Hayden Byrne vlogs
Are you the kazoo kid
You should do some more videos together
Wolfgurl Heidi
Mark's floof is adorable
TheMagic Wii-Zard XD

sample text
The Ultimate Noobz
Ally Wratten
The dog is so cute hard to resist
Diana Lupu
Dose mark have a crus on jack?
nur amyliana nizam
mark jack and pews are best video ever seen this is awesome i will like and subcribe for them becouss they are awesome video XD
Directioner forever
Who’s more likely to have sex first?
Funny bunny
pewdiepie picks himself pewds: WHAT T FUKC
Directioner forever
I was in Primary 4 and someone made a rumour that I asked another girl out -_-
Directioner forever
You guys together remind me of ppl in my class.
SΓ©an = Alistair
Felix = Jude
Mark = Aaron
Video Game Crew
Pewdiepie kissed LoganPaul
Haden Rogers
Parents walk in when their doing the nip thing
Petra Huysmans
can you make another video VR
tEmME flAcKZ
1:18 jack x mark right there XD
Jocelyn Johnson
4:07 Jack looks like look at me now.
Fire-Freak _
Lol πŸ˜†
Josh Parise
Mark your fat
Radu Septyceye
Jack is the Best!
Mod the Artist
felix: why do i feel like... youre gonna fuck me nervous laughter
me: and all the fanfic writers went crazy that day
Katie Davis
I love how mark laughs it’s so cute
September_ Sheep
Harley Simpkins
1:23 fan girls reaction to Jack choosing Mark
Biggie Cheese
You do know jack admitted he watches DAT PORN
Cassidy Shaw
Markaplier looks so bord
_Meow Stic_
Very very gay
Secret Cop
What the fuck are you doing in the background edgar?
Mia The ware wolf

Jack: who is more likely to run into a burning building to save someone

Pewds: Im not going to do that

Mark: you wouldn't do that?

Pewds: no fuck that πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
gautam pallakki
2:47 lmaooo
Carrie Brooks
Mark is the gayest
Big bob
Mark that Irish bastard is a good πŸ‘¦
Hugo68814 Of YouTube
I love ninja Edgar
You guys should make another one of these XD
Kenny the Spaz
anyone else see edgar at 4:08
Kong Da Savage
PewDiepies real name is Felix?
Gurmeet Singh
Mark quitted his youtube channel when his best friend was murdered then he became Dark and Jack became Anti
Celestthephoenixninja Phoenixrandomfandomz
did anyone esle see edgar ( 4:08 left corner) floop?
Jann liu
lmao 4:09 wtf was your pug doing πŸ˜‚
Lilly Morsh
why at 0:47 mark has his felix sing on his crotch????
Larissa Cannady
Thats how you know the ship is real! The part with the naked one, Jack picked Mark..... No hate...?
Briana McLafferty
3 straight me doing some pretty gay things seems legit
Tangle Star
Ph shizz
Thats why jacks so happy he watchs the most porn
Adam Aguinaldo
who is smarter
extreme eddsworld fangirl
Wtf happened at the end
yee games
10 minutes 1 second
Galvanized Gaming
Who is more likely to lose thier channel first
lucas stage
nobody should make fun of you jacky
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