in Germany
- Kai Tak Airport (closed in 1998) and the new Hong Kong International Airport
- Kansai International Airport in Japan
- Ice Runway in Antarctica

You will also see (in the third part) some of the most incredible airplanes (including Boeing 747, Boeing 777, Airbus A380 and Antonov An-225) from the most famous airlines (Emirates, Lufthansa, British Airways, United Airlines, Delta Airlines), touch and go, rejected landings, near miss, crosswind landings and take-offs, the most incredible airports in the world (New York, Atlanta, London, Dubai, Tokyo), unbelievable airbus A380 vertical take-off, Airbus A380 and Boeing 747 incredible crosswind landings and much more!

Some of the images and videos are used under CC license:
- Lukla: "Superikonoskop" from
- Sint Maarten: from "Delta9prod" youtube channel / "alljengi" from
- Gibraltar: "Ayala" from
- Courchevel: "Peter" from Robinett / "Piponwa" from
- Barra: "calflier001" from
- Skianthos: "Kullez" from / "ChristosV" from / "Son of Groucho" from
- Madeira: "Koshelyev" from / "Richard Bartz" from / "Manfred Kohrs" from
- Saba: "Pia L" from / Video: "Patrick Hawks" from
- Rio: "Steve" from



Rute Marina
a lorraine apareceu
lama_glama productions
Sint marten is saint maarten
That Nepal airport looks like the one from Far Cry 4 :)
Tatyana Gerasymenko
Невероятно!!! )))))))
Renske Witteveen
Naychel Bolanos
Naychel Bolanos
Eric Fowler
Need to add Dutch Harbor, Alaska
hehe, therefor i do trains ♥
Kylie jnnwr
Why am i watching this when i have a fear on going on a plane i havt been on one since i was 4-5
Emma Vega
Katie Preston
I've been to Gibraltar it's crazy 😂
Katie Preston
I've been to Gibraltar it's crazy 😂
Ayush Aryal
Madeira Airport is renamed as Cristiano Ronaldo Airport.
The second song is high kick motivation by Chan Chu Lin
Yooo i was on skiathos before brhu the engion jets are loud af
Luiz Fernando
What's the names of the songs starting at 0:14 and 3:30?
Awesome video, congratulations!
Thank you!
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Francis Hor
Risk taking is faith building memory
Marco Valencia
What is the Music you use because I like it.
Wenah Handsome
it's cool. I like it.
The one is in Madeira, i think 1 place in Europe.
00:46 Welcome to Kyrat lol
Basti K.
Lukla Airport, which reminds me strongly of Far Cry 4.
joe peloquin
Airport Airport
Lukla Airport of Nepal is built on crazy location
Epic Anslayer
5:47 he falls over once then trys to get closer again the twice then he had to experience the wraith of the airplane
naveed ahmad
Ray Boxing
4:16 Barra Airport (BRR)- Scotland

Noorhassan Ghunio
Sagar Bhatta
Any pilots here?
Redje RS
Hahahahhaahahahahhahahahah 5.47
Aviation Lover
i'll goo to sint maarten to touch those landing hears😍
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Tony Nelson
Thanks for the responce. but from 4:21 what album and or what song would like to get it. Maybe heading to St Maarten soon.
Row Let
I've been to st Barths!
Bobby sokkatua
You will never find me at these airports
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2:22 wow and all the video wow
Street Camera
woow perfect...
Meltem Yalın Uçar
Kai Tak???
Marivane Coppini
de p*****
Laura Brambilla
Courchevel j'y habite
Landed at Gibraltar last year and there was plenty of room to land. Such a nice place too recommend it !
Paulo Ricardo
Carajás airport, Amazônia, Brasil.
I would love to see Sint Maarten airport landings for real !
what about Bhutan airport ?
Nothing is True, Everthing is Permitted
The first one is my average landing in FSX..
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