Shud the Mermaid - SNL

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A marooned pilot (Mikey Day) is forced to marry one of three mermaids: Oceana (Cecily Strong), Aquaticana (Sasheer Zamata) or Shud (Kate McKinnon) and her best friend Kunk (Scarlett Johansson).

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ccool rocka
veronica Lydon
veronica Lydon
The Simpsons
alexander zink
That's enough internet for today
Priyank Jain
Love you kate
I lovee kunk :)
Hfilm Reviews
Scarlett pulled out her Adam Sandler impression
Hazel Grey
Other choir kids: Aaaaaaaaaaa
Aaron W.
Scarlet Johanson is still super fine
The Unjamitor
and I'm 100% shud
kim flanagan
I'm shud in my friend group.
Tomasina Covell
He was flying a Hellcat, not a Thunderbolt!
Andrew Sullivan
I wish SNL was still funny
Koby Stone
Edward Mynning
OMG! Is that Scarlett Johansson??
Nerd Person
Veronica Adamson
Scarjo is life
Shud returns..
When you realized Kunk is actually Scarlet Johansson.... What did they do to her
Sasheer Zamata is so pretty.
Riss Pace
Can we talk about Scarlett Johansson
Qiang Fu
in the last eposide, shud was 65% blobfish
Shark with freakin' Lazer bream
Who wouldn't want to hang out with Shud and kunk . Those two sure look like fun .
Kawwaii_collector_toy_slime Lily
I wish arianagrande was here
Annabelle Lecter
This would be me as a "mermaid".
Scarlett Johansson gets a bad rap sometimes but she really can be funny.
Good Lord even made up like that Scarlett Johansson is still hot.
Sabrina Duran
Love this
Savannah Johnson
4:17 Why do I feel like this is a cake shaped like a fish
Potato Goddess
I've noticed the mermaids are not looking at the man when they talk....

Di Beckett
I meant my
Di Beckett
Hey ny last name is Beckett!
MIchelle Sitton
Spit you know you like it
MIchelle Sitton
Eff the sunrise! Spit!
MIchelle Sitton
I'm down to clown! But don't ever do that again!
Valentina Cervantes
Matthew Fairchild
lmao omg
My favorite part is when they both start singing the Simpsons theme song!!!!
Rose thorn
Kate that almost nip slip tho!
Jeremy Jeffery Faith
Am I the only one who really likes Miley Day?
matt keltos
no shud is 35% woman 65% blobfish
Who plays Shud? Looks so familiar, but can't put my finger on it lol
N Debs
My God Cecily is gorgeous!!
Logan Cope
Kate is always the butt of the joke
Ethan Winograd
Johnny Kiener
i can never unsee kate as this creature
BANA Nawal
But if she's eating a sea bass, doesn't that make Shud a cannibal??
lol. All watching???
Greta M.
Wait, they don't have vaginas, right?
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