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Really love how creative you guys were with this! +2 Respekt
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Ian McDonald
0:44 kick, lol, the best one
Wun Miwion Trupes
Did anyone notice speeds game bruise at 12.51
sister fister
Brennan Ramirez
your so spoild and you act like a kid and sssniperewolf is so better then you you need to stop being mean. to other people on Youtube because you are so spoiled like a kid
Got a #lubelife ad before this vid.
jenna stith
welcome my sisters"
Faith Calfee
cloud with Logan Paul
Nickolas Thrash
oh no thats terable watches it 3 more times
Nico Wohl
NICE TITLE CHANGE M8 tryna dodge the algorithm
Pennywise The Dancing clown
Why does Felix look like Justin bieber from far? (I think I spell he's last name wrong lmao)
Katigi Greaves
0:57 omae wa mo shinderu
phoenix dirk
This might be my favorite Pewds vid
I've read "pewdieporn"...
Fuinha Gamer
I read the title as Pewdieporn and clicked instantly...

Yeah, I need serious help
Ammar Prelić
What is name of thst horror movie?
TheBlueGamingChallenge Hanafi
tit ti tot
Sans the Skeleton
Am i the only one that read "reacting to pewdieporn"?
toychica _rocks
Endigo reacted to pewds reaction to my name is Jeff
GR 10
Leave Edgar alone
Canal Crazy
Pensei que era o Felipe Neto na Thumb kkkkkkk
Lost Gaming
ahahahahahhahaa lmao pewdiepie just laguhted hahaah 9:23
Laced With Poison
"I'm gonna eat your ass boi"
Boi bad
effing hilarious
fluff kitten
Felix our love is one sided and I know you love that she male but I don't care I will dream every night that you and me are playing video games and making jokes but as a said before that is a dream all I want is to be your bff ╥﹏╥
Ka G
So what's the movie name at 6:50?
Pure Steve
My channel is 💍🎁
Snow Black
The disco one should be your intro.
Payne Empire
Payne Empire
tell me why in spector vs pewdiepie, pewds looks like lil peep
Itz Exility
I fucking died at the porn
Anonymous 666666
Pewdiepark got me.
Jenny. Viannn
The Jurassic park got me
Keaton Icenbice
👏 Meme review 👏 Meme review👏
Noah Geneau
the flash one lol
Mister Sacca
This is my first time seeing this mindless drivel how on Earth are 58 million people watching this shit!?!? This reminds me of the those tv shows on the movie idiocarcy ! We are fucked for sure. It's the end of civilization as we now it
fizzerlepi YT
whats the movie called? dont open the door thing
do you think god stays in heaven because he lives in fear of what he's created
kawaii poop
OML pewdiepie without beard is danTDM!!!!!!!
Sayor Fun
RenRen Mochi
Trying not to avoid cheating?
Puggy Pugz
0:00 if we was just in his boxers that would be super freaking funny
Who else thinks 3:56 - 4:14 should be his new outro?😂
Crafty !
YEAAAAAAAA THE FLASH (poodz is reverse flash???)
3:56 dank shit
Now Give Me Your Fries
The Jurrasic Park one was the best
Adolf Hitler
Do you remember PewDiePie from subway
Mukul Shende
6:50 what movie
Endigo f*ck yes
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