Logan Paul - The Third Verse (Full Skit) ft. Evan The Dwarf Mamba | part 2

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Denisse Izaguirre
Vincent Gipson
You are my biggest fan
Vincent Gipson
I am your biggest fan I'm getting a maverick shirt
Brian Alcantar
2:13 look at Evan's feet.
Nathalie Borjas
Jeremiah Small

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LennyPikachui673 beware
werent those guys from like a dont touch the cookies thing with cookie monster?
Alex Nava
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Adrian Martinez
I dont understand how this is a roast
Ripper Playz
bro u know this is copy write unless you helped make it
Robert Brown
As many likes this commet gets is how many plates they broke
Brian Williams
That was cool
lol Tf i wanna try it
Ophelia Dawud
Sudi Abdi
Logan told reporters wanting you should know you don't fuk with the logang
Hillary Sutherland
Bookofken leaked the third verse
Dao Tran
Waste of plates
2:43 when your trying to find the Halloween candy your parents hid
0:37 when someone bested you
Yash Sable
this is unbelievably satisfying
Stella & Friends
You guys are just dumb bro I like Logan Paul bear
Isaura Cañas
Freind him back
Isaura Cañas
My stepbrother freind you
Ethan Jackson
F*** you b****
pirotechnic explosion
Hi there Ryder
Epic Gamer
Donate some plates to the poor
Thang Khai
Matthew Mc Laughlin
2:45 look at the scores
Dou Games
Then they fall and get cut up
Ashleigh Porter
Those fucking boys are idiots😡I bet Logan's pissed
karla martinez
Hi I am a fan and you guys have to follow me so much love your new
Cynthia Murphy
when they asked how many plates has he broke I was like 5 million and then he said 50 and then i was like stop lying logan
Vi Luan
To many plates
Jose Hernandez
Good game
Rogelio Fernandez
You suck Logan Paúl
Minecraft gamer zxo
Thoes plates of probably $100
I is patritcha
I would not like to be the one to clean this up
ruby campos
I love you'r video so much 😺😺😺
PandaApex ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ mlg
PandaApex ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ mlg
F u
I love pomeranians And jars
that loiks like fun
paul melchor
Evens feet at 2:13
N!cole MSP
Muhd Shahmie
hui ugvygyvgg
Molly Hudson
mustve been logan and eveans dream they got to smash +2000 plates
Daniyal Saqib
Pin this
No plates was harmed making this video
Andrei Pedroche
yea how can you aford that much plates
Andrei Pedroche
stop swering
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