Funniest Moments On The Bench, You Surely Missed ● Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Seria A ●

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SONGS : 1) Tobu & Marcus Mouya - Running Away 2) Syn Cole - Feel Good
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Honza Vanerek
čus Ronaldo tady Honza
N.Y.C Night
0:04 alonso: Tanke..
0:05 Müller: kein Problem..
antonio stef
like for the bonnus :D
saintereso artefactebi mari shioshvili
bolos magrad gagijda
Jesus Tadeo Pineda
whats that first song called?
Anu Fagbemi
that guy eating the pie is a legend
Dian Batubara
Zoli Zoli
bonus video WTF
Max Chamberlain
I don't think anybody missed the Wayne Shaw incident!!
Monkey .D
sorry i didnt find it funny tho .... MY sense of humor is shit -
Real Madrid
5:13 if some one gets so excited to take a photo with who ever the player was.just imagine what people would get to take a photo with ronaldo or messi.
Bruh Flawless
What's going on from 1:55 - 2:41
Sports master 18
Marco Viglianisi
Serie A*
Hamza Saheed
How is the 3rd one funny when the goal keeper is eating what is funny about that thats peak.
delete last moment
Daniel Zabo
Haitam chouiekh
0:07 this confirms my theory. Playing too much football makes you so physically sensitive if someone pokes you on the shoulder, your eye pops out.
Goran Kurolini
Ömer Benli
Melih Yaşa
Süper yaa
Demna Games
Vin uyurebs qartveli damenaxet
the bonus was georgia's team, its said their football team is the worst. i am from georgia though :/
TheDave CM
The Balotelli one is the best by far
the bonus part xDDDD
abhijai singh
love you rooney
0:11 when u hit ur little bro and
you say don't say to mom pls :D
Angel Kara
Jeff Ry
bonusad chagvsves :d
qaetveli xar? Are u geogian? :D
Olle ツ
Yeah surely missed. These are surely not on like every football troll page out there.
Ola _ Odeh
Zlatan 😍😍😍
nice nice
Killa M
father : do u have a girlfriend son?
son : no
father : 0:49
Adib Mansor
and the guy on 0:41 was watering his seeds
ne regarde pas ma photo
ne regarde pas ma photo
Alladeen Madafaker
What the fuck donati?
Mageru Leonard
Gamers J567
0:43 things that girls wont understand 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣
Shreedhar Solanki
what the fuck is that girl doing in the end ...
Troll theking was that pee haha
Pro gamer
My dad didn't believe me to get 100 subs in 1 week please sunscribe to my channel to proof him wrong
Nancy Singer
ich musste voll lachen als ronaldo denn Mann aufs Bein geschlagen hat xD
sub to my channel please!
Tazinoor Akter
I didn't get the Arsen Wenger, Wilshere part and the next one...
Actually from 2:57 to 3:04, the whole part was completely bullshit to understand.
Felipe Sales
2:47 kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Nadim Kabir
Am I the only one that didn't find the Depay one funny?
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