JakeR Plays
Can't wait for this game
please someone sponsor me a good pc bc my fps is like 10 all the time , drifting used to be the best but now its a pain with this frame rate, pls someone ;-; sponsor meh
Antonio Magno
Hey guys watch my channel for enjoy
Mayank Verma
What's the name of the song??
Dlyam Unkown
Possible list of cars from this game:

Nissan Skyline GT-R R34
Ford Mustang GT 2016
Koenigsegg Regera
BMW M3 E60
Nissan 350Z
Lamborghini Aventador
Shelby Daytona
Pagani Zonda Huayra
Ford England Taunus
Aston Martin DB9
Dodge Charger SRT8
Chevrolet Camaro SS
Porsche 911 2017
BMW M3 E46
ธนกฤต ถนอมวงศ์
Fiizy [GD]
Is that mustang the starting car from nfsNolimits
David Thomas
I believe they'll come good again with this game.
Makotokei Satoruko
I'm hopeful that this will be as good as The Run, or better. It appears to be a massive improvement from their previous need for speed game. Although, it's not wise to get your hopes up with some things.
volta need for speed world !!!! ;-; sdds
cars -the movie
Sabbar Hamza
لعبة رائعة كرافيك خيالي
Oussema Njim
this is fast and furious not need for speed !
Thomas Dixon
new game
morris 916
Can you make pls a Port for the Switch
Michil Stepanov
Похоже из nfs делают что то похожее на the crew
Gino Vd Heuvel
Who came here just for the red skyline on the cover
i thought the crew already came out
are you mad?
라이벌 경찰 우려먹었나?
Steve Giles
More stupid f and f crap NFS died when underground was made
Atomic comics
I used to want a fast and furious need for speed mode but a baby driver one anyone
The Cyborg Cat
Please make a nfs most wanted 2 this like as a action movie not a racing game!!!!!!!!
Martin MisteryGamer2070
In my nokia 3310 going ?
Mathis Beauger
Gane MLK
Gerald Sanders
I dont understand why Need For Need is doing this. I think Need For Speed 2015 was a step in the right direction even though the gameplay was annoying. I just wish Need for Speed goes back to its roots😧
Manuel Ovando
Roberto Peña
Va a salir para ps4 nomas o para ps3 también
Shin Kazama Gameplays
That is "the" Need For Speed!!
[F]enix [VCF]
i play this video everyday this game is my life
Thoothies TGB
That moment when the trailer is better than the game.
Buntaa Gaming
Guys look on the bright side a fast and furious game I'm ready!!!! If you guys need to get ready for this game then head over to our channel and watch us on the road to nfs payback.
Siempre Forza Inter
Do I need a thrustmaster to play this game? Is it to prefer? And what is the differense between playing this game with controllers and/or with thrustmasters?

Thanks in advance!
Chris Gadtke
Setzt VW Bora 1.8T, V5, V6 mit rein das wäre richtig geil! Und Golf 2 & 3.
Golf R32, Golf 4 V5
the crew
Вадим Тельпиз
Он платный?!
cute little puppy
DUDE i am SO buying this game EPIC!!!!
i like the ending of the trailer
Iwan Horchner
get me the BMW E36 M3 this time ! please :D
"the crew copy paste" Just kidding tho
Am I the only that has a feeling that the Mustang here is from No Limits but with green strokes?
nice game
PaZuX Gaming
Quand sort t-il? Sort t'il sur ps4??
hasrath md
Please add online
Kendal Grace
This Year Need For Speed Payback finally takes back it's throne as the Racing Game King!. 💯
Kieran !!
I AM SO GETTING THIS ☺☺☺☺😆😊😆😊😀😀😀
Ash Ngwenya
Looks like fast and furious 8
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