The Stunning Transformation Of Gal Gadot

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Unless you've been living under a rock, you probably know that 2017's Wonder Woman movie has taken the world by storm. Finally, we have a female superhero in her own successful film.  While audiences might now be familiar with star Gal Gadot, they may not realize how incredibly interesting her life has been. Here are a few things from her life that prove Gadot is a lot more than just a pretty face…

Israeli roots | 0:21
Beauty queen | 0:50
Law and order | 1:24
Babes and Bond | 1:52
Love and marriage | 2:27
Big screen | 3:08
Burgers and ice cream | 3:38
Dawn of Justice | 4:14

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Charlie Black Taylor
Im a VERY strong person but Gal Gadot breaks me down..
Crypto Review
she had work done obv
Jason Voorhees
of course the guy wasn't going to wait to marry her. I'm sure men were lined up for the chance.
Antonio Balbuena
I want to meet this woman one day 🙏 she exodus sexy& confidence
kelly kust
scum Israeli murderer ..........Zionist pig
Who's this Galga Dote this awful narrator is talking about??
@TheList can't even say her name correctly!
Adam Pennington
Take note, women of America. This is how you have children and still look sexy. Sensible food choices and a little working out. Not that difficult.
Bluekiss 2525
could'nt believe she already have 2 kids, she is just too gorgeous
omar srhan
Fuck israel
ItzChoopz 1
4:06 if u eat everything
Will u eat poo and drink pee?
Morisejko Morissey
Simply Szechuan Mc Triple quarter pounder eater with extra cheese.
The Ultimate Reductionist
Jesusfuckingchrist. Gal Gadot is beautiful. Yes, she is a good actress. Nothing special. nothing important.
But movies and acting are such as nonimportant & nonthreatening job to have.
Fucking antiHollywood lunatics push their BULLSHIT that Hollywood is physically "destroying" America.
Fucking fanatics worshipping dumb actors stupidly worship their idols: but, of course, the instant that idol takes a particular political position about something that the fan does not like, then instantly the stupid mentally inferior anti-logic fan
turns against their idol and calls them all sorts of negative names and then goes on a shooting spree.
Zero brains & zero skills are required for acting. I wish actors well. But, they should really be doing something else with their lives.
The Ultimate Reductionist
Nationalism is just another arbitrarily cherrypicked political cause.
Nothing spectacularly more important about it compared to other causes, such as legalizing drugs & drug choice or abortion or outlawing the meat industry to stop the needless torture of animals,
or enforcing a Carbon Tax to stop the relentless destruction of our civilization by manmade sea level rise.
When breeders force new humans into existence against their will, they have NO right to complain about how their kids turn out, nor how any other breeders' kids turn out and what political causes they take up and fight for and use violence for justified causes OTHER than nationalism.
Yes - using violence for nationalism is ok when you are the oppressed nation in a particular situation at a particular point in time. Which side is more oppressed or does more oppresses changes.
GENERALLY I support Israel in most endeavors. Most importantly Israel's pro-science
anti-global warming, pro-electric car, and Modern Agriculture group devoted to biocultured meat to end factory farming. Does not make Israel perfect. NOBODY is.
The Ultimate Reductionist
ALL women are beautiful. And men. Physically, at least.
Mike Hunt
Dirty Jew
lindush maracas
And most importently, she is far better than bar refaeli, which is pretty hated in israel.
Starkaryen Snow
Best. Smile. Ever.
Gal gadot from us
Yaaaaaaa shes born in israel
jas fay
Whats the background song??
John Stephens
So no feminists complaining that only gorgeous women get these roles? Where is the equality? Or does that only apply to gender?
Utter morons.
John Stephens
I Wonder what her thoughts on Israeli occupation are? :)
David Enna
The most beautiful woman in films since Sophia Loren.
Ari Animations
Rampage Jim
she so beautiful ,sadly she's from fcking israel shit
she was in F&TF?
Mohan Chechupatla
jews always winners and intellecutal persons.
Sheriff Burford T. Justice
When will she be on The Simpsons? Can't wait.
Nu Nu
I love her so much
Fangirl Dotse
Stop making every video about her to a politic fight.
she does not stand for killing, she had to be in the IDF like everyone in Israel (except for Arabs) (and do not get into if that’s good or not).
People just can’t see her without going crazy about politics just calm your tits down
Jess In Comments
I hope Israel reclaim and take their land back that Palestinians stole from them. Love you so much Israel <3
A "transformation" video about a famous female star that isn't about her facial plastic surgery and breast implants. God bless Gal you're beautiful
Ben Daulton
No one question it because she was a woman. If anything it's because wonder woman could be tacky and DC had yet to make an okay movie period.
cindy baldoz
Shes.niot so.beautiful but shes.attractive.
Jonatan Cohen
0:24 rosh ha-ain thats how you pronounce that.
gizzard stu
gee, who cares?
Adrian Parker
Isn't the T in her name silent? Gah-doh
Jane Davis
the T at the end of Godot is silent. Also i'm still waiting.
We could be friends, i mean like not that i would want to, but i wouldn't decline the offer(it's sarcasm for the dumdums out there)
Deven L.
She's beautiful. You're not a killer if you're protecting your country dang
Ciaran Lad98
She definately aint jewish. Shes too beautiful
Gideon Movshovitz
Lol rosh ha’ain is pronounced Rosh-ha-aa-in . Also Bubot means dolls in hebrew
she's from Israel.... her nude body is the holy land.
Russell Hunt
Gal watches Muscle Russell's Crazy As Hell "on You Tube.
Pablo Fonseca
It's Gadoh.. sounding
Marissa King
Rusty Greer
GA doe... No T
Alex Colon
Wonder Woman is Mexican.
Enrique Palacios
I am a fan of a comic book super hero! Have been since Linda Carter as Wonder woman in the 70s and 80s
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