Adrian Varino
So Snoke is Darth Nihilus? lol
Dave Quinney
You cant Kill off Lea when she isnt going to be in Part 8 she is already Passed on in real life. And cant portrait Lea as someone taking her place it would not be the same.
Erinn W
Release your spoilers
Genaro Reyes
If you said that Snoke feeds on Jedi power only, it will only make sense that that's why they will love from Jedi to grey Jedi or Sith
Assassin 1404
Did he tell who snoke is in the video and I missed out or couldn't hear it or did he not say who it was
Assassin 1404
So is he malgus or is he revan
master moose
Snoke is abeloth because she got improsoned for 50,000 years
Snoke may not be the true evil the Sith fear there could be one true nasty evil Sith Lord who controls everything they maybe controlling even Snoke some how or are letting him believe he is doing the right thing in his mind my guess is some other top secret group locked Snoke up once they realized something was off with him
Robert Gearhart
Your analogy of ghost to person, people going through evil to become great, sounds like some mk ultra/ demonic spiritual possessor shit.
Hann Remraf
"select few" = 2.9 million 😂
Joe Atkinson
I really hope they don't get into that sucking lifeforce bullshit. Unoriginal and kinda lame. Star Wars is better than that.
Spirit Warden
Snoke is Rob Schneider
First Last
Snoke is Darth Nihilis?
Rob Margolin
Dddaaarrrtttthhhh plagious
glendale boyz Entertainment
make spoiler videos
Paramount Fishing
Anakin Skywalker, as the 'Chosen One', destroyed the Sith and "brought balance to the force." Therefore, Snoke cannot be an ancient Sith Lord without contradicting Episode I through VI. If Snoke were to be a Sith Lord it would have to be past tense, as in snoke 'WAS' a Sith Lord and later gained a more holistic (potentially sinister) viewpoint of the force. I believe that it is far more likely that Snoke will be an ancient dark side user that predates the Sith. For example, in what is now legends continuity, the Sith were started by ancient Dark Jedi, who stumbled upon the Sith species. These individuals gained knowledge from them, as well as shared their Jedi knowledge with the Sith (species). After these Dark Jedi died off, their knowledge was eventually combined with the Sith's, forming the Sith that we are familiar with in current canon. In the same way, Snoke could be from some faction of Dark Jedi or other group of dark side users that came before the Sith. This would make more sense than Snoke being purely a Sith, as his viewpoints would likely be more broad. This would also explain his blue eyes, as his connection to the dark side would not be to the extent of a true Sith, such as Palpatine, who retained the yellow/red coloration at all times.
xxhotxwheelsxx Welsh
snoke is differently a force vampire
Jeffery Sventora
"For the select few" - video has 2.9 million views
Mason Moore
Maybe snoke is stealing Rey's life force in the trailer with Rey getting tortured.
Titty Fucker
Snoke is a force ghost
Snoke will announce he wishes to transition to female and from now on wants to be called Loretta.
Lazy_ _54
He’s Voldemort
Skankhunt 42
Fuckin Bane
Snoke is your mother
Marcus Williams
Snoke is Darth Scourge " the immortal" A pure-blood sith whom was granted eternal life by the sith emperor. He has been known to shift between light and darkness depending on what the galaxy needs. Nothing has suggested that he is dead.
what you are talking about appears to be way more complex than anything disney has ever made...and looking at the complete fuck up episode 7 i sincerely doubt it.
Gary Winthrope
I swear if Snoke isn’t fully revealed until episode 9.... kinda like how palpatine wasn’t fully revealed until episode 6
Iceberg Water
sounds like a wanna be darth nihilus
Looks Like dose people who made the clons
Ryan Friestad
Personally, I think snoke is either Darth Vitiate, or Darth Nihlius. Nihlius was able to drain the force energy from entire plants, and Darth vitiate never died because he could move his conscious throughout other beings connected with the force. Both of these sith are from the old republic which are definitely credible answers
Ethan Rakes
Holy shit I️ don’t believe all of it but it does make really good connection
Lol I'm happy I can't tell what this is spoiling
ahh this would explain what he's doing to Rey when he has her suspended in mid-air, he's sucking the Jedi energy out of her.
Marcus Williams
Snoke is the Sith Emperor whom imprisoned Revan and slowly drained his life force.
I swear if they don’t make him Plagueis I will riot. Or if it’s not Windu I will riot. That’s all I got to say🤦🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️
King Tina
I’m calling it now. Snoke is UNCLE OWEN.
conner potthoff
I'm calling it now. Snoke is Rey's father.
Bobby Nizzo
Great Video!!!{{{Bobby Nizzo” The Forgotten Onez!”}}}
fankalkin 69
if there comes a swtor movie then my life is complete
Hey everyone! I’m a new Star Wars YouTuber and I’ll be thrilled if you guys checked me out. Thanks!!
Trace Hagemeier
make. the. vids!!!!!!!
Sounak Chakroborty
make em lol
i wanna see spoiler
Michael O'Brien
He looks a lot like darth malak at least to me since i watched your theory he just popped into my head lol
John Bernard
Irish Powerlifter
"select few that will watch this" Almost 3 million views later.
Haillistic | @OpeningFrag
Snoke is the Ancient Sith Emperor.
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