Satish Julmi
Little Mix Performances
Saw this movie and it was amazing!
Marko Stamenkovic
I'm still looking at the Dark Knight trilogy by Christopher Nolan. Zack Snyder destroys movies,not to be removed.As long as he does movies I will not go to the cinema,he ruined every wish for these films
sunita thind
The movie was a fail for me big time🙀weak story line. Overuse of CGI and the villain who was also CGI was as scary as a mouse 🐁 there were some good elements but it fell flat😾 I really wanted to like this movie 🍿 Come on DC comics 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽
Δημήτρης Μπαλοθιάρης
Greenscreen problems? 2:13
Don't listen to the haters,the movie was awesome and definitely worth the watch
Dolph C. Volker
Have to agree with the critics. Too much going on and if you haven't read the comics... your're doomed. This is why I prefer TV series as they draw out the characters over time.
Mia zarah
Nikhil Rana
How many of you want the ( Zack Snyder ) edition of #justiceleague ?
What a shit movie
Apple Gauna
Marvek is for kids. Dc is for Men. Amazing movie. Worth seeing.
Spoiler alert! The movie was shit
stye nyx
Power scaling is confusing. Ill give it a 2.5 stars rating
i feel like Disney paid off critics to say bad stuff
its was so fuckn awesome!!! cant wait to go back!
Hollow Dreamers
this film should be titled the resurrection of superman instead
bcause i think they couldn't do anything without him, especially the bat
After seeing this movie I will not watch another DC movie for a couple of years. DC movies went down hill from Green Lantern. I don't blame the actors but I do blame the screenwriters for coming up with weak plots. I do admit that the amazon fight, wonder women dodging the bullets, and Auqaman sitting on the lasso were my favorite scenes. Unfortunately marvels graphics are absolutely AMAZING compared to the ones showed in this movie. Thor Ragnarock was the best movie I've seen so far this year purely because the characters are awesome, the plot was well thought out, the soundtrack was great, and the graphics were enchanting. Absolutely astonishing. I believe DC movies can improve by two ways. 1. stop showing long ass backgrounds on characters because we can read their background stories online or from a comic book. I don't need an hour long story and 30 minutes of action. Their superheroes. Its their job to fight. I want to see more action. 2. Be original. Stop with the crazy settings and other bullshit. Aliens. Really. Either your trying to compete with marvel or you were despite to grab our attention. The plot would of made sense if Green Lantern came to earth looking for a team to fight space aliens because that's his job. Then you got three people who have barely begun their trail to becoming superheros fighting one of the biggest battles they will probably ever fight as their first battle. Barry went from pushing people to, in a few days, defeating an army of zombie insects and a muscular horned humanoid on steroids. Really. If he would of had his own movie were he overcome his fears and understood what it is to be a hero then he would of been worthy to join the team. Instead we got an annoying, hungry 10 year old kid on crack. I love DC but the movies are starting to draw me away. This is my opinion. DC deserves to know how their movies are affecting their audience and in my case I was very disappointed.
Sunny Chetian
What a movie superman is revived boi
Abdullah Mahmood
Batman signal ;-) Wonder woman and the super Aqua man
raychel chin jie sing
lol I thought j fla is the wonder woman here
Abdullah Mahmood
Superb cast...Superb action
Just poz my neg hole, (((fam)))...
Tyler Lawary
They revive Superman using the cube
Hoodyy Nbk
I went to this movie of the acid and I’m still of the acid whole writing this and this movie was the corniest piece of shit, they deadass finenesses me 10 dollars
Tanvir Bipu
Watch Justice League (2017) online free >>>
pai de bu cuo .wo shi zhong guo ren ,xi huan kan ke huan pian .you xie ke huan pian ying gai shi wai xing ren pai de.XD
Sufian Syomari
Saw it last night. No boring moments. Great movie for superhero fans. I'd recommend it. 8/10
Techy Abhi
See full fi8 of justice league
Simon Pradhan
I m a big fan of Dc from India ,but I hate Joss version plz show us Zack version in theator
Danny Wade
I actually was very disappointed in the movie
Ezra miller (Patrick), the tunnel song, the perks of being a wallflower, anyone ? IM FANGIRLING AHH
Slena Ramanazika
The trailer making this film look so bad, this film is epic and waaaayyyyy so much better than thrrgnrk.
Slena Ramanazika
This movie is WAAAAAYYYYYY better than Th*rrgnrk
Nugraha Yasa
i watching this movie yesterday... and... ok, no comment!!! i have no idea !!! DC Comics.. you try so hard... Wish You all the best... Good Luck ! *please... i need more... you are DC Comics!!... don't collaborate with marvel... hahaha :D
F u c k i n g called it , it was a peace of S H I T!!
creed o
Bring back Christian bale as batman
Optimus prime
Hope that there is another Justice Leauge movie
Brant Frans
I went to see the movie today and I loved it. It made me feel like a kid again. I love watching both DC and Marvel movies. I'm a big fan of both franchises. These legendary heroes were a big part of my childhood. I just don't understand why people hate DC movies so much? If DC movies were like Marvel and Marvel movies were like DC would people hate Marvel and love DC? What would be the difference? I just don't understand it.
Lo La
How did Superman die?
Nitin Singh
i don't care what some idiots says!!!
This movie made me fan of #DC!!!!
Does anyone think that aquaman’s personality is practically like Drax’s from Guardians or the Galaxy. Is it just me, pls don’t say it’s just me
How the fuck could they put footage that wasn’t in the movie, after finishing the editing of the movie, into the trailer?! Wtf
Karina Karina R.
Just saw the film, it was alright. Mediocre at best.
cloud nine
Not enough Harley Quinn porn, 1/10.
Uno creeria que después de arruinar suicide squad con los recortes y las regrabaciones WB no cometería él mismo error de nuevo pero oh sorpresa!, lo hicieron de nuevo
cloud nine
Guys do you think Clark's super nut could potentially kill Lois?
Emma Spicer
Nah I'm not crying I'm chopping onions
Can't wait till the directors cut comes out. It will be much better.

Dc rushed things and it is a mess.
Here is how things should have been run.

Wonder Woman(Solo)
Green Lantern Corps
Suicide Squad
Batman V Superman
Justice League
Thaqif Zxkwxn
lol who already watched this movie knew the blackpink scene😂😂
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