Don't Take This Risk

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WARNING: This game deals with some DARK themes.
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How to Dumb 101
I suffer from crippling depression and I......have tried to kill myself twice. Somebody help me. Please
Lilith Da birb
It's been a while since I watched this video. It helped me help a lot of people. Like my friends. I have prevented two suicides since. I'm proud and thank you mark for playing this simulator.
Dixie Coggins
that's sad
Wow..sooo serious
Fragment 061
What the fuck happened? Shot himself in the head? That was the creepiest shit Mark? Like? What? I don't get it? And don't worry when you find yourself in this situation for real you'll know what to do trust me.
P.s. -what would you rate this on a cringe scale??
don't like markipliers videos usually.. but the way he cares for these people shows as better than most.. regained my respect for him and his videos. Thanks for being serious on this one :/ it's a terrifying situation to be in when someone messages or calls you with this situation.. I helped someone on ps4 once and it was terrifying.. still checked up on that person later and they were doing better.. sometimes these people have literally no one. they just need one person to care about them :*( it's heartbreaking
2:35 Cold Stone Reference? (Cold Stone is an ice cream shop in Murica)
After seeing the video now I just want kill my self more
Little Slyveon
This game reminds me of the video I watched with a Sinatra game called blue was terrible comment if you seen the video or heard about the game
Lynn Zuz
Sorry to break the sadness but I LOVE THAT YOUTUBER THAT POPPED UP
Frost Spirit
-Mark : wtf happened here? Me : .ik ik wtf
This game is less dark and more confusing than anything else.
Thalia Phoebe
If i have a boyfriends like him i gena kill him
Shuhei Hisagi
I just read a comment saying "dont joke about suicide!". Well I dont think making fun of people who have serious depression is cool, but if your depressed and making fun of suicide helps you cope then I dont see the harm.
KALEB's vlog S
I cried because my moms old friend well everybody always picked on him and he commited suicide omg can't stop crying. Please like for support
Iron Wolf
People. I'm getting bullied seriously in school, I get beaten every day by a group of boys. They are racist because I was born in Asia. And I am depressed. Please tell me what to do.
The Wise Nibba
I had to shave my god damn ass today
Sean Rogers
Helps my suicidal thoughts.
Creative Name
that's a nice looking noose
mia devlin
I know what he feels like my God father hung him self in his house
Nina Gorges
6:10 mark is gonna cry :(
this comment section is so edgy lmao
spoopy john
Blue Whale.......
Echo flower lps and gaming
my dad he he he committed suicide can can I have a like please and I fell into a hole of darkness
Gryffindor Queen
Gryffindor Queen
Why does the man look like a girl .-.
Dogs from Space
I've never been creeped out this much before
Brandie Jo Booth
This reminds me of myself... I have a good time but my heart isn't together...i feel broken but I have friends who care about me but...i put them before me even if they don't want me too...mark thank you You are the greatest plz make people happy for me With all my heart I Love you mark and thank you for everything -Hannah
yovng bee ·-·
Angelina Swaggerz
his expression when he sleeps with the dude tho LOL
Heh...... neither can I, neither can I.....
Can’t breathe huh?......
kills himself
beat drop in the background
Chloe Reid
Mark was almost crying
The moment when Mark was looking very sorrowful, was just because it was reminding him of his friend daniel kyre, who had committed suicide. It's very painful to know that someone you know as a friend (or something even more than that) died, but it's more painful to know that someone you know as a friend (or loved one) committed suicide.

R.I.P Daniel Kyre
Jaxon Felton
My friend is not suicidal (at least she says she isn't) and she cuts herself. I texted her and asked her not to last night. She didn't. I love her and want her to get better.
Mitchell's Channel
Thank you Mark for the speech at the end it means a lot
Clorox Bleach
I've been in a relationship with a girl who has been suicidal for her whole life. Even till this day. I've dealt with this plenty of times. But she always tells me that I'm someone who completely flipped her life around and gave her a love that she's never had even from her family... I'm honestly really glad that I've helped her so much... It takes a lot of thinking because you can't learn much through trial and error in these situations...
Kherin Bujang
mark is so bad in helping suicidal people
The Snakeinator
this game has a song and it's very like intense literally you should check it out it's the same number as this game it's not take this risk tho its the number
Wait did he try the same thing twice
Jacob Sartorius Kissesforjacob
The Hippest Kid V.2
Major Bummer.
Taylor? Moore?
Coming from someone who is chronically suicidal, there is no happy happy good option for someone who is suicidal. Helping someone who is suicidal or being suicidal is a confusing mess.
I speak French so it was hilarious to se you try and pronounce somme of the shit in here
Ms. Neko
I don’t know how many times I’ve watched this
ovuvuevuevue enyetuenwuevue ugmembugem ossas
i'm hurt,

i'm alone,

i'm depressed,

i cry myself to sleep
all because of you.

but i hope your doing okay because

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