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#KingsOfHorror presents: If These Walls Could Talk

This movie is a submission from one of our many Kings of Horror fans!

Trying to cope with the recent death of her brother, Mayzie returns to her childhood town. Unfortunately for Mayzie, she is now haunted by visions of What she believes to be her brothers spirit.

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Ken mccarthy
Cool effects. Weird twist! Thumbs up!
Алия Ашералиева
Movie is nice. Mayzie is selfish, stupid, and rude. Hard to believe she can have any friends.
Josh Dietrich
Check out 7th Street Productions other Kings of Horror film! "3 Flies in a Widows Web" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-LF59TPEzW8&index=2&list=PLenbtDlrv913K6nmu4UwTr2Logm2KLJyi
Chhangte 三好市
Does the black guy die first? Im asking this because blacks usually are the first one to die in most horror films.
Chance St.Thomas
16:29 A daily occurrence for me....😣
Vincent Mcbride
61 mins lol, should be a classic
Dual Engines
7th Street Rocks!
Monique Andrews
you know the movie bs if they won't let you see the comments
Joseph Fragosa
this movie was creepy. Enjoyed it!
Loreen Degenstein
Interesting and short!
boca Marty
Needs a better title but I loved the dark man great job
Mathew Maher
not scary enough short too , but alright thanks koh.
Don Chamberlain
Kind of convoluted, but not bad. Low key creepy. The end makes you go hum?....
Zach Smith
Nice! Definitely a fun flick. Both making and watching it.
James Herington
Great work as always
Arpit Sharma
Let's comment every1 that its Fab movie. Let others survive this too.
Host ,
Host ,
It's film was
Gayle Gee
worst movie ever. all the way around
denisz giallorossa
woowwww!!! 👏👏👏
fluffy the cat
king of horror you really earned your name. :3
Ramesh Meerolla
Marivic Gauiran
watch b4 comment😀bcz i was the first😂
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