America's Got Talent
Bring your magic to AGT season 13! Audition now at!
Spirit Wolf
This act, in my opinion, is the only one that might be able to give Darci Lynn competition. Well done.
Braden Gilson
I want to die every time ty ty come up at the end "Hi Hi it's ty ty everyone hates you and wants to die die!!!"
Gavin Lanting
copied the illousionist
Rizal Huda
like Zacking
Parashuram Narayanan
here can I watch full episodes of AGT 2017
Allison Brown
When God said go and multiply I don't think this is what he had in mind xD!
Adison Trowbridge
Ty tys reaction if the ladder hit her. "Hi hi, its Ty Ty yall almost made me die die now im gonna cry cry i gotta go now so bye bye."
Xione Poop
Oh ya thanks for the free mop
Xione Poop
Umm he just popped the ballon when he was giving it to the girl .-.
Being French, I can tell you they actually participated in the french version and lost in the finals with the exact same performance !
It's obvious that he's french because of the accent.
Donney Dinero
FAIL! You see the popped balloon fall to the floor at 1:40-1:41. That alone ruined the rest of the performance for me.
Lel ya
Je reconnais l'accent français!!! lol I'm French as well
Crazy Siblings
Am I the only one who thinks that Nick was better than Tyra?
mythical cunts
this is some harry potter crap
hendrick son
creative, but ez to master
pawel andonovski
Madalin - Gabriel Gongeanu
that was amaziiiiiing
Breathtakingly amazing!!!
luan kens
siêu hay
Blobfish Potatoes
This reminds me of a zach king vine
Argo agri
Jaci McCrary
Helene Certain
Excellent !!
The Nemesis
i miss nick cannon and howard stern!
King Fredo
This deserved a golden buzzer
Really fantastic magic.
Splatinum Split
"And don't forget to subscriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiibe."
thao dang
So perfect. It is incredible and amazing, I haven't seen it before. Love you guys, from Viet Nam !!!
Proof that all white people look alike. I can't even till the difference.
Naufal Febrian
wow amazing
Holy Tran
They look like Jess from Gilmore Girls
Tone James
Tyra Banks 10x better than Nick Cannon.
Mandi Grubbs
How though?🤔🤔🤔🤔
Zain Khan
at 2:50 you see the girl crawling from underneath. Hence all the people claiming magic is demonic can stfu?
Les Français vous êtes là?
Omer Turkmenoglu
Ethan Phan
1+1 =2. Like if you know that.
sanjeev yadav
Watch at 0.25 speed
Ng zhi
btw any fraternal twins here juz like me😂😂😂
Queko Productions
My World
i really wondring if they accidently mess up who are who
Ricky Ng
I think the magician deserved the gold button.
Box Poro
It's so great
Angshuman Das
wow.. amazed
Henry Ault
Wow, this act shows that, twinning is everything.
Wish I could make a blonde come out of my screen...
But definitely not a brunette (The Ring).
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