Macron SLAMS Trump and tells him "Make Our Planet Great Again"

MacronSLAMSTrumpforWITHDRAWALofParis Climate AccordAgreement6/1/2017IT'SNONnegotiable

french president Macron slams president Trump for withdrawal  from the  Paris Climate Accord Agreement  its not renegotiable  macron also  tells trump make our planet great again

Erik G
France has increased its imports of coal from the United States to keep their electricity on so their refrigerators, etc keep running.
John Stern
Off-topic..If I was god, which he isn't..and I'm not religious, I would say, "Do not worship me, do not bow to me, be truly independent".
John Stern
My jokes aside, If this was a movie, he's the anti villain.

Good means to an evil intention.
FUCK TRUMP!!!!!!! France kicked his ass like the sorry ugly idiot traitor dog that Trump is!
macron you are mentaly ill. get rid of your islam problem .before you preach to us ... ay cunt
this man is mentaly ill and full of globalization shit ,working for domination and controll over thde free common people
Steven Smith
I know next to nothing about this man but he seems like a suitable leader for France. I hope Donald Trump listens to his message but I know he wont. Greed and self gain are what get Trump outta bed in the morning and nothing else. anyways climate change is real people! If we don't act now future generations will be the ones paying the price for our ignorance and that's wrong
A true leader defending the planet. Trump is a selfish bastard who only wants more money at any cost.
the paris accord is a gigantic SCAM. and humans are NOT causing global weather ... any more than we can change the seasons of the year. the earth warms and cools naturally - five major ice ages and counting. CO2 varies between 150ppm-900ppm over the past 4.5 billion years, and reached 7000ppm during the cambrian period. it is currently 400ppm. the professor, Roger Revelle, who wrote the paper the CO2 myth is based on, in 1956, later concluded in 1991, HUMANS ARE NOT CAUSING GLOBAL WARMING. his student at yale, al gore, took one science subject - first year chemistry - which he failed with a D grade, read a page on CO2 and immediately thought he was a climate scientist. he wrote a book and started a campaign, backed by left wing buddies, which got him a career in politics and over a hundred million dollars. once there, he opened the government purse-strings for those who backed him, and defunded/sacked those who didn't. The SUN causes global temperature changes. Solar winds affect the percentage of cloud cover, and hence the amount of radiant heat reaching earth vs that reflected. CO2 does change with temperature change - but, LAGS it by 700 years. This is because the biggest carbon sink is the ocean. The solubility of the gas is inversely proportional to liquid temperature. Cool liquids absorb more CO2 than warm ones. Try it with a soft drink or beer. Don't fall for the HOAX. it's a trap. President Trump was right. Macron is an idiot, destroying his own country and culture in every way possible. it is time to wise up and stop the hoax.
Ofcourse he isn't happy....he didn't get our billions of dollars....good for Trump...who knows where that money really would have gone You can't trust people like Macron and Merkel people.
Lars Larsson
Climate change are a gigantic HOAX and so are President Macron!
xveiar //
but his country just turned into the middle East lmao shut the hell up he doesnt even care about his country .
Kay Kay
this all coming from a faggot rothschild banker. starting to despise rich white men who think they know everything
Yoga Fire
USA = terrorist assholes who genocid the real americans peoples !!!! Nothing form USA is good............
All the EU is angry over is the loss of their access to billions of US tax dollars. Climate change stopped being about climate years ago. It's 100% about broke on their a___ Western government figuring out how to extort more money from taxpayers.
Carlton Banks
Macaroni WTF do you know you are fucking your AUNT!!
Please someone kill Trump, otherwise i'll do it.
Benjamin Lineberger
America has reduced it's carbon footprint by 18% in 14 years. we lead by example, not words of agreements. we lead by action.. what else has the rest of the nation's in the Accord do?
Maya Legrand
Macron is not going to make the planet great again. He is a dangerous man and the French start to worry about him. He also has an empty look that is quite unsettling.
Why doesn't self-proclaimed Roman God Macron just fix the weather himself, what with his supposed God powers?
Pissing off a French I know Trump did the right thing!
john harris
The earth climate has always changed for millions of years before we were here. We're between periods of glacial advance right now, a brief(in geological terms) warming spell. It's not anthropogenic. CO2 is a plant food, used in greenhouses. Most people are stupid, and believe all the alarmist crap from the media and politicians, and do no research for themselves.
The founder of Scientology was right, if you want to make plenty of money start a religion
Andrew Smith
Good speech, but Macron looks like a puppet, no offense. If the deal is not renegotiable, it's already fishy. You claim you want to save the planet, but it has to be done your way or the highway. Not talking about how the wind turbines kill many birds every day and the solar panels are made of polluting materials. If we really want to save our planet, we have to come up with something that truly works, which unfortunately, still hasn't really come.
nina e
Macron est un ecolo il recycle meme saFemme. Trump a eu raison de refuser se traité hypocrite qui ne resolve en fin de compte rien et couterait tres cher aux US et laisse les plus gros pollueur co la chine e linde avec un laisser passer en pollution illimite pendant 13 ans
nina e
Climate change = real problem/ paris agreement= hypocritical scam .
Trump the gift that keeps on giving. He just cracks me up all the time. You couldn't find anyone dumber. God bless America.
Four bankruptcies down and one to go America/World. There is a reason why you don't back bankrupts. Their judgement has already been tested and found wanting.

