joe reece
Luke is the new yoda Ryu Solo vs Ben Solo part 2
Wolf _14

Phasma Back

( ●–● )
/>🥛 Milk
Danya-Leigh Gibson
Kylo ren 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Šárka Lakomá
I think that my Ben solo doesn´t kill his mother and that he turn against the dark side of the back. and that rey going on dark side. I think that it was sod or how is his name , what he saw about Ben saw about ray. I think that sod uses Ben to get Ray and I think that sod manipulated with Ben because he want rey ultimanted bound power. ray goin to be evil and Ben change to the god. because it is Ben who is last jedi. according to derictors Ray is something else, she´s not a jedi she´s something new. it is Ben who is last jedi who evil manipulated to the dark side. What I hope is that my Ben Solo/Kylo Ren doesn´t kill his mother and that my Ben turn to the good angaine. next epizod 9 should be that good Ben Solo vs evil Ray
The twist will be that Rey will die in this movie. Episode 9 will be Luke vs Snoke.
barbaric pranks
1st question-or kylo will join the light
spareid 112
I think that kylo ren is going to the light side
logan kerr
Skywalker will die, just wait&see
Axel Villanueva
They are not talking about kylo when they say he saw that raw unmesurable power I believe he is actually talking about palpatine, that would also explain his scream when rey ignites her lightsaber
Andy Harkins
we are the spark that will burn them down...awesome...that little scratch on Kylos cheek doesn't really add up to getting your arms and legs chopped off.just saying...
Abe Ndiaye
Kylo Ren might kill his mom. Rey might join the dark side. Then Finn might become Luke's new trainee. Then Master Skywalker and Jedi Knight Finn will have to face Rey, Kylo, and Snoke in Episode IX. That will make for some good drama. Especially since Finn has a crush on Rey.
Michael Vega
Rey and Kylo were part of the Jedi whom were being trained by Luke. Kylo being seduced by Snoke and the knights of Ren, betrayed Luke. To protect Rey because she was such a powerful Jedi, had her mind wiped. Dropped off in Tatooine by her parents! Just like Leah and Luke separated at birth!! How about that!!
Tyrannos, The Vengeful Rex
Leia will almost definitely die.
So nothing was missed by anyone because these were incredibly obvious and not missable?
Wait didn't Ray kill Kylo in The Force Awakens?
Mathis Mertens
undergo host desperate pastor usual biological ice state.
Kylo may turn good
Jaden McKinney
I Thought Kylo and Finn died
Derek Mitchem
Just noticed that the scene where Kylo Ren stretches out his hand, he doesn't have the synthetic implants on his face, so what is protrayed in the trailer may not actually be.
Zion Goodman
Vary foundation contrast priest holiday comprehensive answer fish minister.
The Bandit
ohoho i sure gonna watch this
Rudy Torrez
If rey and kylo switch sides that would be awesome
Diogenis Sk
We missed all of this... because we are blind...... seriously... WTF
i missed good actors
do u guys have a new voice actor?
i like the woman more
Jagad Putra
What if kylo join the light side
Jocelyn Mikolayenko
I c
omer baruch
Jeffrey Elya
Theories are, for the most part, floating words, but I've got one that may ring true to what I've seen based off the latest Star Wars trailer.
What if?? What if Ben Solo and Rey are actually siblings?? We've already established that Han Solo and Leia are his parents, but what if the two leads are actually brother and sister? This idea supports the fact that nobody was going to come back to get Rey because if the siblings were to, in fact come back together, something drastic would happen. That and there's absolutely no mention of Ben having a sibling, so again, if they are related, could it be that Luke's actions to separating the kids was actually a good thing? This again goes back to the sibling reveal of Luke and Leia in Return of the Jedi.
Chewbacca eats the porg.
Brandon Bennetzen
Alexander de Chazal
It’s obvious Fynn is a spy
john lawson
i think the whole movie is gonna be good but end up dissapointing fans by not being real,by that i think the whole movie is just one vision by rey.
Luke and Rey are brothers
Marcus Moreno
Maybe Kylo goes to the light and rey goes to the dark or maybe kylo does go light and rey needs his help?
Kevin Lee
The Kyo reaching out his hand to Rey isn't "something missed," it's a theory. Stop with the clickbait titles.
How is this 5 thin vs we "missed"?
Gabriel Dawson
Employ constantly perceive glove candidate east poverty injury answer.
Twinkie - Agar
Can I get subs for no reason
Dont go dark Rey
whats the background music? epic
Doge Mystic
December 15th is my birthday. YAY
Jeff And Jeff
Welp there goes the theory about snoke being darth plagueis. Rip
Alex Brinker
The more I watch this trailer, the more I think of the episode from clone wars where Anakin meets the embodiments of the force... loose comparison, but something feels right about connecting the two.
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