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What's up guys, back with another epic Call of duty WW2 Song parody for you all! In todays video AFN is back hyping up WW2 by making a catchy song parody of JB's 'Despacito'. If you enjoy these parodies and want to see more, remember to leave a like! Subscribe & join the road to 3Mil subs -

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the download link for this song is on Aaron Fraser-Nash's channel above^

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Aaron Fraser-Nash
Thanks for uploading BCC! I wanna get you all hyped for WW2! Don't forget to subscribe to my channel, I got 2 new songs every week!
nazis disliked em
your ugly
This is so cringe
Barni HUN
Barni HUN
The world war 1 call of duty is coming out
Fuck the NAZIS
Isaiah Valle
Why is there a dislike buttin
Im crying bc can you imagine your in the war you train so hard you leave your family to die the first step you you take on the battle died 😢😢😢😢
Tilen Adamic
Hell yeah! This is what we all wanted :D <3! Thanks for the upload! #HYPED
Connor Summers
This song suck jt has the better
better than the original
Elias Borodin
Put it up on Spotify
Mr Raxy
long life
Jinx the roo
whats the name of their intro song?
Georgie Denbrough
you'll float toooooooooooooooooo0o0
June 6th 1944
Schinishi Kudo
Song is nice but the game WW2 is absolutely shit!
Mr rainbow That's exactly
Nice it's my jam
call of duty epic fun king
I want you to do a other one of thes and i want you to have 1000000.000000 million sub and liks
kid gaming universe
Hold on is that that song that ive been hearing on roblox and even discord?
ThunderZero 10
You fuck the song with using Despacito......
Arodecon Nocedora
this sounds better than the real despacito
iMP_ Foxy
Immer dieser Nazi scheiß fühle mich als Deutscher irgendwo angegriffen auch wenn ich kein Scheiß N*zi bin
Es nervt einfach in jedem Cod Nazi Nazi Nazi usw
amazing !!!!!!! JUST EARNED A SUB
The Rolling Men Niclas
Nice call of duty !!!!!!!!!😓😢👍
The Rolling Men Niclas
Nice call of duty !!!!! 👍
Camo Craft
***k the Nazis/axis
dustin Wellman
i love this song
silver snake dixon
swagy doge gaming RBLX and more
high quality 10/10
Daniel Carcamo
Jajajajajaja os funny because the put #despacito xddddd
collin Bremiller
Funny and crazy song
Christian Tobisch
Who else plays call of duty WWII
After you hear this song You have a big urge to play call of duty again
Liam Archer
all of these songs say tommy gun XXD
Usa didnt join beacuse they wanted to fight.

Cuz britain leader give command : move ship without any battleship securing it, it got sinced and many americans died

Its why you are killing nazies....
Stanisław Wojciechowski
Może jakiś polak
jarmo de beus
nice song
Alex Reinhold
wow nice
Sarthak Rajput
good song
ingris lopez
I Like the sound
King Husnal
Any haters out there FUCK U this song was so good really liked it and enjoyed amazing tune bro call of duty WW2 GO
2:00 mlg faze
Beaz Rush
Cool some
Who ever sang and written this song is smart and awsome
Assassin Assassin
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