Game of Thrones SEASON 7 TRAILER Full Breakdown

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Game of Thrones Season 7 Trailer gets a Full Breakdown! Game of Thrones Easter Eggs and Season 7 Trailer Details You Missed! Game of Thrones season 7 Predictions and Theories. Will Jamie kill Cersei? Will Jon learn about his lineage? Erik Voss explains all the details in the Game of Thrones season 7 trailer, including the hidden meaning of Jamie Lannister's sword, the imagery of the maps, and the music. What city are the Unsullied invading? Where will the Dothraki vs Lannister battle take place? And whose hand is reaching through the door?



Including these beautiful people:
Kelly Hopper
Kenny Smith
Matthew Salvas
Pony Stark
Wilhelmina Ebbesen
Daniel Hopkins
Rose Bellandi
Eric Oliver
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Chelsey Flynn

Executive Producer: Jeben Berg
Creative Director: Filup Molina
Post Production Supervisor: Ericson Just

garry sexton
does nobody read the books...?
Luke Byrne
Great video , but please stop attempting the accents , it's painful to listen too
dele B
Spot on!
Ryan Powell
was a great season! cant wait for season 8 now D:
Alojz S
What a fu.ker He revealed nearly everything! ;) :)
Meli Andrade


OMG!!! I just noticed something! In the first scene shown, Cersei is wearing a fur, which he haven't seen wearing yet, so this still hasn't happened, AND she is walking towards a group of what it seems is men wearing black... OMG! Is this the group coming back to shoe her a wight????
Kimchi guru
I watch this after watching 5 episodes and he was right
Angela Cummins
Awesome video! On the ball!
humble brown
Free Streaming Game Of Throne season 7 >>
Shane Garrett
3 episodes in, and your predictions thus far have been pretty much spot on !
Ishaq Niz
i want dany as villian and jamie as hero
Ah, here is the place for the question: in Dany's vision in the House of the Undying, the iron throne has the seven-pointed star above it not the Lannister lion. Who is on the iron throne when Dany takes over? NOt Jon (not interested; not follower of the seven - if any religion). Little FInger? (Before Arya gets him?) Or continuity error?
Iftikhar Ali
I want cersie to kill daenerys and then jon and arya kill cersie and white walkers lol
Iftikhar Ali
Lots of ur predictions are becoming true
Damond Pleasant
5:52 Cersei replaced the the 7 pointed star on the Red Keep with the Lannister Lion. 14:05 Daenerys' vision has the 7 pointed star. What's up with that?
Eddie 'JaggSauce' Gluskin
14:20 Sorry, but credit where credit is due: Cersei did not "resurrect" the mountain - Qyburn RAISED the mountain.. and he didn't "Resurrect" him.
David Castle
Just kill all of the Lannisters. All of em, even Tyrion
Thierry Lhee Francois
great job
John! time traveller never stop hunting you.
If you pause on the people kissing you get a big easter egg
5:10 damn GOT need more of these.
just saying this is very accurate
elain williford
The hand coming out of the box is likely the one who casterated valarious
J w
so how long till we find out tyrion is danni's half brother?
Renad A
a season 7 episode 1 breakdown PLEASE
Jhaylen Lozada
so confused did the first episode show already?
Andrew Lowery
My theory Is that Arya may have killed Jamie Lannister whilst he was at Pyke just as she killed Walter Fray In order to get close to Cersie.
Fatema Momotaj
Don't know how it will end but I'm sure Jon snow will marry Sansa at the end. I'm not so happy about it 🤤
Cersi abolishes the Faith of the Seven, adopts the Drowned God and R'hllor as her two new gods, along with Danny and get dragons. Jon and the people and the white walkers retaliate.

Aaaaaannd scene.
O Itzwolfy
If only Khal Drogo was there
Sheryl K. Gillis
HBO releases brief scene from the Game of Thrones season 7 premiere
Andrew Ryan
Lannisters need to die nigga
Avanti Stark
16:54 It may also be burns from wildfire, if one can actually survive that...
elisha gangloff
I was surprised that the new throne wasn't addressed!! looks to be made out of black rock instead of the usual iron throne....
elisha gangloff
I was surprised that the new throne wasn't addressed!! looks to be made out of black rock instead of the usual iron throne....
5 string basses have a B string...
Azrael ben abraha
The "L" is not Lannister L its more like a actual Libertas L from city of Dubrovnik where this series has ben shot lol
Makes me wonder, after all of the Westerosi infighting, will there be anyone left to fight the White Walkers?
6:10 "Who is talking to Cersei in this shot?" No, it's not Euron Greyjoy. It's obviously Little Finger, probably returning to inform on the Starks and continue to play both sides. His build and the cut of the cloak are TOTALLY Petyr Baelish.
David Smith
5:11 Yeeeaaahhhhh. Lol.
when will we see who connor mcgreggor will play????
Anne Hansen
No mentions of Benjen Stark?
I was wanting to see a lot more of bran
joe boselli
Notice in the wood witch scene the witch tells he she will not marry the prince she will marry the king... could she be talking about the night king?
Dana Brennan-Rasmussen
It seems like Cersei's queensguard is wearing red capes instead of white. Unless these are Lannister guards?
i really want to know how or if John Snow finds out who his real parents are, and what that will mean for everyone else in the North, or better yet, the queen of dragons.. since that's his auntie
Gendry... where's he???
sami. s
i want jamie to fatally wound cersi and arya to kill her
Kevin Culkin
There's a lot of emphasis on the power of Daenerys' 3 fire-breathing dragons from previous seasons, this is a big factor in the war to come. It is known that the white walkers have the power to resurrect the dead into reanimated, mindless wights. To me, it seems Daenerys' dragons have the fire power to incinerate hundreds of wights with minimal effort and possibly win the Great War. However, my theory is that the Night King's army would assassinate Drogon, the larger, more aggressive dragon and he would resurrect Drogon as a wight and use this power reinforce his artillery..??
I think that the battle with the dorthraki hoard and drogon will be lead by Tyrion. The "bump" on the dragon could be him. Because that's probabaly a fight for kingslanding and how satisfying would that be for tyrion to be the one to take that! It would also be pretty cool if dani sent him to hold casterly rock after the unsullied take it. I don't know but I like both concepts
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