Why... Mr. White... you have a negro's nose!
Shannon LaCorte
Total classic!!
Completely hilarious 🤣
Thanks for ALL the laughs Eddie 👏🏼
Gerfgj Gjgfgjh
hahahahah fucking nigers! are so damn funny!
thepantomimegoose ss
thats racist, you can't dress up as a white man because its racist its not racist tho but i still gonna call it racist to play the victim role
i was 8 years old when i saw this. it hit me back then, and it still does today. but i was still able to laugh really really hard about it.
Now reverse the situation...................................................................
Sonnet Lyric
Bahahaha 😂
EM stayed woke.
Tom Yazel
actually idiots that believe this is true...they call it fake white privilege...
Marcus Nero Augustus Mosley
Truly equal there is no such thing as Equality in this world everyone is different and there are superior men and inferior men. The White Race is superior to all other races, and then Asians rank second, Jews third, Mestizos forth, Arabs Fifth, and Negroes 6th.
M Chilli
Lmao Mr. White I'm 😭
Steven Wood
God save the Queen
I miss Charlie Murphy. Nice to see him in the same sketch with his brother Eddie
Arrian Babill
He doesn't like white by any means.
Total pathetic simply.
Christopher Newman
Eddie Murphy funny ass hell
Dalton Swayze
so thats where Dave Chapelle got it from
Meagangoodmevonne Caldwell
Vubhhoohvhohoohhoohogobbogbovivivogihogogohovoooohohohohh hogohohooohoobohoovho oohohohohohohbooghhoboovogogohohogohoogho ohhohohoohovoboboboboboogbohohoooovoohbo hoohhoho have your
This was in 1984 & people thought this was funny but it's actually reality. What's changed? It's 2017 & it's still the same. Eddie's right, we do have a long way to go. It's sad that we haven't progressed in 33 years
Popeye Doyle
This is true. It really is like that for us.
Arryn Williams
He didn't even look white he look like a light skin black man or a Mexican 😂😂
Sums up how blm think white people interact with each other lmao
Zmosuz Khakfm
pshhh that nigga atleast looked lightskinn ... black ass.😂😂😂😂
R Martinez
I thought it was Dave Chapelle
Kay Hay
At least caucasoids stay on code. Black ppl take note
darth allzen
damn eddy was putting the flip to this to let us know there are white people doing this in revers committing crimes and black people in a hole takes the blame this is really deep.
That bus part was HILARIOUS 😆
Satsuki Obsession
Got this entire Snl career on vhs
O. Ram
That was a bit creepy. I never knew Eddie Murphy made a documentary.
Justin Case
white privilege is real
Kris Hammer
What is sad now is snl could never get away with this joke. Too many people get all butt hurt about the dumbest shit. Everything offends everybody.
I guess this is when all the HATE WHITEY shit began. At first, it was all cute and funny... white people LOOOOVVVEEEDDD it.

NOW FAST FORWARD 35 YEARS and we have open resentment and attacks.

Guess what? We're fucking well armed. I don't think you faggots understand the nature of rhe beast you're poking with a stick.
Michael Davidson
It's sorta true but in reality you have to be white AND wealthy!
Travis Bickle
5:00 RIP 😭😭😭😭😭😭
william hoover
lol I wish I didn't have to buy anything lol but it's not true lmao
Dream Time
I ended up here because the face looked like the man from Xmen that Mistique was wanting to kill
You couldn't make stuff like this today without some assholes complaining about social justice warriors and black lives matter
Svetoslav Savov
the secret life of wight ppl
Stratos H D
so relevant in 2017 !!
this should be when sarcasm was invented
chaniqua smith
what a silly negero lol
sam sloan
This is the delusion
in the heads of every African American studies professor
Boobs McJohnson
Reminds me of that white reporter skit Dave chappelle use to do
same old nothing
I saw this on SNL when it first aired! Never gets old!
Wow so thoughtful even back in 2013.
George Varughese
This did not happen in the 80s WTF
vince daffon
no they didnt
Aaron Morris
0:52 - Guy to Eddie's right played the old "That boy is good" geezer in "Coming to America".
Kim Crimson Lips
if only this was true.. lol.. white people will metaphorically stab other white people in the back and still smile in their face 😣
Jac Custer
They're taking our white people
Kirk Edwards
Chahhlie Murphy!
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