Brighton Beach 'Critters' Swarm For Meat After Feasting on Teen's Leg


Courtesy: Jarrod Kanizay

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Беатриса Мацак
Ёбаный в рот
Júlio Vitor
Deveria ser proibido entra nessa praia. Já pensou se o garoto tivesse entrado com o corpo todo.
Evgen Cheb
This waterfowl has the Latin name "Gammarus roeselii", also known as gammarus, barmish, gorbanets, crustacean, slezak.
He probably hadnt showered for a while and his feet smelled, hence the sea fleas thinking it was a dead carcass
TrueBlue 247
And tomorrow I'm going to the beach...... Yay.....
Erueti Foster
Eewww I'm not going there to swim.
abud sampi
Aden Ting
So many things in Australia r out to kill u these days
Roast Chicken
Sand Fleas
Cat Person
Wattafak is that!!!
Kookie's Dough
O.O What are those?! Anyways they maybe prehistoric sea creatures that had no records that's why they are new to us. Or they may be man made . What if they were mutants from all the trash we threw in the sea and chemicals then this shit was born.
Queen Of Pain
Is this from the flesh of dead?
Vinyl Villareal
thats fish
Anh Tran
Australia mates. It happens everyday. Nothing to be surprised.

Basically him (the one who recorded this video) went to a beach with his son. Somehow his son got bites by those fleas. And the wound wont stop bleeding...
Kenn Senjun 狐狸精
Mom I swear I'll stop watching YouTube videos for a while.
There was a teen in australia which got bitten by 'mysterious" insects.. these are the insects
Andieka Almas
naya agustin
Herry Iskandar
wow amazing fast creature .. they got some high quality

PandyGaming Plays
too many queens
Disgusting, I've gone to the beach several times and I'm glad this has never happened to me. Can somebody tell me where this is so I can never go to?
Nishant Sahay
Beast P
would you still eat her for 1 mill if?
Childhood Obesity
Just another Fucking reason to not go to Australia smh
Pearce Theodore
This incident happened down the road from my house
Damn they've got to be painful
wha. iel
I'm eatig ice cream while watching this.
Rubi Kerger
Ok then. I'm going to Elwood beach instead....
ihsan fikri
Thats cirolana harfordi,, its bites me once when me in mala-mala island,,
Siyoung Kim
Ok yeah um ok it.. yeah ok Im itching everything
Zefram Cochrane
Hah, and my GF wants me to go with her from Canada back to Australia. Fuck melting I'd probably be killed by a cute little Australian death critter.
Marty Osborne
That's a good thing I Don't Live near the ocean's I don't know how it feels like people sorry it must be painful for you!
Subjective Object
What if ants became these
Tristan Meier
This is the dumbest click bate ever
Im So Dun
Am i the only one who thinks the 'Critters' are kinda cute?? lol
Dillo Jee
Put some of these into trumps swimming pool
Team man person
Ι live in Australia and this makes me so uncomfortable
Thanks for making me never want to go near a beach again
Tom D
Big deal sand fleas not dangerous at all
It's BeeRay
"Go to Brighton beach", they said. "It'll be fun", they said.
Gravity Angel
Nerdy Nummies
People this fking stupid? Pretty much everything in the ocean will go for red meat!!! This is why Trump won!
This is why I'm afraid of pool/oceans
You could have let this run for ten minutes, monetized it and made some money lol.
Dzerko Zakazakaarcher
Every thing in Australia wants to kill you👌👍🏻😂
jokan rulex
Schön 👍
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