Can $1000 of Fidget Spinners Protect Galaxy S8 from 100 FT Drop Test?

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I had this crazy idea to buy $1000 of fidget spinners and build them into a case for a Galaxy S8. I actually ended up getting $1200 of them. For being little pieces of plastic, they aren't cheap! lol 

We had a blast goofying off and fidgeting with the spinner of the fidgets. $1000 of fidget spinners that is! We even spun them all at once. I will post a vlog over on BrandonBaldwinVlogs when I get a chance. 

Fidget Spinner Giveaway: Post a comment on this video! Winner be selected on Saturday, May 27th! NOT May 26th, which is a Friday... lol. Once a winner responds, we'll ship the fidget spinners that still rotate somewhat out to that person. lol, not all of them will work perfectly, but some certainly will. Enjoy!

Mortar Round vs iPad video:

Bleu Cat
Fidget spinners couldn't really save a phone or me from cringing at those vapid toys
Zachary Dominguez
I want one I love your YouTube videos
Cb Reynolds
It will live
alexa perez
Can i have the fidget spinner iv bin watching you vids and i wanna a mad a drop phone case like you your my fan i love your vid
Cynthia Arce
I love the videos
jalen castro
Tashaun Eichelberger
That was cool
Zaria Cotten
I want and I well own you and subcribe and coment on all you vids and like !!!!!!!!
Jada B Burris
that was so cool
4:50 also if anyone noticed there is a fidget spinners falling from the sky near the camra
This channel: hmmmm what's in trend now.? Fidget spinners. Yes let's mix fidget spinners and my favourite thing , dropping perfectly fine phones from heigh places, and we will have Veiws

Edit: this comment is meant no harm
Freyapinkgirl 21
I feel sorry for the people that are homeless and have nothing to eat or drink so instead of wasting that $2000 I think you should give it to charity
the trickshoters
Fidget spinners that also of 1000 $ its awesome
Ashlyn LeRoy
Your vids are awesome and I love your video
Ultimate Flips
Wow u had to clean up a lot of fidget spinners .-.
Hasim Sultan
Haram ki madi hai
Kayla Leigh
Hi im kayla im subcribd I have a Youtube chanil I love your vids sorry for spelling i have dislexea and hdhd i can't say im your number 1 fan im you 2 and I have a big famlale so I wood love to sher my fidget spinners if I win β˜ΊπŸ˜€πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„πŸ˜Š
Alanna Bremner
I love your videos
Jina K Vlogs
why is the loading thingy a fidget spinner..
fruit cake
Lol I guessed the number keep up the good work!
The DIY Girl
Your vids are so inntersing and so cool you are so cool too your vids and you are cool
Crash cool 27
You're the best youtuber
RevZ_ Ghost
I like your video there cool
GirlTeller 11
Is Carla your girlfriend?
Edit:Sorry if I spelled her name wrong.
Tom Mimnagh
You are awsome
Sultan Al shunnar
it will live
Cynthia Ortiz
Can I have it plz I have notifications on and I subscribe πŸ™‚
I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS #ive always wanted a spinner
Lashone Mitchell
I love you too so much you are the best you're the best YouTuber ever
Kaitlyn A
How come yall didn't cover the phone in plastic wrap before y'all put the super glue and spinners on?
Your cringie you reminde me of Osama in a blender
Bluegrass Concrete&Masonry
I love your videos
Little pig Furby dude
Spinners explode!πŸ˜„
l ClashXSmasher
Imagine all the kids in africa that could eat all those fidgets
moiz ali
Man that waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas crazy😰😱😨😲
little bananaz
i love your chanel and i am a sub and i have liked nearly all your videos :)
Dewangini Jain
It will live
let's eat Pizza
I love your video
trex killer
The lnpact was asome!!!!!
Robo boy
The vid was epic keep it up
Elite gamer
Syed Zeeshan
it was too awesome bro please your so rich send me a iphone please please please
Rosario Moreno
I was spinning a fidget spinner while watching the video
Does anyone notice that when you click a certain time on this video a fidget spinner spins? is this an easter egg in youtune?
Aden Tranen
"wud u try to 'go deep' collect in 'pyramid company' that many FS just to do ONE thing 'faze rug' did not understanding like a house is like 500k now there's like 2million dollar ones"
Carmen Nischke
I subbed
Sara McGinnis
That was amazing I tried it but my Phone was broken to pieces
Chance Pulley
Love the creativity
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