logan seymour
Mackenzie Noriega
Link in bio !!!!!
Lilly Godden
Love you
Lilly Godden
Stephanie Nuñes
That is a very god prank its every day bro team 10 can you do a prank to your bri
Jeffrey Gonzales
Logansters for life
awesome pro
har har har
gaming area Eduard C.
can you please jake paul sub at my chanel and film the videoclip witch sais CELA MAI TARI MOMENTE and lock at the descriptions and coments beloo
GamerInfinite 2.0
Paul brothers are extremity sexual
bryan eichenauer
Koolaide Mane
What max said was true
Michael Kelley
Hay I was pranking my friends and I got in trubo
When I saw the intro I laughed my head off
Julian Poirier
This is why Martinez twins left Team 10, he pranks them all the time and never stops
Amanda ❤ Jake Paul
Emmanuel Montoya
I love your song its every day bro with the disney channel flow
Faith Leigh
since when was amanda in team 10?
chris cothran
you are awesome i bought a merch.
Clutch Boy
Emily's blue candy cafe
The Martinez twin are really cute☺
Madison Lum
He waked up before u did it
Isaiah Fortin
Jake I️ donte have a phone but I️ am one of your digest fanes
Katie Leach
F*** Jack you are so mean to Amanda but it was kind of funny I have tried hot ice my skin was boiling red I had to go to the doctors for it
Millie Mccormick
Jake I've been watching u since 1 subs cause l was ur 1st on
Michelle Miller
Veronica Velez
What is Amanda + jake
Brianna Salcedo
i love you
mason brown
I like all your vids
I subscribed clicked notifications and can u give me a shoutout
albanian gamer tv Lezi
jake ballers😂😂😂😂😂waht
flexi vibes
Mara why you gotta prank dem everyday
sanjeev nathan
its fake 100%
Jerick Castro
iy subscribed
giar galdo
Hi im gianna i am 12 year old i
i love how Jake kept jumping on to Amanda's bed
The Gang
Hey I just love your team 10 House
lexie and khloie squad
Cj_The _Dj
Jake your just rude
I follow you on YouTube and Instagram and I’m your biggest fan And my name is Suhayla and I love your channel
spedorz 458
Jake you croon to the Martin ase twins
very nice to see
Alexis Aranda
My mom finally let me get a gun tattoo on my leg ;)
TEAM Fückery
I died when he yelled she hit me in the dick 😂
ZimerTube Rallywood
Who is the girl you mean?
Gabby Ramos
I dare you guys to pull a prank on chane and anthany
Joseph pabon
hey jake logangang don't suck logangang pualer for life
Addy Grace
Who is watching this when jake and Erica are together lol when he said we will get married some day I was like boiiiiii
Fog Gaming
Jake leave them alone u take it to far
Does jake paul really love amanda??
Please reply me
Roy Khabbaz
Iphone 7
bob cop
Jakie u need to wake up and if you want to be somebody if you want go somewhere wake up and be a Maverick
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