Star Wars: The Last Jedi Official Trailer Reaction

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Aishia Railey
U guys should react to star wars theory last jedi trailer breakdown
George Robles
The ending could be edited.
Alexander Aleksandrov
STAR WARS 8 2017 LOL!!!
granny spinner
This ain't no King Arthur
Jeff Sol
its like higher learning but you're stupid LOLOL that line killed me
Joshua M. Patton
I love these guys. All I've wanted was someone to note how ill that score was.
Curtis Donihoo
You guys reactions Are the best! Keep kicking Ass!
Wade Sutton
"Stormbrain". Hahahahahahahaha!
Kid Beat Maker
LOL 4:05 when that one actor comes back
i just got a major star wars boner right now
2 Twins & One Single
I think the trailer is teasing us with kylo ren and rey
Paul Miller
This is the best reaction video I've ever seen. full stop
D Sieg
Omg lol. Subscribed
Gives 30p for a pack of space raiders on the bend
Dark side rey
wisconsin warlock
it's like higher learning except u stupid XD
Joseph Yawson
bob tony
you guys are good, lol
Decorum Nation
You know women? But you’ve been single for how many years now lol
Don't fucking call it no sword!!
Michael Heys
Luke skywalker is bobba fett hahaha
Steven Wise
You guys freaking rock!
Storm it.
Miles Kenney
so epic they had to watch the trailer twice
El_Niche Rivera
El_Niche Rivera
The intro ... LMAO
Nerdified Pear
Mytyk110 Gaming
"You don't know who Luke Skywalker is, you get him and Boba Fett Confused!!" I'm fucking dying lmfao
Miguel Alvarado
Richard Bates
Dude you freakin ROCK! Nothing more annoying than uninformed "Star Wars Folk" who ask too many questions and don't put the time into it. You eloquently expressed a frustration I experience every day. KEEP DOING THESE VIDEOS!
Ricardo Mathurin
the titanic hand !o!
Herizo Warhola
Yeah nigga I'm a bigger nerd than you yo
George HendrySmith
porg = "little nigga"
Angel Rodriguez
Lit my GG's
S Bl
4:00 "No.""Da fuck!" Exactly!
Cody Cobb
brain storm? lol
Hi Z
Stop swearing so much
Gundamn Mechahunter
"Yea that's what you sound like, the little nigga" ⚰⚰⚰⚰
Steve McQuack
He is legit TERRIFIED. Perfect description, awesome reaction.
JoE KeRr
Rey could be talking to Snoke. Snoke may see more potential in Rey than he previously thought was in Kylo Ren, as does Luke. Snoke wants to sway Rey to The Dark Side.
Nabeel Dar
"i know women"
Robot Darius
Damn 😂😂😂
ryaan Asady
you know what.... just once... just fucking once!!!! i would like hollywood to make an r-rated star wars film about embracing and using the power of the dark side, based around a main character who is not just an obvious mary-sue, swj feminist "i dont need a man" propaganda". like for real, these guys had such great material and pre based lore to make a gritty, realistic, gorey and epic drama based around a new cast seperate from the skywalkers to show the audiance that you dont have to be a skywalker to be good at using the force. i mean for real give us characters like darth bane, darth revan and kreia. but what do they do, erase the freaking mythos and give us a rehash of the original trilogy.
Daenerys Snow
"You know women"👑😂😂😂
Keno Carroll
Lmao struggle soldier always getting shut down 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Chris D
There's some well-founded speculation that Luke is the real villain in this, that it might be time for Luke to swing over to the dark side. That's an interesting idea to me.
Third Child
LMAO you guys are awesome. Subscribed!
Antonio ozam
The best!!!
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