Tobey Marsal
U look like nickcrompton
Oh yes Speqtor is great
Brotherhood Knight
I'm fapping
Jabba Hatt
His face when he watched video where he was fucking himself XD
Dragon Tamer
Is it just me or is this making me Autistic? Yea that isn't funny
Emperor Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus
Being Pewdiepie's dog must be so fucking stressful just because of the screaming.
Jackson Hill
4:52 PewDiePie got da need fo sped
Hannah A
This is AMAZING! Just be you Felix.
Nanya Business
2:59 with English subtitles
G Kane
Ever since he dyed his hair, Felix has been rather naughty...
Leigha Gippo
MR. Piano
Sub me
Fox Law
Holy fucked I choked on my food with Take me on
- FotisKiz
What is that movie , the scary one?
Игорь Журкин
Boi be lookin Malfoy AS FUCC
Some sort of dinosaur mating call
Bru Luz
meu deus que parecido com o Felipe Neto
cooltimgamer hernandez
Pewdie porn so fucking dumb
Michael Bouchie
this intro kills me everytime. HOWSITGOINGBROS
The Flash is the best show evaaa
Pedro Albuca
what is the name of the scary movie?
Ryan Bates
Can't wait to see the new Pewdie Park movie.
Brendan Hoover
Comparing this to the more recent challenge videos, it seems like Felix and the fans where just a lot more into it here than they are now. My heart goes out to you pewds, Late 2016 early 2017 was a real golden age for you. I know you will find your muse again, stay awesome bros
Anthony Gutierrez
Pewdiepark and the second one were really good
Pratch Chaiyawat
1:34 What song is it?
Sativa Fritch
"I'd be happy if I was in a box". lol are you ok bro?
Fluffmeow 1
I wanna see Pewdie Park on cinema!!
Stefan Mitrovic
Shinichi Kudo
I loved the "Ma name is Jeff" Song so much XD!
I got it on my mobile now XD
you tuber lover
I am not late ,!
Samuel Courtney
Why is is pewdieporn when it's not porn?
Yang Xiao Long
im not the only one who thought that said "porn" right?
Daniel Hyrczyk
love pewdie park! lmao😂
Zachary Matriano
What movie is the dont open the door meme from?
GamersAstray Hayden
What movie is he talking about
Reaper CLAN
What season was that of flash?
Gonzo Gaming
No beard or full beard. This middlebeard aint choice
Mlg QuickScopes
Can anyone tell me movie name at 6:34
Jade Perkins
which one of his videos did him doing the things in the edits come from
Caiden Merritt
that kid ate shit wtf
Shim Shams
I can dance better than you, Felix
fuck off
VaryTea 398
And you say Rick and Morty fans are the worst
Benjamin Tsimialona
6:38 what movie is this?
Kys I am a fraud man
I got an emoji movie ad
The Ultimate Gaming Freak
what is the movie at 6:30 if it is really scary I want to see it.
The Gaming Banana
i'm crying oh my fucking god
Łit Łosers
6:36 best part ten out of ten
Timpin D.
I stopped my porn for this

But I didn't stop my fapping :3
Kolumbus Deroil
This wave of censorship is really making me start to dislike religious people. They ruin everything. Think it's about time for society to ditch the childish crap.
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