The Chinese view the USA from the perspective of a continuous civilization going back 4,000 yrs with the USA's goes back a mere 250 yrs, hardly enough time to form an opinion.

Me, the USA reminds me of a child playing with dynamite, at some stage there is going to be a loud bang. Simply a matter of time
macron is a good dictator
Mireya Archila
this speech is a joke!
LillyAnne T
Jonathan: eat shit.
Bob Anonymous
I like this guy. He sees through Trump's bullshit and he calls him on it. Of course being rich white trash, Trump will never be swayed.
Naiya Cominos
Most Americans AGREE with you, dude. Trump doesn't represent most of us.
Bud Green
FUCK! this globalist weasel and FUCK!!! al you liberal chicken shit FUCKS!!! TRUMP 2020!!!!! putas!!!!! Latinos for TRUMP!
To president Macron. I say thank you. And know that we here who do believe in what the agreement really stands for. Are doing in our own individual ways are working to make sure that we each do our part to help save the world. I drive a Toyota Prius so to burn half as much gas. I donate to WWF and try to help Covenant World Relief. When I can I walk and help plant trees. I invest in green industries and green energy's.
I'm not sure if you are a religious man, but I hope you take the words of the 23rd psalm to heart, and this from John Shanons "The Shack". "Now you know Gods Heart. He doesn't stop a lot of things that cause him unbelievable pain. For as long as their exist another will in this Universe that can choose not to follow him. Evil will find a way in."
I'm not saying that Trump is pure evil, but he is subsequently lost.
Just remember. For every kind act and good deed you do. The entire Universe changes for the better.
Please encouraging people to resists problems like this and never stop caring about our beautiful planet.
Watch the Video entitled "The Pale Blue Dot" by Carl sagan. And read/watch "The Shack".
I encourage you and those who read this. Try, try in your own unique way to make this broken world a better place. And know that in order for things to change for the better. Change needs to first start with each of us. Never give up the noble fight.
This is what a real president looks like.
Son Gaea
You thought you could get away with your little stunt at the nato summit. Oops, now you and theGermans gottta pay your own way for once. U.S.A. Does not carry little leftist globalist trolls anymore. Now enjoy your terror attacks and lies about Islam. Dear Muslims, convert, repent, or be damned.
John W
I live in Philadelphia, and our mayor has vowed to honor the Paris Climate Accord Agreement, alongside dozens of other mayors and governors across the country. Please understand that Trump does not represent us. The only people who voted for him are the illiterate gap-toothed banjo-playing hillbillies in the south. The rest of us are extremely humiliated and disgusted by him.
Gjemajli Jam
Gjemajli Jam
let miiiii ciiii blablablablablableeee la gros put de ta mere le president de la put la france de soros est ta bank a la put tais q'une une tres gros put toi est tais supoters
I would have to have him as a represantativ of the country
He's just launched a website with a form to apply to come to France. Check
Breaking News: French President Emmanuel Macron Kidnapped by American Rebels. They declared "We want him as our president".
Harlem Strong
This French idiot looks like a little chihuahua barking at a pitbull. President Trump is the man. Hes making them pay for NATO and pulled out of this climate bullshit money redistribution scheme, like a BOSS in their FACE
michael barnett
The US should implement a visa system for France, for the reason that it is no longer a modern European country, it is an Islamic state.
Will's Connections
Subscribe subscribe subscribe woohooo
Scholae伟大的 汉文帝
Meanwhile, with the speech, Europe also contributes increase in emission lol bullshit like Paris agreement is nothing compared to true practice of green energy. Why bother wasting times with unexplained and unclear clauses, making smiles and "great" speech in front of camera just to have a good rating and acting like icon while it is completely farce facade. This is just another example of Make Camera Speech Great Again from Macron.....
Jason Aaron
This is a low blow by Macron and other EU leaders - trying to win easy, uninformed, biased support. First sort out your own back yard as we all see how well your running your own countries!
Welfare Parasites !
Just die Macron, we hate your guts you globalist queer !
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