Her voice deeper then a dudes wtf
she cute as hell
Tadhg Farrell
She didn't look or sound 13 she was like 15
"When your too tired to go school"
Andrew Gaston
ive done this before lmao
Aimee Sha
LOL This is so funny if you think about it
SHE'S DEAD!!!!!!!!!!
i saw this on instagram lmao
Madiha Faraz
Aqua Wave #Naj
lol that's me when I wake up for school
Hunter Brunelle
you would think she would smash the window on the other side. she could of died and she thought it was ok to record it for views and popularity. She wouldn't be laughing if she was dead.
What if she was actually dead lmao
Hans Bryne
goodluck in college,girl.
Yellopenpen :3
when you don't want to go to school
swim doge
use a taser
the black version of this:
mom:Savannah.Savannah. I ain't gone call yo ass one more time!!!
mom:huh my ass open then damn door I know yo ass heard me
Nvm she has the keys
Hmmm.... how bout u open the CAR DOOR
Uni Corn
u sure she is a slerp
paul tak
Her voice....yeeech
Siledzija SaΕ‘on ;_;
I would break the window
Stargamerx YT
That is obviously fake because who woke up so fast.πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
looks like she does drugs
Proxytale 101
boi. when i was 1,my mom put me in the car and left her kets in there while putting away her cart. when she came back, i locked the door and locked her out.
Stupid white trash could have called locksmith instead of police. Cheapos
why do all the girls in Utah gotta be 12-14 and be looking 20...
Ss Mm
Dominic Ross
Quick, call the police! My daughter is taking a nap!
poKebAllz [-_-]
Probably fake...
Ya'Land Carpenter
She shuod be smakπŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™‚οΈπŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
Savannah Forever06
And my name is Savannah!
My names Savannah :)
Miley Ohman
Sydney Montano
Who else clicked on the video because they thought
someone died??
Aniya Rankin
patient wolf perfect tame
i think she took cocaine
Thebestofall Yup
Kristal Marie Rice
My mom would've beat my ass for sleeping that damn hard for 30 minsπŸ’€
0:33 mom has keys in hands guy talking about keys in car Lel
I'd be asking my kid to take a drug test if he or she were that difficult to awaken.
Jacob Tuatagaloa
She was guarante faking that shiii
Black Neko
They should have slapped her. that'd wake her up. probably. maybe it'll even prove it was fake!
Kitten Lover 2004
yo if she dosen't wake up shes probably dead.
Leo Lin
Welp, she is a "car" sleeping beauty
This doesn't make sense doesn't make sense this can't be real
*Ugh I'm so unlucky even a small creek can wake me up like literally that girl is very lucky and that's why I always have a dark circle under my eyes *
Inspiring Reptile
When i was like 7 i did this, didnt wake up for school but i was awake the whole time. My mom called my dad, aunt, yelled at me, shook me..nothing. got in trouble but still worth it.
Meri Halme
I kind of get it I get to sleep easily and then I don't wake up easily. When my little sister was born a helicopter landed 15 meters away from me and I didn't wake up:'DD
Sinner Clique
Who tf sleeps that hard!?
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