Black Eyed Peas and Ariana Grande - Where Is The Love (One Love Manchester)

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Black Eyed Peas and Ariana Grande perform Where Is The Love at One Love Manchester.

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Bruna Gomes
1:44 the heart cloud ♥
Jack Young 2004
children hurt pray for them
trisha leonida's necklace tho. <3 #PROUDFILIPINO #ONELOVE
Julia Erika Da Jose
New female crush Ariana Grande!
Julia Erika Da Jose
Still feel the same goosebumps and chills everytime I hear this song. #OneLoveManchester
Valeria Rebeca Oliveira
Where is the love ????? :(
Fatima Manni
Ariana is an angel! others might aswel carry on with their tour and apologize, but her, NO WAY would she quit, she will keep going, and raise as much as she can for all the victims. this song is sooo meaningful. for the dislikers: WHO ARE YOU? and for the people hurting the world: WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE! can you practise what you preach? where is the love? if no one cares, the world will end soon.
What a beautiful world we could be if we all came together and had a change in heart, but sadly that's even too crazy to dream of.
Annalissa Chosa
I didn't know Taboo was Native American.
I feel like Ariana was stoked to sing with the black eyed peas. I know I would have been. Thank you Ariana for an amazing concert and being you!❤️
Shah Zlan
where is this love
Shah Zlan
black eyed peas
Brayan Emanuel Estrella Rengifo
I love this song
Mateusz łągiewczyk
where is the love??
Rebecca Dunn
Interesting, he left out "CIA"
Joel b2life
Black eyed peas very good
Islam doesn't listen to this.

We can argue among ourselves but it is the religion of "peace" that is the problem.
He didn't sing "the big CIA", why?
Luke Smith
How can 5 thousand not like this song?! 😡😡

It's an amazing song and still relevant.
5,833 people couldn't find the love.
where is fergie ?
Javier Andres
Perfect song for such a perfect gig!!!
john ross
in the name of the father son and holy spirit thank you for love
for the love of God... how i missed Black eyed peas
Weteyes Toribio
one love.. PEACE
Jenni MacGregor
They missed out the line about the CIA...

Still loved it though
Running is Life
spread love?? :( sub to me <3. thank you :D
Zlrae Arugonamz
proud to be pinoy...
cristina olisa
Am i the only one who's teary eyed watching?
lucyrenna farrugia
I love this songs and it sounds even better with Ariana in it xxxxxx
Shah Zlan
black eyed peas terbaik.....♡♡♡♡♡♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
SNSD hyo
5k 👎 ?????? but why?
lancy tot representing Philippines
Christopher Miller
Anyone else notice that they skipped over saying "CIA",(the bloods the crips and the KKK...) at the beginning.?! Why bleep out the CIA at a world concert? hmmmmmm
Hi Its me Ariana
Wheres Fergie
I will never understand those 5,816 people who dislike this video. Where's the love.
Michael Thompson
0:40 how convenient they left out the CIA when mentioning American terrorism
jefferson sison
Nice...apl d ap...very proud filipino....
Arianny Lugo
This song is so accurate :'(
he didn't mention about CIA the real Terrorist Maker in the world hahahaha
Christine Eccles
I was listening to this out side and looking up at the clouds and saw a few heart shaped clouds.xx
Aurore Leunra
This song as such a meaning in our world right now, unfortunately :(
brandon matthews
I can't believe people would have so much hatred well it looks like thoughs 5k people are going to hell...
Andrea Vargas
they sound so good and Ariana's voice fits this song!!
Kyle Rhyme Ambrose
Will i am's necklace and ear buds (whatever you call that) <3 Flag of the Philippines <3
Sophia poppy
The most beautiful performance I've ever seen😭
Where's my cherry coke
ThemLemons Tho
The People who Dislikes where the terroists!
Darren Fitzgerald
Did anyone notice how he blanked out the CIA at the start.......
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