Amazing Food Preparation for 40000 People | 5 Rs Mid Day Meals in Hyderabad |

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5 Rs Mid day Meals is great initiation by Hare Krishna Movement with support of Telangana Government. 5 Rs Mid day meals serve more than 40,000 People every single day across 150 centers in Hyderabad. It Costs 27Rs according to Isckon Bangalore officials but they are providing it for Rs.5 so that the underprivileged people can have a square meal every single day with out fail. The kitchen operates round the year. It starts its operations by morning 3.00 Am and delivers food to 150 centers in Hyderabad by 11:00 AM.

   Some other popular Street foods
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Dylon Normand
Why is there Nazi symbols on the bags
amit patil
i dont understand why do well dressed fat people take undue advantage of 5 rupees meal
ha chiko
love it.. lot of spice <3 not just salt and pepper <3
Hajira Khan
Thankyou for helping people
Bilqiis Maxamed
That's dissucusing
Mohd Awaisuddin
great step by c.m:k.c.r sir
Austin Oak
Kinda wish these kind of places where in all countries to help with jobs and meals for the hungry and less fortunate
Rahul Shrivastva
Hare krishna
Future Past
India needs population control
chandra babu
when it comes to stalls dal will become more thiner and curries be adultrated with water . quality goes down when comes to plate. i personally ate at 5rs stalls served by telangana government municipality workers serving at points will dilute curries to make more money and make them diluted. finally quality goes down not appealing to eat again. poor people cant question this is a scam
Esme Mohair
Good preparation wonderful program keep doing the good work and hello from the USA.🙏🏼🌹
saaleha Ali
What a amazing work. Keep that Good work May God bless you.
Lots of love from Pakistan.
Shafique Khan
Aisa khan khaye huy muddat ho gayee hai. Indian Temple food anytime healthy and delicious even without meat. Love the meal I had 38 years ago in Radha Krishna temple such a food. Food for anyone one. Kisi bhi Dharam ya jaati kay log yaha khana kha sakte hai. Jai hare Krishna.
Laila Anish
Excellent, really appreciate
Nana Addis
What a full pepole he gave food for statue ???
Bếp ăn từ thiện giá rẻ. Điều này thật tuyệt.
Support a meal for low-income people.
mcdouble nopickle
Such an inspiring work guys.
Welldone Hari Krishna Movement!!!
Love from Afghanistan!! 😘😘
Cook N Cooks
really nice one..
Vishak Sarma
Really a great service
john charles Manohar
Anu Hamada
Good effort hardworking chefs keep it up
Philipose Kp
May God bless you
tony mulhall
if as it is stated in the bible,jesus fed the five thousand from a loaf of bread,yet it takes all in this video to feed 40000,maby jesus
Shumaila Shakir
Ye dakh ker thora sa dar b lag raha ha bhot bary pateely hn or garam b hon gy
Anjana Varma
Well done good job.
Radhe . L
Genovia Elmer
I love that spicy rice
Zaker Hussain
may Allah bless u all, wonderful job. surely you all involved will have a good reward in the life hereafter. All the best. Please continue.
angi naidu
very Good food
Raya culinaria
Wow... Just Amazing
Satheesh Yashodha
wow what a great work, by hare krishna and telugana govt
rodrigo tolentino
Hare Krishna...May GOD Bless Telangana Goverment...Well Done
Thanabala Murugan
super super and kitchen so clean and modern scale
Sachin Gore
Garib ka pet bharne ke liye Telganna Government aur Shree Hari Krishna bahut accha kam kr rhe he. Ye Jo sceme he Garib ko dhnyan me rak kr chalu ki he. This is very good work. Every states of India please take something good decisions for poor people from Telangana Government.
Chitra Ranabhat
Jai shree krishna
joyce mushi
I like it very good congratulation my friend
Surekha Rml
In Hyderabad where is dis pls tell me
Nagendran Navaratnam
good service
Sana Khan
Hafiza Abbasi
Dil cha rha ha order pa mangya len lekin spices ziada ha
sadriyah lu
Humanitarian mission👏👏👏👏
rajnath yadav
good work. i impressed
Jairo L.
Average portion for an American adult
Anwar Ali Anwar
Good work. I must congratulate the mission as well as the government of Telangana for this historic step.
Raj kumar
Hare krisna
Ahmad Arfaq
Poor Rindians
Aali Rizvi
Ya kahah ka hai
Yasmina Khan
Aishemullick Aishemullick
Hamza Khan
Very very very nais
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