My Response to Content Cop (Diss Track)

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Lenasia High school
rice ur da best F… dem haters man
Zero Izayoi
I've seen like 30 good comments disappear. Really? Deleting hate comments? Might as well have disabled them since the video are mostly hate comments. Also while your at it take away the like and dislike feature since you have so many dislikes.
Zero Izayoi
Pinned a comment that gives you love instead of commenting on the ones critezising you about what you did wrong. Feels great man
Just stop trying, you lost
App and Fun
This dude is using subbots
Braedon Farion
Pins a comment to show your one fan
Michael Cui
pajamas are cool
FYI Ricegum, you look like a complete dick by responding to idubz.... WAIT!!!!! You were already a dick before you made this video!!!! You CUNT NUGGET!!!!!!
Nawaf AlDulaijan
Rice u have nothing to say
Obi Wan Kenobi
Wait that chick who danced on the stripper pole was a rape victim?
Did it feel good tho
Captain Taco
Lmao give up ur over
The Cheesebuga
U didnt show the whole point for the idubbz music critic
did it feel good tho
Freddy Gonzalez
Fuck all dem haters, SHOW SOME LOVE TO RICEGUM
Seems like them idubb assholes need every sub to Fuck with us 😂😂😂 lame hoes
If you guys don't like his videos then just don't watch them and take your hate somewhere else and not here where it's not wanted :)
Maxwell Springer
Wait, so if idubbbz brings up stuff from the past it's bad? But if rice brings up stuff about idubbbz in the past it's ok🤔
Owen Gorman
love how at the end he tries to say idubz is obsessed with him even though he asked for this in the first place
Ricegum have BIG GAY LoL!!!!!!@!21!
Gggggggggghhhhoooooosssssssttt writer
Is he talking or just mumbling
Connor Jenne
great vid rice your my fav youtube
Kings_ CriiXx
Emily Fastoff
you’re a child. plz stop. it’s over. you haven’t changed. nice apology btw.
Lol you can feel good about yourself all you want Rice. But those dislikes are definitely saying that you took an L
King_Daniel SAVAGE
Rice dumb is so fucking annoying !!
The Gaming snakeeyesD
You didn't start distract
MrEmeraldore Gaming
Jesus Christ leafys responds was better than this!
His nose looks like a ghost from halo.
Riley Walker
Notice how he says to not bring up the past about the rape comments... but then hr brings up the comments that idubbbz says on twitter over 2 years ago
isharted 20
Contenna cop
•_• Username
I'd say take the L if you could pronounce it
A- Squad
How dare u bring my favorite anime into
you fucking dunce
But bro...did it feel good tho?
Luke Chammas
Hysteria at its best.
Leslie Lpz
Y'all be "hating" on ricegum yet still waste your time on watching his videos.
Connor Daubert
Ur gay
scoobert doobert
Uses a house tour background theme during his response. "You're as predictable as a house tour."
Zach Jackson
This is what happens when you pull out of Vietnam too soon
FOXY -mlg
Ur cancer ricegum
Max Azcurra
kill yourself, literally I mean it.
You are such a pervert
Justjules 92
Dude your acting is shit and your just rich trash
cAn I kIiS U?
Sawyer Laplant
What about the part where you criticize other youtubers who rape and tell them that they should stop and that they aren’t that good???🤔🤔🤔
Retr0 Gaming
you are a fucking rapist
Retr0 Gaming
u r the biggest cunt I have ever seen
Ghosty Games
James Cottingham
rice gum sucks i don't even know how to say it any nicer
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