Mark Rober
This horn is SO courteous my car was granted Canadian citizenship yesterday. Sorry this video was delayed for a bit but you get another new video in just a couple weeks. It's my second Guinness World Record holding build and it's cool.
Rhys Ward
Stormy shut up horn
The_Lon ley_One
Nidhin David
This must be made a standard in all motor vehicle
Jaden Rosenberg
1:02 608 texts
Anthony Young
Awesome IDEA!!!
I really wish that these were mass produced and installed into most modern cars..
I still have a few years until I’ll be able to drive, but I might get too scared if I get in situation that might get me into a crash.
Leo Reichman
Hey bro, can I hav ur car? I’ll giv u 1b for it (lol,jk)
Kapil Dev Sarma
You can communicate with the high beam
Rick Geng
That is the cutest horn I’ve heard
Dan D
Actually, it's a thing in the UK, probably everywhere else, but a flash of the lights is also a multi use bit of communication
Maxime S.
Since when does Seth McFarlane make nice YouTube videos?
joseph jackson
I would just use the train horn all the time
Correction: There are 4 ways to communicate
1. honking the horn
2. Turn signal
3. Flashing your high beams
4. yelling out the car window
Shabaz Ahmed
Marcus A.T
Oh man, stole my idea! Or rather...thought of the idea himself and had the skill set and motivation to install it. Well done dude
Aleksey Loykuts
we're using hazard lights for a couple of sec to 'thank you' on the road. And main beam lights to signal something without much noise
Kartikey Chauhan
Horn Engineer !
Neurotic Sos
You call your main horn emasculating, this is the gayest sounding chirp horn ever
Counter Punch Boxing
I cannot stand chronic horn honking it's like these idiots sit and wait behind the wheel looking for someone to honk at like they are some kind of hallway monitor whenever people honk at me I put my car in park and act like it broke down then when they get frustrated and go around I drive away
Walking across the street WHILE fidget spinning. Top level skills right there.
Y when u can get a train horn
mo Alireaza
Hello can you please send me map of how should i connect the wire to the soundboard . thanks
dustin townsend
So many people die because they dont buckle up
Dem Happy Nubz GALORE
Skeletor Shirt xD
1:35 because you don't live in Russia
new_ snake
Could you or someone let me know who that purple soldering iron is made by?
they're not really friendly sounding
Love the idea. I always wished I could get my horn to chirp a pay attention sound. The regular horn is a bit aggressive for 'Hey the lights green...." But probably will never get around to making one. Also love audible. I'm a reader and love to switch to audiobooks when I do chores and crafting.
Kevin Davies
omg you live somewhere in sunnyvale/cupertino california
i live there too
Tristan Sabado
Am i the only one who read the thumbnail "incest" instead of nicest?
Dark Horse Woodworking
0:20 drivers are looking forward to the missile launcher button for rush hour traffic.💥
John Ross
If somebody gets out and starts running towards me with a hammer I'm getting my gun out
A horn for liberals
I subbed and liked it :)
Love the vid
Official Toxins
Youre like the nicest Guy, paying and installing custom things to not be rude
no one
the car equivalent of teabag
horn 1. hey go
horn 2. HEY
horn 3. bepp boop bepp r2d2
1:21 OMG THAT IS MY MOMS OLD CAR FROM A FEW MONTHS AGO (the old one got wrecked but no one got hurt)
This would be great if I had a car😂
FunnyVideos of Game and Real Life
The Man with an axe made me dying
Kaffez - Edits/Montage
It would be cool if you change one sound to someone say "Excuse me" haha
Only as*holes have train horns. Completely unnecessary.
Nice idea but not a good place to put the horn button. I was hating the horn like you cause i was feeling rude to others, but for a year now i have an 1993 peugeot 106 that has the horn on the edge of the turn signals, i can use the horn with my finger tips without the need to take the hands of the wheel and it has a fast easy switch so i can do this canadian double horn thing or push it to make a continuous annoying sound, now in that small car the horn is necessary and the good position helps a lot. I wish more cars had that type of horn, the use of it is so simple cause it has a very similar movement to the flashing of the lights another common communication while driving
Simon Everett
Very Very Clever car makers take note :)
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