Game of Thrones: The Loot Train Attack (HBO)

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The Game of Thrones cast and crew give an inside look on filming the loot train attack in season 7. Game of Thrones airs on HBO on Sundays at 9.

Targaryen or Lannister, I don't care. I just want to give props to those 20 guys who were on fire for over twelve whole seconds!
I am stunned by this - it's made me appreciate the battle much more. I'll have to watch it again with this new info in mind. It's great to see a show take such pride and care in what it does - the multi million dollar budget helps!
Form ranks you maggots
Its a weird feeling rooting for both
flipping hell the stunt men are the real mvps wow wow wow
Charlie Chalk
"Fuck logical and well thought out's a bunch of fireworks"
Winter IsComing
10:59 that Lannister shield
viserion dies
Lord Wansley
Doug Dumais
one of the 20 guys wasn't on fire, did they still break the record?
I loved watching all those men burn
John Paul Palisoc
When jaime was about to be burnt by the dragon i almost screamed!!!!!!
this was a great sequence to watch / still kinda distracting having Tyrion there tho
Romy Kitten
This episode was absolutely fucking amazing, most definitely my absolute favourite of all time (so far ;)), unforgettable! I get chills looking at it & also from the way these people talk about it with so much fiery passion. What an amazing crew of people!

(i also love how some of them look like they'd fit right in in the universe with like crazy hair and stuff hahah)
Marvel Yana
You actuallly did an extraordinary job guys&girls. As an illustrator, I wish I was one of those making the beatiful Danny's dragons <3
7:55 HEY VSAUCE! Michael here.
mariam Sh
I almost want to say I enjoyed watching this BTS video more than watching the actual episode. I'm blown away by all the effort and the genius of everyone involved. I have nothing but RESPECT for all the crew on this show!! I wish I can be on set to witness it myself </3
20 men burning... nooo only 19 didnt light at first: 12:35 (left front)
this pyro-specialist looks as if he is a baratheon bastard too ;-D
so much effort put into such a crappy battle... it was terribly one-sided, which took out a lot of the suspense, bronn one-manned that ballista thing, which was a crappy idea to begin with, but the fact that they only brought one, and it was one-mannable, and that the most selfish, self-involved and cutthroat character in the series stood there 1on1-ing a dragon with it was using it... it was just bad... and daenerys burned down a shitload of supplies. Great, you put a lot of effort and fireworks into making it look real. Did you ever stop and wonder why she would burn down all those much needed supplies in the first place?
yeah...even after watching this, i'm still convinced that dragons are real...I love you HBO
Taru Chi
wahn sinn
first title "Game of Thrones: The Loot Train Attack "
get hacked and blackmailed (Money or publish them ->spoiled)
title changed to "Game of Thrones - The Spoils of War"
mich miranda
Regardless of the racial casting choices of the dothraki. George rr Martin has said that he was inspired by native Americans and the mongols. So real live people calling them savages is just like damn, really racist. In game of thrones westerosi folks are being racist when they insult the dothraki or the dornish. It's just so telling that important themes of racism within the story are so overtly overlooked by racist fans.
Incredible scene and awesome work from all of the people involved on it. I have to say thank you for this new era of great television where Game of Thrones is probably the best example of this greatness.
Jan Šinkovec
Hats off to the stunt men especially the ones the get set on fire like that -.-
Tt Hh
"Be a dragon." (It's about time.)
Anna Pom
Great show. Dany should have kept the loot, burning it was stupid. She has armies to feed.
i want bronn to die... just die
vira Zahra
Kereeenn bingid
Debanjali Das
Really appreciate this hard work
Who thinks the producer guy at 11:14 would make a pretty good Maester?
Nicola B
This gives me shivers 😍😍
I was pleased when I saw the part where Bronn was walking to the Scorpion. The director was clearly taking inspiration from Miguel Sapochnik in the Battle of the Bastards
gaster musanje
so incredible...amazing
ClevererHarp 429
holy shit they put people on fire
Hassan Aamer
Whether the Dothraki are ISIS or not thats a different question, the Dothrakis and Westerosi have different cultures and they absolutely cannot live together in peace after Dany wins, Wars based on Race will start and rascism will run rampant in Westeros.
Hervert Pervert
4:58 is the dragonwing to the right just flying through a tree!?
It's such a shame that such hard work had to be wasted, due to these fucking writers ruining the season!
Evan Hartenburg
This episode was pretty souped up
next time EC as Daenerys should at least wear leather armour or torso chainmail, not just robes. The scene would end with D getting hit by archers, the fooleesi.
Mark Rogozovsky
Was not bigger then Battle of bastards. Not even close
paul coy
5:07 Chris Newman, Producer and Gandalf stunt double.
Brock D
How the heck did Bronn tackle Jaime while he's on horseback! Lol imagine trying to jump up and tackle someone off a horse when you're on foot
Gotta thank the team!
You know you have done a good job with characters when you can't decide which side you're on as shit is going down.
Amazing job guys
Christopher Tom
Haha, I had captions on, and when it got to around 8:05 where the guy in charge of blowing stuff up was saying " because it was one take, there were a lot of materials used.." but the captions said " There were a lot of missiles used" and im like, that seems appropriate.
عبدالاله اليمني
Danyers catches Jamie make him prisoner💪💪
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