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I know the perfect song for this tragedy.. (i live in a tower block too... luv it here.). Midnight oil... Beds are Burning
Patrick Whipkey
Surprised the PRICK didn't blame trump
Shyam Chandrashekar
don't forget the Islamic fiend who started the fire. RIP the victims.
J o n a t h a n
This what will happen, council will sell the tower for cheap, It will be bought by rich foreign investors it will be ripped down in replacement they will put up studio apartments charging 3 million for each apartment. The people who was living in them flats will be re-homed outside of London as they can't afford the rent on a flat.
where is fucking fire machines no fire brigade
The newspaper TimeOut said that 31m pounds has been donated all over the UK (or maybe the world) for the victims of the tower. Can this be true? If yes, has anyone seen any penny since? Not mentioning the rest of the charities, red cross etc
Przemek Galus
I'm surprised that no one in TV or you tube comments didn't mentioned about simple gas mask. Gas mask supposed to be a standard fire equipment on every flat in block. Many life's would be safe on this case as it was about poisoning smoke coming from plastic panels, that didn't allowed people to get out of flat.
Mark Alexa
People am I too crazy to think that we should hold a collection for survivals ? I read that plenty of people who survived this disaster sleep in parks and cars and basically became homeless overnight. It wasn't their fault ! What I'm suggesting to do is if each Londoner donates £1 towards special fund for survivals of the accident they might not only be able to rebuild new block of flats but also they would feel love from us because we care. And London is home to approximately 8.6 millions of people. Just imagine if each of us gives away just one pound what a good deed we would do for those people ! Something to think about. We should do something about this. Each Londoner just one pound !
Thomas Light
Is this the great Capital in the UK? wow good job UK government I guess you are going to blame the EU for this....
Pablo Escobar
Only muslims died as always. Motherfucking cocksucking sons of bitches. I hope london and uk getting destroyed. I can not explain my hate to uk right now. Probaby a white racist put the fire on.
Velha Guarda Tricolor
If it had happened in New York it would have turned into dust and collapsed like building 7 (which never got hit by any airplane by the way) Yet it burned for hours and there it is, still standing like Architects and Engineers say it should
FaZe Team
Man it's like 911 like if I'm right
Johnny D
How come the building did not collapse like twin towers at free-fall speed? Something to think about!
My mixtape.
Där Borta
Navey Lavi
Inyang Ekoku
we need to form our own goverment for the people these rich mps in number ten dont give a fuck about us they need to step dowm put some young mps in number 10 they will teach love they will be no more war our nothing
Bidhya Shrestha
This is not accident this is planed people don't trust this media. They get paid just to talk nonsense selfish people and plus government don't give a f''''k either in fact they're happy because population is growing day by day the more us people die the less headache for them. Useless goveenment
С вертолета могли залить водой, тем что лесные пожары тушат!
The helicopter could cover with water, those that extinguish fires!
JVR DeFranco
I just can't believe this building burned for that long and didn't collapse but twin towers fell in less than an hour and building seven fell and was never hit by a plane
rox mo
there was no alarm. no sprinkler system was fitted during the refurb. a lot of the people got out because the local muslim community were leaving late night Ramadan prayers and saw a fire spreading rapidly around the exterior of the building and warned residents. the refurb used cheap cladding for the exterior for aesthetic purposes only and has been the subject of suspicion that caused the fire to spread so quickly. early last year, the government voted down a proposal by the opposition, to make social and private landlords adhere to new safety measures that would make dwellings fit for human habitation. the government has put party before country calling a ridiculous referendum on Europe and again with a snap election which they thought they would win by a land slide- but the british people slapped them down n took away the governments majority in parliament stopping them from further ill thought out proposals for public austerity and corporate welfare. the government's policy to handle to country's finances have failed. the debt has doubled to 1.8trillion n the deficit has gone up to 700billion- austerity has failed- it has killed and targeted the most vulnerable in our society- the government's relic ideology of a bygone era has lead to policies that leave the vast majority worse off and far from safe- be it safety standards, healthcare or the threat of terrorism. this government lost credibility in the election.. it just lost legitimacy. on July 1st, the nation marches on the mainstream media mouthpieces of the government that hamper our democracy- the nation will march on the palace of westminister and on 10 downing street- to remove this reckless, irresponsible, self-serving, heartless and braindead regime.
Comic Book Guy
the story of this disaster was quickly appropriated by progressives, and morphed to a "poor wittle minorities", pro multiculturalism narrative. EVERY personal story, EVERY tale of woe is from, or of, a foreigner. E.g "if the fire wasn't bad enough, some "victim" ethnic minorities were involved...won't someone please think of the minorities"

the survivors will be dispersed out of london, forcibly shipped-off up north, as have many before them who have fallen foul off the housing rent benefit cap. This incident WILL be used as a perfect opportunity for more gentrification
Sara Lundh
Im extreamly sad... stund like this makes me and many people cry. I hope The best for The injured and Of Course for The families Of The fallen... pray for all Of them
Pedo phile Muhammad
Muslims were over-represented in this tragedy. I think Allah has send us a signal that he is dissatisfied with how Muslims behave during the "unholy" month of Ramadan. The 2017 unholy month of ramadan has seen a spike in Islamic terrorism with over 50 terrorist attacks worldwide.
Gods just culling a few muslims. It's all good .
Then agian people blame muslims on this
Vanessa Barbosa
congratulations rich london bastard owners you saved your money you are going to be held responsible for every single person who burned to death in this life or the next I hope it was worth the money you saved
oj shit i feel bad for those ppl on the boulding
well at this point these kind of news are becoming normal for england...england is fucked,gratz you ruined yourself
natural sounding hifi - recordings and components
the building is still standing?
believeinNothing GuYy
fucking shit happens everyday .... when can i hear good news ????
Notice the building never collapses like the twin towers did because this wasn't a controlled demolition.
nao naka
coz of refrigerator made in China and Korea !! world people be careful about ChinChons !!!!
Hello, London?
D Lee
Polyethelene cladding? I'm betting as are most fire safety experts. My country is not getting a break is it? Last 4 weeks we've had Manchester‚ London Bridge‚ the election results and hung parliament and now the grenfell tower fire.
it's like 9/11 all over again, except in London where buildings don't collapse after a big fire broke lose unlike BOTH twin towers.
Didn't collapse
Respect for the victims and the people worried about their loved ones who are missing. People using this as a way to attack Muslims have no humanity whatsoever. From a white girl who has lived in London and still lives in the UK.
Slava Prednikom
Francesco Marafini
R.I.P to the 2 beautiful italians, a couple, a boy and a girl, living in the last floor, who died in the fire... British firefighters suck, they saved no one from this building.
Bruno Daniel
Did I hear there was a Syrian refugee staying in the same bldg❓here we are arguing blaming each other when the culprit did a great job by not only burning the bldg but also creating chaos n confusion..what u expect when u have a Pakistani Mayor‼️London is burning
sam haddad
yet, building 7 came down in free fall because of an "office fire" need i say more?
Jada Knowles
from the 😞😞😯😯🔥🔥🏢
Jada Knowles
some one jumped
Maurice Cardinal
Not 22 dead? 33 taken to hospital? The time wasn't 6:11? Come on. This doesn't stand up to all the false flags CNN has been fraud casting. Looks like a fire right now. Who really knows what we will find out later. Prayers out to anyone caught in this building or anyone who got injured.
Alan Bennetts
Apparently, the landlord covered the building with flammable panels to make it look nicer for the wealthy neighbours.
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