Why people keep watching the worst movie ever made

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Many people consider The Room to be the worst movie of all time. So why do thousands of people flock to midnight screenings of it every month?

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Tommy Wiseau’s film The Room (2003) is by many accounts the worst movie ever made. The plot barely makes sense, the set design is comically inept, and most of the dialogue sounds like it was fed through Google Translate multiple times. Yet, for 14 years, people have been congregating at midnight screenings all across the globe to watch what some people call “the Citizen Kane of bad movies.”

Despite the film’s incoherency, audiences ritualistically throw plastic spoons, shout call and response lines at the screen, and toss around footballs in the aisles at monthly screenings. Knowing all the inside jokes and participatory cues gives viewers what sociologist Pierre Bourdieu termed “cultural capital.” People who know when to shout specific lines or when to hurl spoons are deemed Room veterans.

Contrary to what you may think, researchers have found that an appreciation of this kind of “trash cinema” can actually indicate higher levels of intelligence. Trash films share more characteristics with avant-garde art films than they do with typical commercial Hollywood fare. Audiences are drawn to both “trash” and “art” films for many of the same reasons, like their transgressive nature and their rejection of mainstream aesthetic norms.

Watch the video to know more about The Room and be sure to pick up Bissell’s book (that he co-wrote with Greg Sestero) to read many more legendary stories about the production of the “best worst movie.”

The PokeTuber
I did hit her!
Its bullshit!
I did not!
It's not the worst movie ever. The worst thing a movie can be is downright pointless. This at least makes a point to be so awful that it's fun. The characters are likably wierd, the plot is comically disjointed, even the actor playing Mark knew how to have a good time because he even wrote an autobiography calling Tommy Wisseau "The Disaster Artist."
The actor reminds me on the native american guy from Donnie Darko. You know the guy who is in the bunny costume and sits next to Donnie in the Cinema
david garcia
how has this not been memed
I thought the worst movie ever was Reefer Madness but i see that The Room truly has the crown
no name
now u say i have bad taste
no name
its a coooooooooool movie
no name
u baaaaaaact
Karii Lynn
He was holding the roses upside down. Whyy? 🤣
Sebastian Ekart
You guys probably never watched Alien: Origins (Asylum Studios), which is a much worse movie but definitely less fun to watch.
In french, this kind of movie is called a "nanar".
Now I want to watch it
How to have people keep watching your movie

Make it very, very bad as if you never even watched a movie before. Trust me this works.
Anything for my princess :v
Tony Montana
It's better than Twilight.
Why is something so popular unknown to me until a few months ago and yet I still have never seen. Well I haven't had TV air or cable for about ten years.
New World Old Problems
I think the statement about the film seeming 'alien' might hold some answers. Perhaps the film is a curiosity in addition to an irony.
oh hi mark
Worse than Plan 9 From Outer Space?
Cancer TT
still scored better on rotten tomatoes than suicide squad
The Low IQ Liberal
Why people keep watching the worst movie ever made? I don't know, I'm not a liberal.
Jackson Elliott
After last season is the worst movie ever
Linda 82
bad writing
Linda 82
bad writing
Linda 82
bad writing
The Devil's Dragon
Tim & Eric get it. Boy do they get it.
Is the main character Pauly Shore
Cerina Shippey
Ails Musix
The Chocolate Rain of movies?
Jeandre Ferguson
Dwayne Cunningham
"...but has had movies thoroughly explained to him", hahahahaha!
Green Djinn
Definitely not the worst film ever, although it is admittedly god awful, it has a charm about it. There are some movies that are just painful to get through.
Why do people stare at a car accident? Because they want to see something that is FUBAR. Morbid fascination of the abysmally terrible. People don't listen to William Shatner sing because it's good, they listen to it because it's unbelievably bad.
are kung pow and team america considered as worst movie?
that puta
if a gettyimages were a movie it would be the room
3:31 No, just look at Jake Paul's "everyday bro"
Teenage Gamer 754
This wasn't the worst one. I've watched worst and at least this film makes me laugh a lot
Umut Emre Alp
Because it's goddamn funny, does it really need a further explanation?
Pseudo sanct
I've never been able to sit through all of the movie. that said, I've lost count of how many times I've watch the Nostalgia Critic's review
Buzz K. illington
greatest comedy movie ever
The truth

people watch it because they wan't to see how cringy it is.
Opal TB
the whole video in a few seconds:
"poeple have seen to like the trash movie: "the room", but why? well its just funny!
thank you for watching and i hope to see you next time"
Joseph McDermott
So Tommy Wiseau is a genius in other words?
Even if the room is bad it's actually entertaining and fun to watch even unironically
The Fiddler
is this the worst film ever made? lol. wait til you watch philippine movies.
cosmic watermelon
Food fight is the worst movie ever, seriously go watch it.
This dude at the end is killing me. Lol
Nobody will ever convince me that this movie is actually bad.
everyone knows this movie is a joke right? right?
"he literally cowrote the book on the movie"
umm ok
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