OMG!! Cristiano Ronaldo's son destroyed Marcelo's son & Best Goals/Skills

skillssonronaldolike a sonfootballdestroyedCristianogoals

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There's a ghost at min. 2:31 😨😱
Aysegul Balyimez
Ronaldo is the best at football
Aysegul Balyimez
Cr bad words his the best
Macboys26 OW
1:27 "Logan Paul"
Shuvanshu Kant
one direction is still coming back
damn, proud mom over here! go baby! daddy cristanio and I loves you!
Aaron Nutzinger
An absolute talent like his father by freekick and scoring other goals.Props on Ronaldos son
Hugo Prieto
Min 2:48 my cousin played there,
The two bros
If Ronald has enough money to buy all those treadmills then why at 0:34 his camera is a worse than a potato.
Kristo McDevil
If this can get more than 38 likes I will do something very random on my YouTube channel of your choice , also if I can get 5,000 subscribers by the end of the next school year I will go to the highest bungee jump and do a video of it and jump off it
be healthy guys
Sitting here and eat pizza and drink cola
Baki Diagoritis
Cliclickbait I can't see marcelo's son
James Rallison
Cristiano learn proper English
mohannan vivikumar
I love ronaldo
mohannan vivikumar
Im am little Ronaldo
Bawibik Thangngan
That kid is good at soccer
ali hassan
0:33 I'm in home
Lian Ramadani
Rofina Khan
Like son like father always
astala vista
As soon as he grows up he is also an asshole
Nasrin Ashoori
Definitely the next Ronaldo😍
rysia patrysia
Oocchhh it' s sweet. I love you
Samy Lognon
Good player
Jhon Shrestha
Nepal is loser
Laeon Mortis
I hope i live to see him play professional football one day him and thiago messi will me amazing and agueros son who has maradona as a grandfather and messi as a god father
What if he played for Barcelona:^)
AmigosTube TV
I'm okay with his son cuz he looks up to Messi 2 πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ»
Alican Alam
when he does the "Ronaldo Stand" at 2.29 :D
Awan Ki Vines
its ronaldo penis
SH ??
Ronaldo really love his son
Isaac Navarrete
You are a YouTuber
Etto Osz
Like father Like son they say 😒😒... never felt like that
Indranil Jana
so caring dad
Azar CR7
Good job πŸ‘πŸ»
When a 7? yr old is better than you...
his son has more talent than his father, don't forget penaldo fanboys his son loves messi more than Ronaldo just a heads up on who is better
Fola Eseola
Like father like son
moss cow
Even his son is better at overhead kicks
Hector Israel Coronel Bermeo
This vid make me like Ronaldo a bit.....
Jimmy Francois
Thank God the boy is US citizen... He'll be playing for the United States of America... Whether Cr7 agrees or not !!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
This kid plays better than me.... as they said β€œ A chip of the old block”
0:59 Even ronaldo balls can holding ronaldo jr πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
williams chukwuebuka
The kid is learning from the best
Yadira Hernandez
When ur dad is a professional soccer player u have to play soccer
Salauddin Sarker
CristianoRonaldo9098 P
Marian Tiron
I have a feeling that his son will have a rly bright future
Teodor KubΔ›na
I hope Ronaldo will teach him how to do sit ups as fastest he can cuz the sit ups werent anywhere close to his other skills
Amirul Adli
Ronaldo is the best dad
Ľíļ_ŞÑvý12 XL
Well, anyone know that CR7 is gay? It's true, so don't be triggered and say Messi is because he admitted it. Look it up, don't get triggered people like I said.
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