Mandy Raymond
Jaylyn Griffin
She was tired don't her don't wake her up tf
Rob G Man
Sadie Morel
He might be in one of those deep sleep if you know what I'm saying or she's dead or something which I hope she's not I wish her the goodest luck I could ever wish upon someone
Jay Plays
30 second unskippable ad for a 1:35 video wtf
Daja Hervey
But wtf was wrong with her though
fluffy duff
The tapping Is satisfying
She died.
Sillyliberals Paychecksrforworkers
And you didn't break the back window or call within the 1st 4 min because...?
JayZee Warriors
My friend does that often
Madi Sedgley
I thought it was just her mom who were the other people
Girl Sans
Shes probably in a coma
Sneaker Head
She dead
Preston Nichols
She fine af
Johny Bravo
Already a dumb... Duhhh!
WTF is wrong with her?
Landon Tzeo vlogs
She was faking it
mimi kwisha
She might be doing drugs behind your back mom.
oh .my. glob just open up the car
Mr. Hammers
Ouch.... sounds like she was deprived of oxygen supply for a while
John Burger
Just break a freaking window
La Chieuse
I think she was having a nice dream and that she didn't wante to wake up
Kimsea Chea
I don't blame her. When your mom tell you that it's gonna take a minute getting groceries, it ain't gonna be a minute. So take a long nap.
Jason Smith
Fake as hell
Jason Smith
Is this really news worthy
Salim Mohamed
I think she's sick
Gisela Maman
The mom is a dumbass she passed out cause there was no air lord over reacting much
Kendra Morris
My favorite part 1:35
Spiritual Food
come to think about it she was probably high off he mind ...
Spiritual Food
I think 5 min I would removed the door.
Spiritual Food
wow should probably get tht checked
Anaya Mccall
Never mind
Anaya Mccall
Did she die??
Lily chubs
Only at walmart i swear 😂
Gabriel Waggoner
Publicity stunt? Lol
Carallena Anderson
She ain't have a phone she could call to wake her up? This seems staged. They were loud as hell
Only White People
This is literally me
sallymally121212&maemae227 flings
same name :/
Jake Nothanks
Sister Vs Brother the pranks are on
This happend to me a month ago :| ;-;
Alejandra Torres
Arturo Aguila
That's why I always have a 2nd set of my keys
Beauty Secret
that was so fake
She says she is dying HER KID MIGHT OF DIED
Kim Crimson Lips sounds like she's saying
So-vee-ah-na not Savannah
she was probably faking like me lmao
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