The Game Theorists
My bad: 5'11'' actually equals 180 cm...but NO FEAR! I did all the speed calculations in Standard first, then converted each result back to metric, so although I misspoke in that one moment about the height conversion, the rest of the stats should all be right!

Like I said, I'm stupid imperialist scum with a dumb measurement system :)
sorry but Mariokart is just a game :/
blue recon
200cc is easy
Brotherhood Gamers
yes no Marella
my theory : its a game, almost every game doesnt make sense
Jordan Martinez
matpat near my house is a go kart place. carts move in excess of 60 mph and there's no seatbelts they only give you a helmet and a fireproof suit. crashing in those actually isn't too bad (I got t-boned because somebody else didn't steer).
Kae Son
12:43 which 1 2 switch livestream?
Racist Mayo
I love game theorists cuz they go in so deep into one little topic
Mustache boss Awesome 101
The real question you need to answer is why why I have to have math in school when I gan watch this
søstre diy
how long does it take to edit these videos omg
Elijah Underwood
At 13:23 but mat pat I'm already subscribed
Cerealocelot 945
I was watching this and my cat sat on my ear and all I could here was her purring lol
Avel Triana
was anyone else reminded of the starfox episode by the myth busters footage?
guilherme boa
i think, there must be an equal agreement on the Nintendo contract with Mercedes.
They must show the characters entire face, a helmet wouldn't help.

But hey... i'm just a commentarist. A GAME commentarist!
imagine 200cc
Georg Gerdon
Childhood ruined, everything ruined
random 1116
Toy Silver
This is why I play as King Boo...
karts DO have bumpers u stupid
karts and motorbikes don't have seat belts but every car have so Nintenod is still breking the law... (10/10 spelling)
i think mario deserves to get in ALL of the crashes. Especially baby mario. That would have gotten rid of a sociopath and a psychopath because it would have probably killed him.
The Yangem
1:30 currently watching on a Wii u
Brandon Q
moar fnaf
Rene Guerra
We best not get our future games censored or slowed for this...
My t shirt already had the "Find you" gag. You're late to that one too.
Lel intro
Sam Haxton-Bernard
When he said please sub in 3 2 1 when he said 1 i actually subed LOL XD
Fire Playz

Sans the skeleton gaming
I laughed so hard I died reset and laughed dead again.
Patawon 91
well mariokart 9 is going to have lot of changers when the creators see this video
2 Awsome Gamers !!!
My boi dry bowser is the fastest!!!!!!! Yeeeeeeeesssss!!!!!
Giga Man
I saw that kart in the intro.
Pokémon Buisman
Can you make a theory about why Chara is evil? I mean, we know the story, but I think there is something more. Thanks!
what happens when you play at 200cc though?
Yuma Tsukimo
Wouldn't the top speed change based on the cc? Meaning that the higher the cc, the more dangerous. Guess that explains why the races get a lot harder than normal
Norah Ghost
Mat... your perfect, I swear to jesus, your like, cute, smart, funny, dedicated, loyal, kind, honest, and so many other things <3 have a good day my favorite theorist!
Alexander Fritsch
hi mat pat I was offended by the part where you said that no one cared about the Wii U to play Mario kart 8 cause I love the game.
Sean Campbell
basically i thought first off this was gonna do the speed of impact and suh, whih he did, but the seatbelts got me beause
Willed Set
mad mario the game
all I have to say is its a video game. A VIDEO GAME
Tis just game man. No serious
Who saw the mushroom when baby peach turned into potatoes?
we need a persona one
Megalink meme
Who else subscribed when he said too
Jay Kotadia
1:06 “ I was playing with my self” not taking it out of the context😂😂😂
Srsly how r u soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo smart
A Lone Soldier
If you are Dry Bowser, King Boo, or Dry Bones, who cares if you hit a wall! You'll just reassemble like nothing ever happened!
Jason G
I'm kinda offended by the use of "us here" as a subject at 12:56. "We here" would work just fine. Subject/verb agreement is important.
Puka S
😳😳😳I was literally just playing Mario kart with my brother then got bored and came upstairs. I got an alert that said you posted a video and I watch this. Wasn't expecting that!
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