Leann Escobedo
Hella lit crashed out likeπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Lloyd Lockett
This should be fake
Lil'C gaming channel
Ok this is what I don't get ok now if the 13 year old has a phone shouldn't the mom call her
HD Bro
Hmm I'll diagnosis this case

Underage drinking...
Dajah Warfield
Me after finals
Enthusedvirus 08
She knew that they were there
Giraffe Lover Channel
Wow Savannah I thought SHE DIED XD
This is fake.
Michael Macias
carlos olmedo
carlos olmedo
Dang total ag
PA Lay
wiseman 1965
If she has a hearing impairment that's why she didn't hear the shouting.. They should have rocked the car instead.. Anyway Savanna doesn't care.. You rock Savanna.. 😎
Baby Goat
How did she turn on the horn without the keys?
Keny The Unicorn
When u spent the night in the weird side of youtube and yo mom refused to get u Starbucks.
Jesse Fabian
How I feel after school
Marcus Villalobos
She might have hypersleep
Analie Gutierrez
Lol me
Katie Lake
Why would you film it? It's the perfect time, so it's probably fake
I’d pipe 😏😏
Jaden Zdynasty74
Soon as I hear a knock i freak the f out
She sleeps pretty hard
Camilla Chaj
Ohhhh at the house she know she gonna get a spanking.....πŸ˜‚
This is REAL news
Kroniik Sloth
She sounded brain dead
YouTube watcher
I’m a light sleeper i would wake instantly
Sofia Ramos
maybe she is in a coma
Alejandro Villalobos
When mom says "lets go to GOODWILL"
EnderGamer Girl
Ummm phone, maybe?
Sebastian Vargas
Blitzen The wolf
My spirit animal
Ken Wilson
danny li
Thats not as bad as parents locking their kids in a hot car or the parents passed out from drugs or being drunk
This would be a waste of my time too.
Kacey Sabrina
My god what a poor role mother it's absolutely disgusting imagine a baby πŸ‘Ά trap in that car
Life being a Teenager
Be careful
The Random_Randomness 27
Maybe its just a coma you spastics
Saphie Da one eyed cat
She ded
Zane 32521
Felt like she has fainted
Unknown Minecraft Gamer
Savanna is hot!
Happy Meme
well this is why u don’t leave kids in the car unless their 15 or with adult
man god
flo Starr
Where's the prince she needs a kiss!!!
Nikki Thomas
When you don’t wanna go to school
Clorox Bleach
How many xanaxs you took savannah
Hansen Family
haha she is like me
Macario 438
Why is it a big deal for americans to tell if someone looks like their age or not.
Macario 438
Why is it a big deal f
Sheepiggie Squad!!!!
Savanna a na nah we took me back to you stay blah blah blah blah blah
Just realized that she could have been dead
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