La Lumière
So is Superman really dead?! 😭 I haven't watched this movie yet.
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abd al bari karimi
Duck sure anticipate ruling somehow out get scary provision collapse anybody admission.
Alexa Julie
Marvel is better than DC
In the middle of watching 'Watchmen' and it just hit me... Snyder's vision must have included a prequel of which would have illustrated a 70s 80s centric Batman a'la Batman the Animated series.

Would have been interesting. Alas.
Eddie Avinashi
Note to self: People who enjoyed this film are very likely morons. Avoid.
0:13-0:34 I see you being sneaky DC editors 👀
Mosaddeque Ali
Where is J'onn J'onzz?
destafani diah
christian cruz
Good Movie!!
This movie was pretty good except for the amount of slow mo shots as well as the earth not really being close to ending at all with how the ending shows how weak the villian actually was compared to you know who the movie had nothing to do with the powerful assembly of the Justice League it showed to just get Superman to save everyone's ass which was a disappointment in my opinion
Ernest Lee
Justice League Full Movie (2017)
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The best part of the movie was when It finished so i could get the fuck out of there.. so disappointed, aquaman made it bearable
Josh Pearce
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Bale Sahagun
You people are pathetic, low of standards, puny and tiny of mind. LMAO💪⚡🔨
While people are bitching about these movies... I’m here glad that I’m able to watch these
Charis Alexander
I loved this movie. Definitely recommend seeing it instead of skipping because of the critics.
who is the more rich person between iron man or batman?
This is the best superhero film ever. Fuck Rotten Tomatoes.
Paula Vergara
Justice League was really good, the movie was AMAZING and it was AWESOME!!
I seriously !! I saw this movie at [ ]
bryan tabujara
I’m kinda a little bit disappointed on this video, first there was only 5 of them. Where is green lantern? Hawk girl? Martian manhunter? I like this movie but not use to seeing them not all together. But it was good tho!
Rose ana
Btw.............BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!!!! Plus my first superhero move
Ananda Vicky
This Movie is very epic.. Than Avenger
speed play
Damian Beyale
Spoiler alert superman comes back to live he has short turn lost memory then he tries to kill the others
Damian Beyale
Watched it 6 days ago good was that green lantern in the moive
niek smit
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Ethan Lee
i hated the scene where Batman gets all like we cant do this without superman and blah blah blah. c'mon, batman is better than that even if he was right. made batman out to be a wuss. seriously movies make storylines in a rush, they acted like theyve known each other personally for a real long time. sorry like zack snyder but they need some new blood behind the scene. as a comic book fan, i think this movie couldve been better but not better than the avengers. DCU needs to start fresh again like the Xmen seriies. Wonderwoman and Christian Bale Batman were the only good DC movies.
Jovica Kuprešan
Do not be a world are turned to help not one league righteous
world is transformed from man to man in the personal interest of the people became great egoists passing by hungry and thirsty without helping them, watch how each bullied others and cute bowed heads in place to respond . Because they do not have the courage not only to themselves as patients in the community sit and look at their mobile phones in the city to watch in the eye while talking technology has brainwashed.
All should be ashamed if we become better people we will not ntrebati nothing more.
eni sunday
Connie Janouskovec
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sorry, i came here for as if its your last of blackpink anyone see it? :P
Zendy Fernandes
7.4 IMDb rating and 36% rotten tomatoes. 😂
Sandy Nugraha
Suck movie!
Ishaan Mehta
fuck Joss Whedon.
Nazri Buang
After watching this movie, I still dont understand why Batman did not banish Superman into outer space without killing him, that Aquaman did not even summon a shark or whale to assist him or the Flash was not fast enough to save his own mother from his father. Worse of all, Wonder Woman still looked skinny among the muscular guys.
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What music
Jeremiah Franklin
Superman bullied Steppenwolf.He finally used his Freeze Breath.
Jeremiah Franklin
I saw the movie,loved it.
havsnt hollywood realized that every movie that jason mamoa is in sucks?
what a fucking let down
Ezra Miller as The Flash, hell yes!! I love Ezra and I love The Flash!
big bull 9
Ain't as bad as people think
saksham dahiya
#boring look like watching cartoons ,,,. I love the day's when the Batman movie of Heath Ledger came out and I watched it was one of the epic movement's
Prithvi Nicholas
Better to see cartoon.. full of graphics 😂
Bebo Creations
I feel like i wasted my money watching this movie 😑
Abandoned soviet time military city (Skrunda 1) in Latvia, which was used as background for the main battle!
Amartya Randive
I want to watch this movie
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