Black Eyed Peas and Ariana Grande - Where Is The Love (One Love Manchester)

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Black Eyed Peas and Ariana Grande perform Where Is The Love at One Love Manchester.

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Allain Guatno
aye apl. de ap's earpiece has a philippine flag <3
I didnt spot a single black person in the audience. Please correct me if im wrong,
pauline Esther davidson were in Manchester not London by the way. : ) 0:13
Siscasari Tjahjadi
Alisson de Oliveira
Essa música me arrepia até o último pelo do cu!!! Muito boa!! Vai durar pra eternidade!!
raphael koulenovitch
Was fergie not invited?
Germano Velloso
I've never seen so many people with blue eyes like in this video
Wish I was there so badly!!!
They wear some mad trainers
Stan Spiegelaar
Wtf is the problem of the dislikers
Jay Scott
Stay strong
Jay Scott
Ken Havens
black eyed peas have thankfully recovered from the disasterous SuperBowl a few years ago.
Timothy Estabillo
The bass player was prob having the time of his life
Levi Jeno
I just realized that is wearing a necklace and earpiece with the colors of the Philippine flag♥️🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭
Everyone's just gonna pretend they missed out the 'CIA' part in their song,
Original lyrics: "Overseas, yeah, we try to stop terrorism But we still got terrorists here livin'In the USA, the big CIA The Bloods and The Crips and the KKK". wake up people...
Nori Matsui
Thank you for your everything.
etho1978 mc
2:19 Pitbull lookalike in bottom right corner
Dindo Niez
Gilang Virgiawan
Where is she? I mean fergie
Nori Matsui
That’s super special.
Yuyin Perez
Me encanta 😍
Daz McK
Where did the girl go that was in the band
Alisha Murray
Alessio Romagnoli
This song is the best song humanity has ever been able to produce
Where is the true love...
Russel Agnes
i love how apple de ap wear a necklace represent the flag of the philippines :)
BruhIts Pop Style
“Wussup London”😂😂😂
Wtf.. they censored their own song?!
"but we still got terrorists livin' in the USA - the big CIA, the bloods, crips and kkk"
so beautiful
baby marshmellow
I cry
Best song
Mark's World
Black eyed peas!!😍 Philippines!😍
Travel Pinoy
Goosebumps! This song made me tears.
Franciely Fran
1:43 ❤️
Cole Scott
Apple's hat is 🔥
Henrique silva
love love love......
Juan Dela Cruz
APL sporting the Barong and 3 stars and a sun! One love y'all!
Georgia Curry
Love the Black Eyed Peas and Ariana together
Annie Abrigo
apl wears necklace that represents filipinos huwaw he didn't forget where he came from even though he is so famous now🙌
melajim real
proud filipino #appledeap☝️❤️
So much love in these Manchester videos
If Everyone would just learn to love each other the world will be such a great place.
Kevin York
Kevin York
maaike tekath
This made me tear up so bad
Biaksanga Chawngthu
Cant get bombed in Ariana Grande's concert if u listen to good music😂😂😂
Just Fano
14 Years ago. Nothing changed. What did people do to this beautefull world. They ruin it. Look Whats the world is right now. People need to change. Before its too late. We're killing other humans. Why? We Got a world to life not to die by other humans. People Will never reach anything if they kill or discriminate others. First of all. Change Yourself. God Will forgive you for the bad things you did. If you Will be a better person. Please. Save the world. We didn't Got many time before everything is done.
Rosie Johnson
Best video it the universe
Kayla Duenas
They were my group when I was like 2-10 I'm ten right now
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